A New Approach to Early Cancer Detection: 3D-CBS the 3-D Complete Body Screening

This project seeks funds to set up the infrastructure to develop a screening device using a new technology targeted to early cancer detection named 3D-CBS.
Dario Crosetto
DeSoto, Texas
United States
1 Team Member

[Vedere la traduzione in italiano a cura di Monica Arcostanzo dopo il testo in inglese, oppure a www.UnitedToEndCancer.org/doc/603.it.pdf]


Would you like to reduce your risk of dying from cancer and be part of a process to save millions of lives by supporting an invention, recognized valuable by top scientists and world experts? One person dies every 5 seconds from cancer somewhere in the world.  And it is indiscriminant when choosing its victims: it strikes just as easily the powerful and the famous, the rich and the poor, the young and the old.

We launch this project to raise funds to make available the 3D-CBS breakthrough life-saving technology, an invention by research scientist Dario Crosetto, described below.

Be part of this unique solution that will prevent cancer from getting a grip on your loved ones.

Act now! support this exceptional project that will revolutionize the medical field.

What is lacking to solve the cancer problem

One of the most serious problems facing medicine is late detection of cancer. Experimental data from several official sources agree that the earlier cancer is detected, the greater the survival rate (in most cases 90% to 98%). What is lacking is a cancer screening method that is effective for early cancer detection. It needs to be rapid, sensitive, inexpensive, safe and effective in early detection of all types of cancer in all organs of the body. An effective screening method should use a device that is efficient in detecting, at a low cost, reliable signals showing the start of a mutation from normal cells into cancerous cells.

A breakthrough technology for solving the problem of cancer

Three-Dimensional Complete Body Screening (3D-CBS) technology makes it possible to build a medical imaging device that fits the above requirements. It is rapid, sensitive, inexpensive, safe and can effectively detect cancer and other diseases in all organs of the body at an early, curable stage; requires a safe dose of radiation, permitting annual usage; results in improving image quality; and reduces cost to patients and their insurance company. The invention can change the clinical character of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) into a preventive one, for use in early detection of cancer and other common diseases.

The new system is not merely an incremental improvement in the current detector as a consequence of advances in technology but a qualitative breakthrough resulting in over 400 times the efficiency of the current PET device. This advance represents a major advancement in the technology for screening for cancer and other common diseases, such as brain disorder and coronary diseases. Since cancer is the leading cause of death in people aged 45-64, this advance deserves to be funded and implemented.


The invention

Crosetto's basic invention accurately captures as many signals as possible from radiation at the lowest cost per valid signal captured and therefore permits the detection of the majority of subatomic particles from radiation.

This invention when applied to the field of medicine (when radiation is combined with tumor markers) offers a new weapon (the 3D-CBS) in the fight against cancer.

The 3D-CBS uses technology designed to accurately detect small anomalies in biological processes in all organs of the human body, at low examination cost, long before anatomical changes occur. Unlike mammograms that screen only for breast cancer by detecting an anatomical anomaly, this new technology can detect much smaller anomalies in the biological processes through use of a low-radiation complete body screening. This video summarizes the 3D-CBS technology:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HwMnHRuWo4o


Why the 3D-CBS is superior to other technologies

It catches cancer cells at the very earliest stage when most curable.

Compared to current 5,000 PET devices the 3D-CBS technology is over 400 times more efficient, requires only 1/30 the radiation dosage, takes only 4 minutes to examine the entire body and is 1/10 the cost.

The inventor

Dario Crosetto invented a technology that has been recognized by top scientists and experts from FERMIlab (U.S.), CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, Universities and industry in a formal, major, public scientific review held at FERMIlab that makes possible the discovery of new subatomic particles by thoroughly analyzing over 600 million events per second (Recognition of his basic invention from world experts: www.UnitedToEndCancer.org/doc/300.pdf).


Recognition of the invention

The 3D-CBS technology won the international Leonardo da Vinci Competition after five hours of public scrutiny (worldwide via internet) from the University of Pavia in Italy, comparing the 3D-CBS technology with projects from leading world research laboratories, cancer centers and individuals. It was also recognized valuable for early cancer detection by three international public (also webcasted) scientific reviews in 2003, 2008, 2010.

A frequent comment from the public

Comments: “It is clear at this point that a greater survival rate can be obtained by detecting more accurately more signals from the tumor markers, but why is it better than detecting another signal showing a change in odor, temperature, fluorescence, conductivity, or tissue density using X-ray, CT scan, MRI, Ultrasound, etc.?”

Answer:  “There are thousands of articles reporting experimental data that cancer grows faster than normal cells and because it grows faster it needs more nutrient, up to 70 times more than normal cells. Abnormal metabolism is an important signal related to the start of the mutation from normal cells into cancerous cells. Capturing more accurately more signals from tumor markers showing abnormal consumption of nutrient from body cells can only provide advantages in early cancer detection. There are no similar advantages from other signals.”

Follow up comment: “I understand, it makes sense! I want to have an exam like this and if a low cost screening of the entire body for all types of cancer in patients without symptoms but at high risk can be done effectively with the 3D-CBS technology (capturing the majority of signals from any tumor markers combined with a radioisotope) with a low level of radiation dose, comparable to a mammogram then

 cancer would be defeated once and for all!


Potential number of people saved by your support

You can help play a part in defeating cancer. Support this life saving, low cost, low radiation technology that is hundreds of times more efficient than current technology, that can even be used safely on asymptomatic patients so that cancer can be detected at its onset when it is most curable.

The study available at this link shows a very conservative, realistic, feasible plan on HOW with the 3D-CBS technological innovation you could greatly reduce your risk to suffer from cancer and save the life of 20,000 to 30,000 people in 10 years, 1 million to 2.3 million in 20 years, 6.2 million to 13.3 million in 30 years (estimating 50% reduction in cancer death for those screened), while reducing your burden on cancer cost (See  Table I, Table II and Table III). See Note1 at the end of this document.


          What you can Give:              What you can Receive:


Do not let other people continue to die needlessly without lifting a finger.

Edmund Burke stated:

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only little.



1. The technology: Although the 3D-CBS technology relies on the same nuclear reaction as current PET (Positron Emission Tomography), unlike the 5,000 existing PET devices where most of the data from the radiation is lost because they scan only a portion of the body and can only measure the dimensions of already-formed tumors, the 3D-CBS technology is based upon a cost-effective Complete Body Screening exam measuring minimum abnormal consumption of nutrient by body cells or by detecting other anomalies, making it possible to achieve an effective early cancer detection.

In scientific articles published in 2010, scientis recognized that my study was the "First proposal for a truly 'total-body' PET system." Before my invention manufectures of the 5,000 PET did not know a cost-effective way to accurately capture the majority of signals from tumor markers that will lower the radiation at a dose acceptable for screening (1 mSv) and that could justify the cost of covering a larger portion of the body. This has been overocme with my basic invention in particle physics combined with other inventions specifically targeted to the 3D-CBS technology that i invented after the year 2000.

Because it captures the majority of valid signals (tumor markers) from the whole body at once, new features that before could not be envisioned are now possible. It improves by 400 times the efficiency of current PETdevices not just for the glucose tracer FDG but allows minimum abnormalities in biological processes to be seen using any of the current tumor markers (FDG, Oxygen-15, Rubidium-82, Ammonia-13, Carbon-11, Choline, more specific for prostate, etc.) and future tracers to other compounds such as protein that before could not be considered because of the inefficiency of current PET in capturing only one out of 10,000 signals emitted by the tracer.

This makes it effective for screening at the cellular level and elevates the accuracy (less 'false positive' and 'false negatives') of this technique above all techniques including density measuring devices such as mammograms, CT scans, etc. that can only detect tumors when hundreds of millions or billions of cells have had a morphological change.

In addition to screening the whole body to detect cancer, the 3D-CBS can be used during the treatment phase with greater advantages than current PET which is only capable of measuring an increase or decrease in the size of a tumor, the 3D-CBS's higher efficiency can detect the smallest restart of cancerous activity. Its lower radiation permits safe frequent examinations resulting in better monitoring of treatment so that better decisions for further treatment can be made, thus increasing the chance of long term survival.

To use the PET technology annually as a screening device, the required radioactive dose must be kept to a very small percentage of the average radiation per person from all sources in a year. In the United States the average radiation per person per year is about 3.6 mSv. Current PET requires from 10 to 16 mSv radiation dose to the patient, too high for a yearly scan. The 3D-CBS technology is designed to give good results with a safe dose of only about 0.35 mSv, the radiation received during two intercontinental flights.

At the following links you can find the history and the key features of the basic invention, a simple description of the 3D-CBS technology and a bibliography of Crosetto's most relevant publications on this subject.


See animation at: www.3d-computing.com/3d-cbs/PET_ani.html

Figure 1. Comparison between current PET and the 3D-CBS.


Figure 2. The 3D-CBS is more sensitive, requires lower radiation, is faster and has a lower cost (See Note1 at the end of this document).

2. The inventor, Dario Crosetto: I worked as a research scientist on physics experiments at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, for 17 years before joining in 1991 the Superconducting Super Collider (SSC) project in Texas where I currently live. I lectured at CERN School of Computing, have published six books and 100+ articles. I received grants from the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy for approximately $1 million to pursue research in pattern recognition that breaks the speed barrier in real-time applications. In the course of my research, I realized that this technology could be used to detect a different type of matter: cancer cells. I developed and patented the 3-D Complete Body screening technology as the first step toward creating these effective early cancer-detection devices.

I hold seven patents for the 3-D complete Body Screening technology. My goal is to make this technology a reality and seek to develop devices to help stop cancer through early detection. I have committed to donating the majority of the income from licensing my patents to provide free screening with an effective 3D-CBS device to low-income patients.

3. Why support the 3D-CBS breakthrough technology rather than another project?

Because none of the millions of “cancer breakthroughs” you find using a Google search have all the following:

3.1   A well known invention recognized as valuable in a one-of-a-kind international public scientific reviews by top scientists and experts from FERMIlab, CERN, Universities and industries.

  1. There has been no similar case in history where the Director of one of the most prestigious world research laboratories requested and gathered top scientists and experts from all over the world to determine whether an invention could be a turning point in the discovery of new particles.  Afterwards its value was officially recognized as “a unique concept” having the potential for “clever uses not now possible.
  2. A conspicuous record documenting the discussions between inventor and top leaders in the field (from academia, industry and cancer organizations) that shows the superiority and advantages of this invention compared to other approaches.
  3. The undeniable evidence of the advantages of my invention whose concept can be explained in simple terms understandable to high school students. (See how they solve the problem of analyzing in 30 seconds data from envelopes arriving every 6 seconds without missing any envelopes. Watch the video1 at minute 7:55 and video 2)

3.2  A high technological innovation. The key parts have been built in functional modular hardware that can easily migrate to future technologies.

3.3  A revolution  in the medical field. (Read more…)

3.4  A life-saving project. If the market for mammograms, CT scans, current PET, etc. was created with the intention and the justification that they would save lives, one can expect that the 3D-CBS which is hundreds of times more efficient than all the above listed devices would save more lives. (Read more…)

(Read additional questions/answers. Find out more why this project has all that is necessary to be successful)


4. THE IMPACT: What you and the public will get in return. (Read more...)

5. What is the inventor’s (Dario Crosetto) track record?

On several occasions I have had discussions with leaders in particle physics and in medical applications who were first skeptical of my claims, but who later had to recant when their own results proved my statements correct. (Read more...)

6. Why is the cancer problem still not solved? (Read more...)

6.1. What people in the cancer business do not want you to know (Read more...)

6.2. Difficulty deciding to trust one person over another among thousands of people promoting different cancer causes (Read more...)

7. What can we do to stop this failing trend of postponing cancer death reduction?

7.1      We should ask decision makers if they agree with the following: “Everyone raising or spending money to fight cancer, whether it be for a vaccine, drug, screening device, or a program to educate at risk individuals to change their lifestyle, should estimate and then provide a plan to measure the results on a sample population; for example: 10,000 people in the age group 55 to 74 taken from a location where, in the previous 20 years, the mortality rate was constant (e.g. 0.5%). A difference or no difference in the mortality rate will quantify the success or failure of the proposed solution.” Dario Crosetto.

7.2      We should fund the 3D-CBS innovative technology which has provided a plan supported by scientific arguments based on an invention recognized by top scientists and experts in the field. No one can refute the superiority in cost and efficiency of the 3D-CBS technology with respect to current PET technology.  Its ability to capture hundreds of times more valid signals at a much lower cost per valid signal captured has the potential to save millions of lives by identifying the formation of the very first cancer cells for most2 types of cancer, over the entire body, with a much more sensitive, low-cost exam, safe for the patient (requiring less than 1 mSv radiation dose) taking only 4 minutes.

If decision makers agree with the question in point 1 above, donors and taxpayers would have the comparative data necessary to make smarter choices by funding only the most valuable breakthroughs among the millions of Google citations.  This is why donors and taxpayers should demand accountability from decision makers of not only on how their money is spent but HOW they expect to achieve a reduction in cancer death and cost. The resistance of some cancer organizations to provide such a concrete plan is understandable because if the cancer problem is resolved (as I propose with a concrete intervention in Table I, Table II and Table III) their existence could end.  (Read more ...)

8. How can we work together to make THE difference and save many lives?

8.1. What am I bringing to the table and what I am asking you to bring to the table to defeat cancer? (Read more...)

8.1.1. I am bringing to the table the following to solve the cancer problem:

  1. My documentation showing that I have been serving for over 20 years the scientific truth to the benefit of mankind. 
  2. My commitment to continue to serve you in submitting pertinent and legitimate technical questions to decision makers that are in your interest and prod them into fulfilling their responsibilities of the mandate that they received from you. (Read more...)
  3. The Benefits from my inventions which I have already described in this document.
  4. The proof that I put you before any personal gain for myself. (Read more...)
  5. Eighty per cent from the income from licensing the patents of my invention to benefit humanity. I will donate those funds to programs that will reduce cancer deaths and costs and provide free 3D-CBS examinations for low-income patients.

8.1.2. I am asking you to bring to the table to solve the cancer problem:

  1. Your interest and responsibility in reading what may affect your health and your pocket with a cancer burden of $850 per person per year in an industrialized country. (Note2).
  2. Your contribution (Read more...)
  3. Your sharing this information. (Read more...)

 8.2. What has been done so far, what remains to be done?

The breakthrough technology recognized valuable from top world scientists and experts in the field has been proven to be feasible and functional in hardware. When compared publicly in scientific reviews has shown superiority in efficiency and lower cost to all other technologies and approaches. This can provide a high impact in reducing cancer death and cost. Over 8,000 people have signed a petition and with this support, I have been your advocate engaging in a dialogue with the decision makers in advancing a) the rule of law, b) the laws of nature (science) and c) the "golden rule". What remains to be done is your support to this dialogue (extending it from 8,000 to 8 million or more through social networks) that would analyze the answers received from decision makers so that the three areas (a, b, c) mentioned above can prevail in order to advance the progress and support the construction of 3D-CBS prototypes and start saving lives.

I remember the email that I received from the Associate Director of Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), General Chairman of the 2003 Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference, who stated: “you should not be discouraged nor feel despair. Your persistence will win,[…]. Failure will only result if you quit, and you were right after all.(Read more…)

8.3. What you can do to help bring the benefits of this invention to you and to the public (Read more...)

  1. Please donate to save lives; every donation is valuable.
  2. Please help us share our campaign on Facebook and Twitter
  3. Please tell all your friends
  4. Please help us share the need for accountability in cancer research to get more results (Read more...)
  5. Please organize speaking opportunities (Read more...)
  6. Please tell cancer organizations  (Read more...)

9. Here is how we can make this work.

Supporting this project helps all of us. Any contribution from $5 to whatever you can give will be useful to achieve the first goal of $300,000 to set up the infrastructure to develop this technology for an effective screening and make it possible to save lives and reduce costs as shown from the estimates reported on Table I, Table II and Table III.

Here is the plan:

time line

  1. Raising $300,000 in two months through this crowd-funding effort to create the infrastructure to implement the following point: (Read more...)
  2. Laying down contracts and setting up an office in three months. (Read more...) 
  3. Raising $20 million in six months from private investors to build the three 3D-CBS devices. (Read more...)
  4. Testing and regulatory approval
  5. Licensing the patents for the mass production of the 3D-CBS units. (Read more...) 
  6. Implementing The Plan to mass produce the 3D-CBS device. (Read more...)


Here is what you will receive for your donation



The plan is to create two positions after this first round of funding of $300,000 and eight additional positions after the contracts have been defined and the infrastructure to develop the 3D-CBS screening devices has been set up.



Dario Crosetto

DeSoto, Texas, USA
Email: crosetto@att.net

Inventor of the 3D-CBS technology (see Bio information in the SUMMARY, in Chapter II, Section 2of this document and at the following links: recognition of his inventions www.UnitedToEndCancer.org/doc/300.pdf testimonials www.crosettofoundation.org/uploads/167.pdf bibliography www.UnitedToEndCancer.org/doc/168.pdf ).



Dr. Frank Guy, Ph.D.

Waxahachie, Texas, USA
Email: frankguy32@gmail.com

Senior Scientist with 33 year experience at four National U.S. Laboratories: Lawrence Livermore Lab., Air Force Weapon Lab., Los Alamos National Lab., Superconducting Super Collider Lab. At these research laboratories Frank Guy held the position of Chief Officer for Internal Electromagnetic Pulse at AFWL, staff member and Associate Group Leader at Los Alamos National Lab, Senior Scientist in particle accelerator beam dynamics and accelerator design at the Superconducting Super Collider Lab.  



Ruben Sonnino

Plano, Texas, USA
Email: r.sonnino@gmail.com

Founder and CEO at RS INDUSTRIAL & MANAGEMENT CONSULTING, LLC, 38 years veteran of the Semiconductor Industry, former Group Vice President of ST Microelectronics (one of the world's largest Semiconductor Manufacturing Companies). Held many Operational and Executive positions with activities in USA, Europe and Asia. Most significantly positions: 1. General Manager of the Analog & Logic Division; 2. Deputy General Manager for AMS Group (Analog , MEMS, Sensors)



Dr. Joseph Dent Ph.D.

Associate Professor Department of Biology      
N4/7 Stewart Biology Building
McGill University                
1205 Ave. Docteur Penfield
Montreal, QC, H3A 1B1

Director of the lab that uses molecular, genetic and electrophysiological approaches in the model nematode Caenorhabitis elegans to examine the role of ligand-gated ion channel neurotransmitter receptors in the sensitivity of worms to antiparasitic drugs.  The lab is also characterizing novel, invertebrate-specific receptors as potential targets for the development of new classes of antiparasitic compounds. Probing the structure of neurotransmitter receptors using fluorescent protein labelling and fluorescence resonance energy transfer to better understand how their protein subunit composition affects their pharmacology.



Ing. Vittorio Remondino Ph. D.

CERN (European Center for Particle Physics)
1211 Geneva 23

Staff at CERN since 1980. Specialist in Magnet Design, Measurements and Analysis of Accelerator for Particle Physics. Responsible for the measurement system of LHC dipole and quadrupole used at the factory premises. Follow'up of the quality during the production of the magnetic model of the LHC correction magnets. Responsible for the post'processing of magnetic measurement data of the LHC lattice and spool'piece corrector magnets as well as magnets for the inner triplets. Responsible for the creation of a univied database of quench performance of all LHC magnets during tests.



Ing. Dario Busso

Caramagna Piemonte, Italy
Email: dario.busso@gmail.com

Involved in development and integration of different VoIP and UC systems (Open Source and Legacy ones) for custom projects of different size (from appliance solution design to large company in a distributed scenario). Past experiences are the base of his ability to integrate cutting-edge VoIP solutions with traditional E1/T1/BRI/FXO telephony standards.


Pascaline Thomas

Dallas, Texas, USA

Email: pascaline86@gmail.com

SGraduate with a Master's Degree in Information and Communication, Pascaline Thomas has a background in the Communication and Public Relation field: PR Coordinator in Metropole Television in Paris (FR), Press Attachee for VFC Relations Publiques in Paris (FR), Communication Officer for The Company Shop in Dublin (IE), PR/Marketing coordinator in The Smiley Company in London (UK)

Note1 - DISCLAMER: No initial prototype has been built for this device. The crowd-funding effort seeks to begin the process of creating the necessary working prototypes. FDA approval will be necessary to utilize this device to detect cancer. FDA approval can only be sought after construction and testing of the prototypes. The projections regarding lives that could be saved are based upon the study, results from simulation of different parts of the system, predictive modeling and the scientific and technological assumptions which lead to the above estimated figures. The next step is to build three prototypes to confirm this study and these estimates with measurements as described in Section 7.1.

Note2 - DThe $850 annual average cancer cost per person for people in an industrialized country has been calculated by dividing the United States cancer cost in 2010 of $263.8 billion (http://www.cancer.org/acs/groups/content/@epide...) by its population of 308 million.

Note3 - A voucher for a 3D-CBS screening examination will become valid if sufficient funding is received to build the device and is approved by the regulatory agency.

Note1 - Your name is included in a priority list for annual screening with the 3D-CBS if the device is built and approved.


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    All the above, plus • a voucher for one 3D-CBS screening examination which is good when we are able to build this device, obtain FDA approval, and deploy it in an appropriate facility. Plus see Note 1 and Note 3 for more details: The voucher has no monetary value. No refund or credit will apply if the voucher's conditions are not met as also specified in the Notes1, 3.

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    All the above, plus • Your name added to the SILVER roll call of honorees of the Crosetto Foundation website. • Scientific papers link to this list of names acknowledging your contribution to make a difference. • The inventor’s book; “The Future is in Our Hands. EVERY YEAR 10 Million Preventable Deaths and Trillions of Dollars LOST”. • The poster: “How to solve the problem of cancer and reduce its economic burden.”

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    All the above, plus • “The Time of life” – a 3 ft poster made by the inventor of (1 cm = 8 million years) prepared for schools, museums, showing how life developed on earth and its relationship to the geological evolution. Drifting continents, meteorites, volcanoes, big waves that decimated species through millenniums. • You and friends can have a half hour conference through Google+ with the inventor.

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    All the above, plus, • Your name included in the “GOLD Donor Section.” • Your name acknowledged as a contributor on scientific papers presenting results of clinical trials from the 3D-CBS. • A larger (12 ft) version of the poster described in $5,000 perk (1 cm = 2 million years). • You and friends of your choosing, can have a one hour conference through Google+ with the inventor.

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    All the above, plus • Your name engraved in the “GOLD Donor Section” of a plaque on the 1st prototype of the 3D-CBS device. • This first device will eventually be placed in a museum for everyone to see who contributed to a paradigm change in significantly reducing cancer deaths and cost. • You and friends of your choosing may have a two hour conference through Google+ with the inventor.

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    All the above, plus • Your name engraved in the “PLATINUM Donor Section” of a plaque on the 1st prototype of the 3D-CBS device. • Optional participation through Google+ at biannual meetings assessing the progress and direction to go to maximize the impact of reducing cancer deaths and costs. • The inventor will invite you and 3 friends to a gourmet dinner prepared just for you.

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