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ImmiLounge is the only social network that connects people with the American dream and so much more for free!
Brian Nguah
Small Business
Miami Beach, Florida
United States
1 Team Member

What is it?

In a world where social media is dominating, immigration is still a major issue and your information is being sold out to organizations, it's only logical to create a social network that ties in a solution to these given issues. ImmiLounge is the only social network that directly links its members with free up-to-date information on immigration, jobs, visas, healthcare, education, legal immigration representation and much more, while simultaneously encrypting your information to make it distinctly yours. After signing up, our members are linked to various helpful information, helpful tools, immigration attorneys, as well as several people who share the same interests.  Our goal is to help bring people together during their US immigration journey and connect them will all the basic necessities. Immilounge offers numerous free services that cannot be found anywhere else in the web. For example, we offer free resume creation and posting, access to well described immigration forms, we directly link our members with immigration attorneys for free, access to all necessary information that will ease your stay in the USA, and we also offer business page creation. Not to mention we are currently working on a free tool that fills out your immigration forms automatically and even mailing out the forms for you. We are connecting our members with the American dream for free! ImmiLounge has also been featured in the huffington postYahoo newsBBC mundo and many other news organizations.


What is the project about?

Immigration has been an on-going hot topic in America that seems to have no solution. On the other hand, new and prospective Americans are also experiencing difficult lives in terms of finding what they require. ImmiLounge aims to connect these people with the needed information in just a single click. Whether you are looking for visas, employment, education, healthcare or just basic immigration information, we offer it all for free! We do all that in an open, Facebook like, social network, that allows you to communicate, share, keep in touch with the world and most of all get what you need. Your safety is also guaranteed, meaning we do not sell your information or data to law enforcement or other organizations. Your information is uniquely encrypted so that it remains to be your information. In other words, if you sign up, you create a lock which only you have a key. We aim to help others before we help ourselves, but helping others comes with a cost. That is why we launched this funding project. Learn more atwww.immilounge.com/

Why will this change the world?

The fact that ImmiLounge works to conquer such big issues, that alone will have an effect on the world. ImmiLounge aims to help those who are left out in the shadows of America. ImmiLounge wants to link people with all the necessities that they find hard to get. ImmiLounge will have an effect in the political world and the social world as we know it, by giving a voice to those who have been oppressed and neglected a voice. We are also allowing people who are going through their immigration process, to have easy access to necessary information, thus allowing them to create a life in the USA. We do not aim to connect illegal immigrants; we aim to connect immigrants, the diaspora at large and other people with the American dream and what they legally deserve. We also aim to give immigration attorneys an open source network, to connect with clients and directly influence the immigration nation. Our platform can increase the American economy, by connecting people with jobs and education. It will also change America, because it directly connects the corporate and non-profit world with a whole other, unique audience who have been left in the shadows. We also believe that ImmiLounge.com will play a big part in the resolution of the immigration issues in America. Immigration can be used to improve America rather than degenerate it. After all, America is made of immigrants- it is the melting pot. Citizens and normal Americans are welcome to join so as to help, educate and share with those who look to live in America. This in return, will keep everyone on the same level. We just want to help, and make a difference, because most social networks are literally making millions by selling user information and not doing anything helpful to their lives. They do not care if you are suffering or if you value your information. They just want you to sign up, put your information online and make it available so they profit a couple of millions off of it. We aim to help people, educate people and help them achieve what they have been looking for, free of charge. If we become a big social network, ImmiLounge will empower other entrepreneurs to make other social networks for good. So there are many ways ImmiLounge can make a difference, and the only way to find out is to help us make that difference. Here is a video that talks more about privacy issues with social media. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOEMv0S8AcA


Why do we need money?

Engineering such a great humanitarian idea is very expensive. Given that the basic frame and the main social network are already created, we need to improve it, make it secure and widely known. We need to search high and low for all required information and make it available on Immilounge. We need to hire professionals, to help our users more efficiently. We need to make ImmiLounge accessible in all major languages and make it so easy to use, that a child could understand it. We also want to introduce new innovative ideas and tools, which are highly priced on other websites but will be free on ImmiLounge. These tools will directly help our members achieve what they are looking for and lessen the hardships of their journey towards the American Dream.  

After creating the ultimate software, we need to make it available and make people aware of its existence. Given that we aim to help people for free, it would be great for people to know about us. We also want people to know how safe we are and what services we offer to ease their life in America.

Our goal is to be the first major social network for good. We want to be the first social network to help millions of people and connect them with a better life. Our goal is to give an amplified voice to those that do not have one. Our goal is to help. So help us change the world!

Want more info? Check out our website http://www.immilounge.com or http://www.immilounge.com/pages/aboutus 

Follow us at @immilounge Twitter and like the facebook page http://www.facebook.com/immilounge

Thank you for your interests and taking your time to read this. May you have blessed day/ evening.

PS. Don't forget to smile.


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This campaign ended on May 18, 2013
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    You are great. A thank you post, will be posted on ImmiLounge, with your name and your picture.

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    You are so great so we will give you a specialized, sponsors' online account on ImmiLounge where you can meet people, create free events, groups, promotional pages and much more. This is a chance to be a member of the online immigration nation, as a sponsor.

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    You are even greater, so we will give you a cool ImmiLounge Shirt and a specialized, sponsors' online account on ImmiLounge where you can meet expats, create events, groups, promotional pages and much more.

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    A perk for only great people

    Ok, your greatness deserves to be included in a sponsors page on ImmiLounge, where your name, your quote and any link, will be advertise stating that you helped sponsor ImmiLounge. You will also receive an immilounge shirt and a free sponsors account.

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    Only for amazing people

    You are amazing! You will receive all the above rewards plus a specialized surprise gift box that has a variety of immilounge merchandise that will make your day.

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    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • $500USD
    Your greatness

    Your greatness is immense. You will get all the above, plus be the first to be a tester of our upcoming Iphone and Android app that is coming soon.

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    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • $1,000USD
    The Amazing perl

    Holy crap. You amaze me with your greatness. You will get all the above, plus get access to our back office, so you can see how ImmiLounge is progressing and what steps is being taken.

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    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • $2,000USD
    The beautiful perk

    You are so great and beautiful that you will get all the above plus a free featured promotional page, that will promote anything you want. You can share videos and photos, receive email. Basically create your own website within ImmiLounge.

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    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • $3,000USD
    The OMG perk

    OMG! You just stunned me with your greatness. We would be honoured to give you all the above plus a limited edition usb containing all past ImmiLounge designs, logos, web layouts and more recordings and biographies of the staff.

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    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • $5,000USD
    The greatest of them all

    You are the greatest of them all. You will receive all the above plus a special dinner with the founder of ImmiLounge. Brian will fly/drive to your location and have dinner with you. Only in the USA though. Thank you your greatness.

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    Estimated delivery: July 2013
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