A modern theatre in an old building needs a new seating

We need $12000 to buy a new grandstand for our growing audience. Become part of our shared theatre in a more than 100 years old ballroom.


Schaubühne Lindenfels in Leipzig is a modern theatre in an old magnificant building that was previously used as a ballroom.  

Nowadays it is furthermore not only a theatre but a place where different art-forms meet. With a selective and varied programme, the Schaubühne has built up its unmistakable identity. The secret is the combination of theatrical art, film, music, literature and various festivals, supplemented by new media and fine arts. Complemented by a coffee shop and restaurant, Schaubühne Lindenfels is one of the places to be in the city of Leipzig.

We are proud that our theatre is owned by a community of more than 1000 people. As one of the first cultural institutions in Germany we are constituted as a nonprofit limited company.

The Schaubühne Lindenfels premise was built in 1876 as a dance hall and was at that time one of the largest and most important establishments in Leipzig. In the historic ballroom one can sense the glamour of bygone times still today.

Due to our great success during the last season we are in need for a new seating for our growing audience. It's especially essential for our own theatre-productions, precisely our upcoming premiere of "Die Spieler" ("The Gamblers", based on Dostojewski's novel). 



Especially for our theatre-activities in the beautiful old ballroom we need a grandstand that is licensed (you know... German law!) and is easily removable and modifiable. The relationship between actors and spectators within the theater space is questioned in all of our works in different ways. That's why the grandstand should give us the opportunity to change the situation for the audience for each production and within. 

We would like to buy 150 seats that fulfill all these requirements. Therefore we need $12 000. 

With your contribution you will become part of upcoming productions and the institution too and therefore get on with our idea of a shared theatre: If you give $70 or more, your name will be engraved in one of the seats. Depending on the amount of your support you will furthermore get an impression from the production in form of a DVD, free entrance to one of our events (valid for one year!) and/or - as long as we are a nonprofit limited company. (Please find more information on the limited company on our profile.) And how does a paid flight to Leipzig sounds like? 

Additional funds will be used for our next production, most probably for the stage setting. If we shouldn't reach the entire goal we won't be able to buy as many new chairs as needed for our audience. 


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