A Mountain Lullaby

A children's book about dreaming and creating a world of images inside your mind

Our Story

We Heart Arts is a non-profit organization that works to raise funds for young person's creative arts programs around the world. We are trying to build a creative future for young people via the goodwill of humanity and through creative means. The goals of We Heart Arts are rooted in the belief that young people should be given the opportunity to express themselves creatively from an early age. We have done many things in the past: Charity singles (both in 2009 and 2010), countless gigs, sold limited edition tee-shirts and posters and more.  We are a small group of people that just feel passionately about helping the generations that come after us.

Our next big project is the one you see before you now "A Mountain Lullaby" a children's book based on the song of the same name by our good friend and longtime We Heart Arts supporter Jordan o' Jordan.  This project cannot happen without your help though, We Heart Arts has always worked hard to make sure that you get something back for your donations and "A Mountain Lullaby" is no different. Even at the most basic level of donation you will get your own copy of this book (and at the highest level of donation you get an iPod). 

The best part about this project however is that for every ten books sold we will donate a copy of the book for free to a school

The Impact

Imagine a world where young people are unable to be creative, where children aren't exposed to books, pictures, songs or dance... you may think this is a little overdramatic but this happens more than you might think.  Recent figures show that 18% of the UK population (and 20% of the US population) are classed as legitimately illiterate. We Heart Arts hopes that "A Mountain Lullaby" will have an impact on many different levels:

1: We want to put out a product that children and adults alike will want to read.
2: We want to be able to donate a copy of "A Mountain Lullaby" for free to every school in the UK (and eventually around the globe). For every ten copies of "A Mountain Lullaby" that we sell we will donate one copy for free to a school.     
3: The proceeds from "A Mountain Lullaby" will be shared out and donated to young peoples creative arts programs around the globe.

What We Need & What You Get

So where does this funding come in to it? 

Well... we are aiming to raise £500 ($805) in order to:

A: Have the book created (illustration and layout).
B: Have the book made (9 x 7 Inches landscape perfect-bound).

In the event that we have any money left over it will be used to help promote the book.

What happens if you don't raise £500 ($805)?

We feel so passionately about this project, "A Mountain Lullaby" will happen regardless of if we make our total or not. All we want to do is too help as many young people as we can, if this means we have to sell personal belongings we will (or beg our bank managers for a loan) however... we'd prefer to have a great community vibe be responsible for getting "A Mountain Lullaby" printed.

So what do I get for my pledge?
For 10£ (15$) you will get your very own copy of "A Mountain Lullaby" (The RRP price for "A Mountain Lullaby" is 15£)

For 15£ (23$) you will get your very own copy of "A Mountain Lullaby" with your name in the thank you list at the back and an MP3 version of the We Heart Arts 2009 and 2010 charity singles + remixes. 

For 25£ (38$) You will get your very own copy of "A Mountain Lullaby" with your name in the thank you list at the back and an MP3 version of the We Heart Arts 2009 and 2010 charity singles + remixes PLUS an exclusive pledge only "We Heart Arts" T-shirt + two badges + a pack of stickers. This T-shirt will ONLY be available to the people that donate to this project. 

For 35£ (55$) You will get all of the above plus the 2011 We Heart Arts charity T-shirt and an MP3 version of the Jordan O' Jordan track "Mountain Lullaby" that this book is based on. Every year we put out one T-shirt that is discontinued on December 31st.

For 40£ (62$) You will get all of the above plus one signed + numbered A3 heavyweight print of one of the pages from the book.

Last but certainly not least...

For 150£ (200$) You will get all of the above PLUS my 80GB iPod classic full up with music!! This iPod has been with me around the globe, kept me sane on many plane/train/bus rides and generally been my lifesaver for the past few years.  It'll be hard parting with it but I will been content in the knowledge that it is going to a good home and helping a great cause at the same time.

Other Ways You Can Help

We understand that times are hard for a lot of people right now and that maybe some people just can't afford to donate or buy the book at the moment BUT... you can still help! There are some great share tools on here so please, please, please share this campaign with your friends and your loved ones by using the links/share tools below.  The more people that find out about this campaign, the more young people we can help! Together we can make a real difference!

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