A Gift of Ice and Fire

A campaign to reward George RR Martin, author of the Song of Ice and Fire series with an awesome fan-funded gift if Book 6 is published by the end of 2014.
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A Gift of Ice and Fire

We, the fans of the "Song of Ice and Fire" series would like to reward George RR Martin with an incredible fan-sourced gift (voted on by the community of donors) if he is able to complete book 6 (The Winds of Winter) and make it available for purchase by December 25, 2014.



Before the motivation of this campaign is mistaken for fan over-entitlement and crass bribery let me make clear, our intentions are good.

  • We are fans who discovered the imaginatively realized world of Westeros upon the publication of A Game of Thrones  in 1996 and through the remarkable HBO show.
  • We have followed the intrigues of King's Landing and felt the chill in our bones above The Wall.
  • We have fallen in love with a dwarf, a bastard and an underaged assassin and gasped in horror as you slaughtered our favorite characters.
  • We have declared you the American Tolkien and celebrated your bold deconstruction of the established fantasy tropes.


We also waited five years between Books 3 and 4 and another six years between the last two books and would like to present you with a gift symbolizing our gratitude  if we get to see Book 6 a bit sooner. 

We lose sleep at night worrying that you may run afoul of a disgruntled direwolf or a platoon of eunuch warriors preventing you from completing your magnum opus. Your confidantes may know who will ride the dragons but you are the only one who could make their flight into battle sufficiently triumphant.

We can only imagine the endless list of projects  that excite an imagination like yours. But it so happens that the canonical core series of A Song of Ice and Fire is the one that we are the most deeply invested in. If you don't complete the book by the proposed date, rest assured that we will still be lined up around the block to buy it on the day it is released.

Possible Gifts:

  • A larger than life statue of GRRM riding a dragon commissioned by an artist of his own choice erected in his hometown.
  • A scholarship, endowment or donation to a cause of Mr. Martin's choice.
  • Cold hard cash.
  • Whatever the collective imagination of a community of ASOIAF super-fans can produce.

How this Will Work 

Since the maximum campaign length is 60 days we will see how much money this campaign can collect in that time. If 80,000 of the over 5 million people who illegally downloaded last season's episodes of A Game of Thrones contribute $5 each we will reach our goal of $2 million (and maybe earn back some positive karma).

If we do not reach our goal, contributors will receive their money back.

If we reach or exceed our goal, the money will be held in trust for Mr. Martin until Christmas of 2014. If The Winds of Winter is published and available for purchase at that time the bonus will be released directly to Mr. Martin. This amount should be considered a personal gift to Mr. Martin as an individual and thus should not be subject to taxation or even his contracts with literary agents or HBO. (That's the intention but we'll have to ask the lawyers.)

If Christmas 2014 rolls around and the Winds of Winter ia still in draft mode, we will donate the collected amount to a charitable organization chosen by the contributors. 

Necessary legal and administrative fees (e.g. establishing a trust account to hold the funds) will be the only deductions from the collected amount and accounted for with full transparency.

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