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This is our 3rd time to go through another battle with this dreaded disease and with the help of family and friends, we WILL get through it again.
Vernon Lamela
1 Team Member

 *** UPDATE ***

Hi All - first off, I'd like to apologize I wasn't able to keep everyone updated with Joan's status.  With trying to keep my job and accompanying her on doctor appointments and her thousand lab tests, it has been extremely challenging to keep up mentally, physically and emotionally.  Although it has been a slight comfort to her that fluids from her lungs have been drained, she is still having trouble eating.  She throws up anything she eats since the ascites on her stomach prevents her to get a proper diet.  She's complaining all the time that she's hungry, she tries to eat but her body won't allow it and it pains us to see her that way.

As of this moment, she is now in the operating room and will undergo the cytoreductive surgery and HIPEC treatment to remove the tumor around her abdomen, after that, she will be treated with chemotherapy drugs for about 90 minutes that would hopefully eliminate all the cancer cells in her body.  Our doctors have been very very accomodating with all our questions and explained the situation as detailed as possible in words we can understand and we cannot thank them enough for the genuine care that they have shown Joan.  They expressed concern that the procedure, that would take around 9 hours, is extremely a high risk procedure but we're confident that she's in great hands. I can honestly say that with all the doctors we have come across during these past years, the doctors here in St. Luke's really take care of their patients. 

So now, with Joan's family, we're waiting here on the reception of operating room floor, praying and leaving everything up to God.  We know that He will keep her safe throughout the operation.  We would like to thank everyone as well with all the prayers and support that you have shown Joan during these trying times, we don't have words to express how truly thankful we are with the donations, words of encouragement, support and prayers that really kept us going.  Her friends who went out of their own way to help her, to keep her smiling, to keep her close to God and prayed for her, to raise funds, to support and love her.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  This just shows how good of a person Joan is and it warms our heart that these trying times are the ones that define the goodness of people around us.  Thank you.  



Hi Everyone, I'd like you to meet the kindest, strongest and most beautiful person in my life, my gf for over 10 years, Joan Ladines.  In the picture taken 3 weeks ago.  Back in September 2011, she was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer, clear cell carcinoma, this was the most tragic news we've heard in our lives.  We were scared.  We've never directly known anyone with this disease, much more experiencing it first hand.  As recommended by the doctor, we should go through the operation to remove the tumor on her right ovary.  Our doctor tried to save her ovary since she's just 32, so they just removed the 13cm tumor.  After the operation, we went through a grueling battle of 6 cycles of chemotherapy within 4 months, this was the most difficult time of our lives but being a strong woman she is, we braved through the challenge.  We managed to go through round 1 with our battle against this monster.

By September 2012, even with constant check ups with the doctor, another 5cm tumor grew in her right ovary again.  This time, the doctor recommended TAH-BSO.  With the said procedure, it was a complete abdominal hysterectomy.  

This shattered our world as this disease have killed our dream of having our own family.

We were angry, depressed, hopeless.  It came to the point that I don't know what to say to comfort her anymore.  But we are thankful with the help of family and friends that they were always there for us.  They kept us going with their prayers, love and support.  Round 2 was a tough blow for us, but we're still standing tall.

Now, round 3.  another challenge is ahead of us, but this time, with a grave threat to her life.  She has another 5cm tumor on her abdomen but with a complication of Ascites and pulmonary embolism, we would need the help we can get.  She means the world to me and we will keep on fighting this as long we can but with the burden of hospital bills, any financial help will be much much appreciated since we're out of funds through our insurance with the numerous procedures that have been performed.  She still needs to have an IVC filter installed in her chest to prevent blood clots going through her lungs and the major operation for cytoreductive surgery and intraperitoneal chemotherapy.  

We are truly, truly grateful for all the support that our friends and family are doing right now, they have been campaigning in social media as well to raise funds to help us in these trying times and we're trying to keep a positive outlook with these challenges.  We would be forever in debt with any form of kindness or support that will be extended to save this very special woman.  She has the kindest heart and a loving soul and she deserves all the chances in this world to survive and right now this is all we ask.  A fighting chance.  

Please help me spread this cause, a simple share would go a long way.


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