A Fatherless America

This film is going to be about the importance of fathers in a childs life as well as what can happen when there is no father!

Short Summary

This film is going to not only show how important father are into the lives of their kids but It will also show how and why it seems that america is slowly trying to remove the male influence from the child's life!  We will discuss the whole justice system as well as talk to celebrity dads and regular dads who have had the same issues in trying to be a father

  • My name is Tommy Sotomayor and I am a radio show host out of Atlanta GA.  For the last few months I have been out in Los Angeles where I realized how wide spread fatherless homes went
  • This project is important to me because the system has been an issue in my life as well as many others that I know.  The removal of the fathers from homes is what I believe is leading to more violence and other social ails so I want to show this to the world
  • Your contributions will help us give a voice to the voiceless and allow fathers to be heard and their stories to be examined!  Because I am who I am, you know that this will be a hard hitting expose that is much needed

What We Need & What You Get

Break it down for folks in more detail:

  • I need atleast 20000 to get all of the equipment needed, travel and interviews with lawyers, people, etc!
  • We have some very exciting perks that I hope you guys will take advantage of, such as advertising on my radio show, youtube bumpers, face to face meetings and more
  • If I dont reach the goal then we will be doing it again until the goal is met, in the mean time the money given will be used to fund the project and get it started

The Impact

Kids need to see this and so do parents.  We need to get a lot of the laws changed and this will be the first video of its kind

Other Ways You Can Help

Get the world out, email, tell others to donate 1 dollar or more and like the fan page https://www.facebook.com/afatherlessamerica

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