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A mystery romance set in East London. A young African-British guy meets the girl of his dreams, but as past and present collide her strange secret is uncovered.
Cary Sawhney
United Kingdom
1 Team Member

An Introduction: About the Director

Cary Rajinder Sawhney is an emerging writer/filmmaker and already an internationally known film festival programmer. He formerly worked as a professional photographer, arts curator and at the British Film Institute (BFI). He has a proven track record of pioneering successful projects, but is starting out on the road to filmmaking - the signs are good!

Cary has made 3 short films, the latest of which, 'KHAANA', has been screened at over 17 international film festivals, so far, and has won awards at the prestigious Palm Springs Short Film Festival (Future Filmmaker Award, $2,000 prize, June 2012) and New York Indian Film Festival (Best Short Film June 2013). It has now been offered online distribution once its festival dates are over. The film must have hit a chord as 'KHAANA' has also recently been collected into the UK's National Film Archive. 'KHAANA' is next in competition at Brief Encounters Film Festival, Bristol, UK (19 September).

In February this year Cary was invited to participate in the acclaimed Berlin Film Festival Talent Campus, which further helped develop his production knowledge and broader global contacts. He has worked with several graduates of the UK's National Film School for his previous productions and will be working with these talented, young professionals on his new film. Cary’s regular collaborators include First AD Andrew Whiteside (who Cary graduated with from Metropolitan Film School in 2010), and Composer Niraj Chag who scored his last two films. More information on the rest of the Crew will be highlighted over the next few days.

UK producer Joshua Clement has joined the team for A Secret of The Heart. Joshua was producer on the UK feature Gangs of Tooting Broadway.

Cary’s films, so far, have celebrated the rich cultural tapestry of London and explored the spaces between people, but ultimately the similarities of people who on the surface appear very different from each other – a humanist perspective.

About The Planned Short Film

'A Secret of the Heart' is a new short film Cary has written and will direct under his production company ImagineAsia Productions (ImagineAsia Ltd).  The shoot is planned for October, with a Spring completion, ready for 2014 film festivals. This mystery romance is aimed to be a 'tear-jerker'.

'A Secret of The Heart' is inspired by the great British classic 'A Matter of Life & Death' (aka US title 'A Stairway to Heaven'), by Powell and Pressburger, and also the serious illness of one of Cary’s family members.

‘A Secret of the Heart’ covers one human lifetime and a love that is timeless. The gentle love story also jumps the traditional boundaries of race and class, so common in cinema, playing and bending stereotypes. But the focus is the magic of the mysteriously unexpected.

Up and coming Bollywood/indie Actress Feryna Wazheir has agreed to play the lead female role, (subject to her other filming dates). She is pictured in the attached photograph. Feryna, previously acted in Director Ketan Mehta’s 'Rang Rasiya' and was the lead in Cary’s award-winning previous film 'KHAANA'. She will play an enigmatic, young Jewish woman in ‘A Secret of the Heart’.

Further cast details will be updated on this page once castings have been completed.

This short film will have a larger budget than Cary's previous films, hence the need for crowd funding, which also helps hugely in growing popular support for the film - getting the word out there to future audiences.

We will update you on the filmmaking process so you can get an insight into the trials and tribulations of low budget filmmaking. There will also be a Facebook page, which you can follow the latest news. Depending on the level of your support there is also the chance of joining cast and crew at a preview screening for drinks, and being even more closely involved (please see levels of funding support attached on this page).

On the completion of this short film Cary is planning his first feature. Become a participant now and join the filmmaking journey upwards!! 

What We Need & What You Get – A Breakdown

What Do We Want The Money For?

The money raised will be used to pay for the following:

·  Cast and crew travel expenses for the filming

·  Hire fee for camera and lighting equipment x3 days

·  Digital recording cards (the film will probably be shot on Cannon 5D mk3, Cannon C300, or Red).

·  Location hire (eg. hospital/hospice room, railway station exterior, local council permits etc)

·  Costume & Makeup

·  Basic fee for actors and some crew (subject to funds raised)

·  Post production sound editing (x3 days)

·  Post production picture editing (x 3 days)

·  Marketing online and postcards at festivals/festival entry fees (US)

·  Hire of screening venue for Cast & Crew screening in London (venue subject to funds raised).

·  DVD and DCP copies of film for festival preview / screenings

·  Additional Contributor hospitality (subject to funds raised).

As an assurance, if we don’t get the full £10K we are looking for we will have to cut our cloth accordingly and possibly make some trimmings on locations and artist fees. Worst case we will fundraise again for post-production expenses, which is not un-common, but the film will go ahead and we want it to look great.

What Do You Get for the Money?

This is a short film and we don't expect to generate more than a modest a revenue from screenings, even if it picks up online distribution, so please don't expect the cheques to start rolling in, you are investing in the future!  That said we are offering you a range of exciting Benefits if you support this film. The Benefits vary with the amount you can give and if you join us with larger, or smaller contributions you will all be filmmakers, and you could have the chance of getting an ‘Executive Producer’ credit on a potentially award winning film!

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help:

  • Please get the word out and make some noise about this short film campaign to your family and friends
  • Remember to use the Indiegogo share tools!
  • If you have friends, or business contacts who might have medical equipment, sports, or catering merchandise we can consider this for subtle product placement in the film, in return for cash support through this page. Please ask them to be in touch with us.
  • We are looking for locations!!! – if you have friends who own, or are managing a nursing home, hospice, café, or football grounds/sports club in London please do ask them to be in touch with us on caryraj@yahoo.com

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This campaign ended on October 31, 2013
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