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We (Placebo Effect) are taking the placebo effect out of the lab and bringing it into your hands, where you can create your own placebo to enhance your life.
Daniel Jacobs
Email Verified
Seattle, Washington
United States
13 Team Members

UPDATE: Placebo Effect has been featured on dozens of blogs & media outlets around the world. Here's just a small sampling of the excitement:  

From Huffington Post: "When Daniel took me through a trial of the app, I instantly felt calmer and more centered, even though we were sitting in a busy café. It gave me hope."

From Fast Company: "The point is to replicate what’s important about the placebo effect, which isn’t the pill itself, but the experience."

From Mashable: "The whole idea is to create a comfortable "happy place" to achieve the proper effect."

From AOL: "It gives you a personalized placebo without actually handing you a pill or anything physical!"

From Geekwire: "One real benefit of the app is its mobility — you don’t need to go to a doctor’s office to get the placebo effect."

From The Verge: "If placebos could be effectively prescribed without the need to lie to patients, it would be revolutionary. Placebos are cheaper and safer than many treatments."

From HuffPostTV: "This app lets you create personalized placebo effects to enhance your life."

Check Out A Video Of Our Placebo App Prototype Here! 

REMEMBER: Any reward level you choose, will also include additional offerings from any levels below it! 


App Features and Benefits 

1. Choose Your Placebo Effect

You - not some doctor or researcher - get to choose your placebo effect. Do you want more health, love, joy... something else? Do you want to stop smoking, decrease stress after work, or support your children in calming down before class? You choose!

2. Use Anytime, Anywhere

You can take a placebo anytime anywhere. You are limited only by where you take your smartphone. 

3. Schedule Reminders

You can schedule your app to remind you when to take your desired placebo - once, twice, or however many times a day you need. 

4. Personalize Your Placebo

Once you've chosen your placebo effect, you get to personalize your placebo ritual by choosing who is the best person to give you a placebo, what you want your placebo to be, and where you want to take it.

5. Customize Your Experience

Whether you want to receive a placebo magic wand from Gandolf in the dark of the night while he says abra cadabra, or you want to receive a placebo from your mother in your childhood home while she sings her favorite song, you can use your mobile phone to create the perfect placebo experience for you!

6. Track Your Progress

You can rate your experience before and after you take your placebo. These ratings will help you to judge your own performance, and will also give us data that can allow us to provide feedback that can help you enhance your placebo ritual. 

7. Real-time Placebo Optimization 

The Placebo App is a living app. It gets better as it goes - based on your feedback, and on the feedback of others. 

8. Change Your Life

You have everything you need to create a placebo experience that is directly personalized to your needs, and thus is optimized to create the kind of growth, healing, or change you wish to see in your life. 


Summary of Placebo Effect Campaign

  • Placebo Effect - the world's most trafficked online placebo resource - is building the world's first mobile placebo application, one that takes the placebo effect out of the lab and brings it into people’s lives so you and others around the world can experience more love, joy, inspiration, or whatever you feel you need in your lives. 

  • We've built a prototype of the app (Watch us demo the Placebo App), and now we need your help to fund building a production version that can scale to support you and millions of people around the world.
  • We are a veteran design an engineering team that has built award-winning apps that have scaled to millions of users, and we have an advisory team that can support our twinkle-eyed placebo vision, as they are institute and universitydirectors, physicians, scientists, consciousness researchers, nonprofit and business executives, and the former head of IT of the Gates Foundation. 



About Placebo Effect

  • Placebo Effect was created in December of 2011 by Daniel Jacobs with one simple directive: to educate people all over the world about the placebo effect, and to inspire people to learn to use it to heal, grow, and evolve in their lives!

  • Placebo Effect, our website (pictured below) is now the world’s most trafficked online placebo effect resource. We also have created a methodology for using the placebo effect in people’s lives that has been practiced around the world.

  • We have developed a prototype placebo app that is based on our Placebo Methodology, and on all existing placebo effect research. Now its time to turn our Placebo App prototype into Placebo App that can change the lives of millions of people around the world.


Why the Placebo App

  • Placebo effects happen when peoples' belief systems - both conscious and unconscious - inspire positive change. The results, oftentimes, can be staggering: tumors can heal, anxiety can go away, academic performance can increase... all because someone took a placebo.

  • Different people have different conscious and unconscious beliefs in different circumstances. The same experience could provide one person with a strong placebo effect, and create no placebo effect for another person.

  • Until now there has been no way to provide people with a personalized placebo effect that is aligned with their own experiences - despite the demonstrable effectiveness of placebos across medical studies. We decided to change that!

  • Most of us haven't even begun to tap our own healing, growing, and performance potential - because we've been taught that pills, people, or procedures know better about what we need than we do. The Placebo App shows us how powerful we really are!


How You Can Help

1. Make A Pledge

Make a pledge by clicking the PLEDGE button above, and choose whatever reward fits you. Feel the magnitude of your pledge. You aren't just contributing to something that can be of benefit to you; you are also supporting people all over the world in creating meaningful change in their lives. 

2. Share Our Story

Share our IndieGogo Campaign via email, Facebook, Twitter, phone calls, text messages and through old fashioned conversations. Placebo Effect will continue to come to life because a community wanted and created its emergence!

3. Leave Your Mark 

At the end of the campaign you’ll be able to tell us what kind of placebo effect you want to create in your life or in the world. Please do this! We want to use our community feedback as an important pointer as we build the production version of the app!



How Funds will be Spent

  • All funds will be spent on the development of the Placebo App, and on costs surrounding that development. Included in those costs are personnel costs, travel costs, hosting and design costs. 
  • $20,000 gets us a mobile web app, $40,000 raised gets is an iPhone app, and $60,000 raised gets us an Android app. 
  • Typically a project of this magnitude would be well into six-figure range. Due to strategic partnerships and the team’s experience level, we will be able to make placebo magic with much less.
  • Funds above $50,000 will be spent on Stage II development, which includes further optimizing the application based on community feedback, readying the app for important clinical trial testing, and sharing the app with millions of people around the world.  
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100% funded
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$50,000 USD goal
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This campaign ended on June 23, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $1USD
    Help Shape the Placebo App

    Make any pledge and you can help us create a better Placebo App. You'll receive a questionnaire after the campaign that let's you share what placebo effect you'd like to create in your life, or in the world. Your answers will guide us as we build the production version of the Placebo App.

    11 claimed
  • $25USD
    The Placebo App in Your Hands

    Pledge $25 or more and receive the first-version of the Placebo App when it is released, and receive an exclusive LIFETIME subscription to the Placebo App. Be one of the first to use a tool that can support people all over the world to consciously create positive transformation in our lives.

    54 claimed

    Founding Team Member - SPECIAL

    *Early Bird Special* Pledge $40 or more and be recognized as a Placebo Effect founding team member on our website. You will be one of the founding community members who took a leap, and decided to support an organization and application that has a vision of empowering people to make a deep, meaningful difference in the world.

    10 out of 10 claimed
  • $50USD
    Founding Team Member

    Pledge $50 or more and be recognized as a Placebo Effect founding team member on our website. You will be one of the founding community members who took a leap, and decided to support an organization and application that has a vision of empowering people to make a deep, meaningful difference in the world.

    16 claimed

    The Gift of Placebo - SPECIAL

    *Early Bird Special* Pledge $90 or more and you'll be able to gift exclusive LIFETIME subscriptions of 4 Placebo Apps to any friends you choose when we launch the production version of the app. You won't just have this application to yourself, you'll be able to share it - and all of its positive benefits - with the people closest to you!

    3 out of 3 claimed
  • $100USD
    The Gift of Placebo

    Pledge $100 or more and you'll be able to gift exclusive LIFETIME subscriptions to 4 Placebo Apps to any friends you choose when we launch the production version of the app. You won't just have this application to yourself, you'll be able to share it - and all of its positive benefits - with the people closest to you!

    9 claimed
  • $250USD
    Placebo Scholarships

    Pledge $250 or more and we'll give 10 placebo scholarships in your name. Specifically, we will be offering year-long scholarships to people who need the Placebo App but cannot afford it. They will be able to fill out a simple scholarship application that can be granted with your support. Your support at this level, allows us to deliver the power of placebo to people far and wide.

    1 claimed
  • $500USD
    Placebo Circle & Presentation

    Pledge $500 or more and get a dynamic group presentation and participatory circle - to a nonprofit, business, school, or any desired group - sharing how people can harness the placebo effect in their own lives to create heal, grow, or create desired performance increases in their lives or work. The presentation and circle will be led by me (Daniel). * travel costs not included.

    2 claimed
  • $2,500USD
    Placebo Visionary

    Pledge $2,500 or more and you're a Placebo Visionary. Like us, you're excited by the opportunity we have, together, to create an application and fulfill a vision that can see millions of people consciously creating the lives they want to live. As a fellow visionary, we will invite you to our year-end Placebo Summit, and I (Daniel) will talk with you about what we can do to make your pledge particularly meaningful.

    8 claimed
  • $10,000USD
    Placebo Benefactor

    Pledge $10,000 or more and we consider your contribution a grant. What you want isn't just to hold the Placebo Effect in your hands, but also to see it in the hands of people all over the world. You are excited to make the kind of contribution that can ensure that happens! At this level, you and I (Daniel) will talk about what your pledge means, and about how our team can honor your contribution.

    2 claimed
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