A Larry Cohen Film

A feature-length documentary film about legendary Hollywood maverick Writer / Director / Producer...LARRY COHEN

The Project

A LARRY COHEN FILM is a feature-length documentary about one of Hollywood's last maverick Writer-Producer-Directors. Larry is a rare bird in today's Hollywood with a career that has spanned over 50 years. A truly remarkable accomplishment by any standard, and Larry has been doing it his way, without compromising his unique storyteller's voice. I decided to call my project "A Larry Cohen Film," which is my homage to the first title card at the end of all his movies.

Who is making this film?

That would be me, Steve Mitchell. Like many of you, I'm a film fan. My professional career began as a film journalist/interviewer. I brought those skills, along with my enthusiasm for film history to producing and directing DVD Special Features documentaries and commentaries.

I have produced work for Image Entertainment, Lionsgate, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, and Showtime. I am also an animation writer (GI Joe/Transformers) and screenwriter (Chopping Mall/Against The Law). Stories about the creative process are endlessly fascinating to me. I love pop culture history, and I'm a big fan of..."getting it on the record."

Why Larry...Why Now?

Why Not?! IT'S ALIVE, THE STUFF, BLACK CAESAR, HELL UP IN HARLEM, THE AMBULANCE, THE WICKED STEPMOTHER, THE INVADERS, BRANDED, PHONEBOOTH, CELLULAR, "Q" THE WINGED SERPENT...if I stopped there that would be a heck of a resume, but those titles are a small sampling of Larry Cohen's creative legacy.
Over the years, very little has been written or documented about Larry and his incredible career. I love stories about film and TV history; tales of inspiration, perspiration and good old-fashioned show biz "chutzpah!"
Where did Larry get his ideas? How did he get his projects off the ground? How did he get through the day on set? I want to know, and I think his legion of fans around the globe want to know as well. Getting his story in his words, I hope, will make for good film history.

Making The Project Happen

Larry is on board!!!

I got in touch with Larry, and he is enthusiastic about the project. My interview with Larry will be the spine of the picture, of course, but the plan is to also shoot interviews with actors and crew who have worked on Larry Cohen films.  Larry has already provided me with a trove of images from his personal collection, a small sampling of which are used in the trailer. Also film clips and trailers from his movies will help to illustrate Larry's story.

Your contributions and how they will be used

Getting as many interviews as we can is one of our major goals, and minor travel might be involved. Luckily, most of our subjects are in the Los Angeles area.

Things like camera rentals, lights, sound package rentals, hard drives, the cost of gas, the occasional quick meal between shoots, graphics, some clips and clearances, post production sound and picture, and deliverables contribute to the cost of the film, but in my years as a DVD Special Features producer I have learned how to stretch a buck and produce professional work in the bargain.

Another way to get the most out of the budget is a creative, efficient and enthusiastic crew. My editor is Kai Thomasian, and we have worked together before on all of my projects. He is a skilled on-line editor as well, so in addition to his creative savvy, he brings years of post production knowledge into the mix. It helps to have friends, and I have cameramen, crew, a composer, and legal and business staff and advisors, all ready to help with the production.

Sharing the filmmaking experience

We will create a Facebook page and post regular updates. We will Tweet as well. I'm a fan just like you are, and I look forward to sharing some behind the scenes anecdotes about the shoot and to give you updates about the editing and post production process.

How you can help

With your contributions, of course. We have some cool perks for those who can. You can check them out on the right side of the page.

But...it is important to get the word out about the project to anyone you might know who is a fan of "B" movies, genre pictures, movie history, television, and, of course, Larry Cohen. As they used to say..."tell a friend!" Using Indiegogo share tools, your preferred social media, chatting the project up any way you can, will be a big, big, help. Remember, we can't make "A LARRY COHEN FILM" without...you!

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