A Man Who Takes The Place Of

An eye opening and emotional documentary following the transition of AJ Young from female to male. Moments of confusion, learning, trials and catharsis ensue.

Mirrorwall Films and A Man Who Takes The Place Of

Mirrorwall is a group of independent filmmakers who initially came together without funds or expertise, but we as a group always stressed the importance of our willingness and determination to collaborate together. Since then Mirrorwall films has stepped up its game time and time again.

Now, we are taking on a new challenge as we continue this campaign to complete a documentary based web series on the topic of the transgender lifestyle. Mirrorwall has frequently used its media contributions to aid in the emergence of visible LGBTQ actors, characters, filmmakers and issues, and this project delves even deeper to expose a raw and untampered with transgender understanding.

What do we need!? We have been paying for this project out of pocket thus far. Production costs are just not as extensive for Cinema Verite style documentaries, however we plan to fly out to Chicago and continue principle photgraphy by interviewing AJ's family and shooting around his hometown.

Were only asking for $1,000, enough for three tickets. If everyone could offer small donations, I'm sure it would be incredibly simple to reach our goal in time.

Our Episodes

Please check out our first two webisodes. We hope that they will be an interesting and informative watch.

Episode 1: The Precipice

Episode 2: Early Transitions

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire a more mature and technically informed perspective through documentary on the realities of the Transgender lifestyle and the Trans person's metamorphosis. We hope that we can achieve this by being specific to our subject's, AJ Young's, personal trials and triumphs whilst maintaining an issue based and emotional relation to the Trans community as a whole. Education on the Trans identity is a keypoint in our agenda as we feel it is still so widely misunderstood. A Man Who Takes The Place Of is a different web series because it plainly states the actualities of AJ's daily life and lifestyle choices in relation to his Trans identity through a cinema verite style lens. Although this is not a documentary shouting at the top of it's lungs for acceptance or legislative action, it genuinely portrays a human being going through a process to change their life without assigning them the disconnection of “otherness.” I believe this to be a step in a new direction of socially aware and conscious cinema.

AJ is also a key role in the structuring of the series. His schedule, daily routines, hobbies and life decisions dictate what will be filmed and edited into each episode. In this way, this documentary series is very much a character piece; AJ has commented on how he feels we grant him the ability to visualize his own story. This is most important to us as it represents our ability to reflexively support each other through documentation and the exhibition of one's life. As a company Mirrorwall Films supports the representation of Trans and other LGBTQ members alike in film and media in order to fortify awareness and promote visibility. We hope that our series touches you and helps you learn something about Trans.

Other Ways You Can Help

Of course not everyone can help through donation, but awareness and promotion are just as important if not more. Please share our information and film. Feel free to connect to us through our multiple social media outlets, etc. If you yourself are involved in the LGBTQ community and would like information, a blurb, a link or a photo posted to our website/social media please contact us.

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