An action short about the deadly and complicated game of intelligence gathering.
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"Early morning in an Egyptian hostel, a CIA operative must decide what do with the man she lays next to."

Intelligence Brief:

WE'RE FUNDED!!! Now we're onto our STRETCH Goals. First is to Hit $2000 which will cover the costs of an additional Hair & Make Up Artist as well as cover the rental of a Wireless Follow Focus.

  • Hair/Make Up: We have the very talented Jordan Pacheco already doing Special FX Makeup but we'd like to add a Hair/Make Up Artist to handle the beauty details and also assist Jordan with the Special FX. +$150
  • Wireless Follow Focus: We have a beautiful Jib shot planned and it'd be great to be able to control Focus on the shot instead of just "setting and forgetting" the Focus Point. +$175
  • Film Festival Fees: Right now Eyeris Productions will be covering all the Film Festival Fees the more we have to this add to this the better. 

All joking in our pitch video aside, 'A Room In Cairo' is a stark and ambitious short film telling the story of violence and self sacrifice in the name of nationalism. Using the tumultuous setting of post revolution Egypt. 'A Room In Cairo' opens with two operatives in quite an unexpected situation. The story seems it will go in a certain expected direction but quickly escalates in a gut wrenching twist that turns brutal in the blink of an eye. The seriousness in telling this poignant tail of international espionage and it's personal consequences is matched by our silliness in bringing you, our potential donor, a fresh, fun Crowdfunding Pitch Video. 

'A Room In Cairo' is being treated as not an American Movie, but rather a foreign film. Jamie and Jose are working with a native speaking Egyptian to learn lines in Arabic. Great pains have been taken to make sure that each character's dialogue made sense both situationally and culturally. Everything from the wardrobe, set design, typography, cinematography and colorization will be on par with the telling of a foreign film and influenced completely by the story's setting.

Our team includes award winning actors Jamie Lyn Bagley and Jose Guns Alves. The dedication of these professionals is off the charts. Just look at the goofy, crazy, sexy stuff they were willing to do in the pitch video! That is only a hint at the level of drive and dedication that these two are bringing to breathe life into their characters. There will also be special guest actors joining to perform in this special project. It will be their jobs as catalysts that put our characters in 'A Room in Cairo'. But you will just have to wait for those special news updates here!

The Crew is also a killer line up. Jill Poisson is at the helm of this short with the best team she has ever assembled behind her: Joey Lavallee, Richard Griffin, Margee Wolf, Angela Shulman, John Mosetich, James Demello, Pat O'Hara, Aaron Poisson, Nat Sylva, Jordan Pacheco, Danny Roth,  Mark Hutchinson & Madiha Ashour. These award winning film makers have worked on countless cutting edge and award winning projects over the last decade. These are not people who merely make movies; these people finish the projects they begin, screen them in front of multiple large audiences and win awards.

           Jose Guns Alves plays ZAHID           &        Jamie Lyn Bagley plays CARMEN.

What We Need & What You Get

As our stars Jamie and Jose so eloquently stated in our pitch video: Movies and potato salad cost money to make.  Below is a detailed list of where your generous donation is going.

CLICK HERE: For a Detailed Budget Breakdown of where the money will be spent.

  • PAY: Our cast and crew will be paid for their time and effort. Making movies is fun work, but it is still work.
  • LOCATION FEES: We only need one location for the movie but it has to be the right one. Having funds will assist in the negotiations to secure such a room  that is an ideal backdrop for the story to exist within.
  • PRODUCTION DESIGN: 'A Room In Cairo' is set in a run down motel in Cairo. Our goal is to make it seem as if we actually shot in Egypt. Creating this illusion requires really fantastic production design, some Chroma Key Magic and high quality stock footage. We have the best team to pull off such a task: Margee Wolf, Angela Shulman and Graphic Designer Aaron Poisson. Props, set pieces, etc, will be needed to completely sell the look.
  • FOOD: An army marches on their stomachs and so does a film's cast and crew. Potato salad will of course be amongst the options on the craft services table. During the shoot, we'll be providing 2 to 3 meals plus snacks, water, coffee (the life blood) .....and coffee (yes twice).
  • POST PRODUCTION: Once the movie is shot, it still needs to be finished. Music, stock footage, various editing effects etc will be needed for the final product. Music helps to emotionally engage an audience and we'll also be using some video footage actually shot in Cairo to help connect this story to where it is taking place.
  • FESTIVAL FEES: Film Festivals help film makers connect with audiences around the world and most festivals require submission fees. We want as many people as possible to see our film in an actual theatre to experience cinema the way it should be. Meeting and exceeding our goal will allow us to get 'A Room In Cairo' into film festivals around the globe.
  • You Get PERKS: For your kind donations we will provide exclusive swag from 'A Room In Cairo' including props, set dressing, digital copies of the movie, DVD or Bluray copies and special bonuses at various donation levels. All the details are listed to the right.

Mission Objectives:

'A Room In Cairo' is meant to be an impactful stepping stone. This will be Jill Poisson's most demanding cinematic production to date and an important milestone to making the leap to directing feature films next year. Jill hopes 'A Room In Cairo' will leave audiences stunned and shocked; and cause them to think as they walk out of the dark cinema after it's screening.

Risk Assessment:

As with all art, there are risks. 'A Room In Cairo' will no doubt be a great piece of art with your help. Contributing to this project means you're saying yes: to original thought, yes: to reaching outside the expected and yes: to a new mindset in american cinema. This movie will shoot in late September 2014 and every donation puts us closer and closer to achieving the quality that 'A Room In Cairo' deserves. So the real risk is, joining as an active member with a group of award winning artists to take a stand and provide options other than the usual cookie-cutter story lines. By putting your money where your mouth is and not just being another person that complains about the current state of the motion picture industry; you are participating in the betterment of cinema viewing options, one small step at a time.

Behind the team of 'A Room in Cairo' is over 20 years experience on 20+ feature films, over 30 short films, music videos, commercials, corporate videos, industrials, etc. Each project affords us the opportunity to take our story-telling/filmmaking skills to an even higher level, and this project is no different. The day we step on set to shoot 'A Room In Cairo' we will be the best we have ever been. 

Your Donations Are A Vote of Confidence.

These Five people are the catalyst behind the events that lead us into 'A Room In Cairo'. 


Bits and pieces of information on ' A Room In Cairo' are starting to be released in articles & interviews with crew and cast members. As the articles come out we'll be posting them here.

  • (Re)search my Trash: Mike Haberfelner recently interviewed director Jill Poisson. Insight on the inspiration and intense preparation for 'A Room In Cairo' is the main topic of this first coverage of the project. You can read the full interview here.

Other Ways You Can Help

Money isn't the only way you can help. Spreading the word is key to any successful campaign. Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, Blogs, E-mail, Sky Writing - Anyway you get the word out to others grows the potential of us meeting our goal. 

  • LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: 'A Room In Cairo': Official Facebook Page. Check out our Facebook page and check back here often. We have special treats planned as we hit certain monetary benchmarks, as well as important news about the project.
  • LIKE US ON IMDB: 'A Room In Cairo' on IMDB
  • Spread the Word: Social Media is a powerful tool for today's indie filmmaker. Share our campaign with friends, family and frienemies on Facebook, GooglePlus, Twitter & Blogs.
  • Keep Tuning In: As we hit certain goal markers we will be making more announcements and adding new, exciting content to our Indie Go Go campaign. The more foot traffic we get to our page, the higher it will display on the main Indie GoGo page which means we'll have even more eyes on us. So unlike our storyline...Shhhhhh! It's not a secret! Spread the word!
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    Your Name on Twitter and Facebook. Your name will be sung out to the heavens for being the super cool person you are for supporting indie film and potato salads (because like the main ingredient which are potatoes) that is something to be proud of.

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    Not only you get shout out for being a super cool human being but you'll also get an exclusive digital still from the movie. If we get 200 of this level of donation we'll throw in Behind the Scenes digital photo. You'll also receive a IMDB 'Thank You Credit' as well as one in the Film's end credits.

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    That's right, you'll get a copy of the very Potato Salad recipe used in the making of our pitch video and served on set. Through the power of the Potato Salad you will feel connected to the entire cast and crew of 'A Room In Cairo' by eating what we ate. You'll also receive a IMDB 'Thank You Credit' as well as one in the Film's end credits. Interconnectivity through the act of Cooking, Eating, Digesting and Pooping Potato Salad.

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    2 Lucky People are going to get to see a PREVIEW of 'A Room In Cairo' before everyone else. This December you'll get a Link and password to very same final preview Director J. Poisson will be seeing before Picture Lock. You'd also get a Shout Out, IMDB Thank You Credit, Exclusive Digital Still & The Secret of Potato Salad.

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    You'll be given the link and password to a Digital Copy of 'A Room In Cairo' once the film is complete. Watch it on your phone, tablet, computer or TV. You'll also receive a Shout Out for being a super cool person, IMDB 'Thank You' Credit, and an exclusive Behind the Scenes photo.

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    You'll get ALL the Perks of the $25 Donation (Digital Copy of the Film, IMDB Credit, Digital BTS Shot, Shout Out) plus a 11X17 Movie Poster and 2 Free Tickets to the Premiere (Travel/Hotel not included). The Poster for 'A Room In Cairo' is being designed by Aaron Poisson.

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    You'll get all the Perks of the $25 Donation Level plus 2 Tickets the Premiere (Travel/Hotel Not Covered) and a Prop/Set Dressing used in the film and a Digital Still of it on screen in use.

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    For the Film Memorabilia Fan- You'll get a Bluray or DVD Of the Film, Signed Poster 11X17, Hard Copy of the Script, Printed Copy of the Potato Salad Recipe and a Prop/Set Dressing from the film with a digital copy of the item from the movie. Plus you'll also get A Shout Out, IMDB & Credit 'Thank You'.

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    If you give $500 to an Indie Film then you are one of the coolest people on the planet and we're going to make sure everyone knows it. You'll get an Associate Producer Credit (all the glamour - none of the work) on IMDB, Credits & Poster. You'll get a Bluray or DVD of the film, 2 Tickets to the Premiere (Travel/Hotel Not Included), 11X17 Signed Poster, an Eyeris Productions T-Shirt and Personalized Video Thank You from our stars and director.

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    For throwing down this type of Potato Salad making cash you will be crowned 'Executive Producer'. Your name will go on IMDB, Credited in the actual film, poster, website, official Facebook page, etc, etc. You're name will forever been linked to 'A Room In Cairo'. It's obtainable Immortality. Other Perks that will be showered on you including Bluray Copy of the Movie, Two Free Tickets to the Premiere (Travel/Hotel Not Covered), A Signed Photo of Jamie, Jose & Potato Salad.

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