A Fallen Forest

Help Ash discover why his homeland has been destroyed in this online Narrative Tower Defense game... with squirrels.
Robert Sharp
United Kingdom
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What is A Fallen Forest?

A Fallen Forest is an indie AS3 narrative tower defense flash game that follows the journey of the Red Squirrel Ash and his Badger companion Silver as they return to their homeland for the first time in years. As they get closer to home however, it becomes clear all is not what it seems… 

  • A Fallen Forest will be free-to-play online

Based on the decline of forest wildlife worldwide, the game will also link real-world wildlife and environmental organisations to a wide and varied global demographic, providing an engaging platform to promote real causes.

The game is a collaboration between myself, Robert T Sharp, a UK Native now living in Ontario, Canada (BBC, UK Film Council) and Italian programmer Davide Beltrame aka Brolyweb (Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Pavesi, Kellogs) along with several globally award winning artists. 

 Character Select Screen

Why should I Start Throwing you some Finance?

Simply put: To finish the game. So far I have fully self-funded the project. Because of this, the button of control is with me. I have been able to work with and support a small group of talented individuals from around the world, each of whom deserve to go far and have brought their own style and essence to the project. Gaining the $800 USD needed to complete the game from Indie Gogo would realise not only my vision and effort, but provide the team with a platform from which to build further success. The project has the potential to be enjoyed by literally hundreds of thousands of people world-wide. You have the power to be part of the project and part of that success. 

More specifically your money will go towards creating original, high quality:

  • Level Maps with Unique Animation 
  • Character Upgrade Animation 
  • Sound FX

Why Squirrels?

I'll be honest, they're hilarious.




Young, motivated and tactically sound, Ash has spent the last 4 years fighting the on front lines against the Grey Squirrel’s in foreign lands. Grown wise through the horrors of conflict, his military skills have been honed by consistent training and real life combat. His home forest was always too small for him and the only way out was through military conscription. He dreams of exploration, but must head home again before his next adventure…




Newly retired, axe wielding and cheerfully drunk, Silver has had many years of experience on the front lines. Meeting Ash when he first arrived in his regiment, a bond was forged instantly. Heralding from the same forest as Ash and with a palate for drinking only the finest in alcoholic beverages, Silver was looking forward to retiring with his own pub at the heart of the forest community. Until he returned…




Rare and unknown. Other forest dwellers know nothing of her kind’s existence and it has remained that way since time immemorial. Comfortably living within the tunnelled and cavernous depths of the land, she has been forced to the surface in search of revenge. Discovering no-one on the surface, she has decided to hide and wait…




Abandoned at a young age, Dusk’s earliest memory was of her first kill. Starving, cold and without shelter, that first field mouse taught her a valuable lesson. To trust her own instincts. Since then she has remained alone and has perfected her art. She watched the forest grow silent and cherished the solace, until unnatural life began…




She maintained the connection to her hive for as long as possible. Their voices became increasingly erratic and she couldn’t guide them any longer. Heralding from a long line of powerful wood ant ancestry, for the first time in their history Myrm is forced to move on alone…

Why create A Fallen Forest? 

With a dawning realization. After several years of successfully creating and working on independent film productions (short films, documentaries and a feature film), I was able to transfer my production skills and experience to the interactive sector to create games, which is where my main creative passions thrive. I have an innate desire to create and tell a good story well, and the interactive world opens doors to possibilities you simply cannot achieve within the screen sector.

As a fan of Beatrix Potter, I’ve always wanted to create a darker twisted world with members of the animal kingdom as protagonists. A Fallen Forest is that world.  

The huge and varied demographic free small games like A Fallen Forest have throughout the world allow a fantastic platform for real-world causes. This project is my 'prototype' in providing exposure to issues related to the game.

A Fallen Forest is also one way of respecting the Darwinian struggle of... squirrels... with Shakespearean gravitas while creating an awesome interactive graphic novel/tower defense hybrid of a game for thousands of people to enjoy.

Tell more more… 

A Fallen Forest in this first-step flash-game form, is a work of primarily 2 pieces: 

An Interactive Graphic Novel… 

Influenced in my early years by the work of Neil Gaiman (in particular ‘The Sandman Chronicles’) among others, a graphic novel-esq format was the perfect choice to tell this particular story and for flash games due to file size restrictions for where the game will eventually end up. The interactive graphic novel in combination with the game gives it a unique platform for story-telling.

Graphic Novel Examples

 …And Tower Defense Game

One of the most popular genres of free online games there is. I remember playing with enthusiasm the custom Tower Defence maps people had created for Blizzard’s Starcraft way back when. Influences in the flash form come from Game in Bottle’s Gemcraft series, Ironhide’s Kingdom Rush and Iriysoft’s Cursed Treasure

For those not in the know, the basic premise of a tower defense game is simple: Stop things attacking your stuff. 


You control up to 3 characters of 5 in defending yourselves against an undead threat, interwoven within the storyline. Each character has unique abilities and each team of characters you choose means creating different tactics to combat your enemies. 



One of my personal highlights for the project to date is having the UK’s greatest modern Metal band Sylosis provide the soundtrack to A Fallen Forest from their album Edge of the Earth, courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records. They have just released their new album Monolith and will be touring the US (supporting Lamb of God) until the 16th of December 2012. 


Stretch Goals

There is so much more we could do with additional funding, but I won't jump the gun just yet...

Where is A Fallen Forest going? What’s in store for the Future? 

Once the game has been completed, it will be launched online for anyone to play for free. From here, it will be further developed for mobile devices. The game is first chapter in the world of A Fallen Forest. I am also writing an ebook exploring in more detail the origin of the characters, which those who pledge $15  and up will receive upon completion in early 2013. Further chapters of the game will follow with enhanced game mechanics, art and animation. All of this depends on your support.

The Team


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  • $5USD
    Fledgling Squirrel

    - A personal Thank You! (from me... and the main the character) - In-Game Credit.Your name in all its glory for thousands to see. - Priority Link when A Fallen Forest has hit the invisible fun space (when it is online).

    2 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2013
  • $10USD
    Curiosity Squirrel

    - All of the Above - Original Signed Game Script & Script Notes PDF. Take a more extensive look at the method behind the madness.

    4 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2013
  • $15USD
    Wisdom Squirrel

    - All of the Above - Digital copy of my ebook ‘A Fallen Forest: Origins’ when released in early 2013. Continue the journey & explore the origins of the characters in far more detail.

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2013
  • $20USD
    Undead Squirrel

    - All of the Above - You, as an undead creature, in the game. Your name will be displayed in-game upon being killed by one of the main characters.

    2 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2013
  • $25USD
    Original Squirrel

    - All of the Above - Signed PDF's of Original Character Concept Art, created by award winning Parisian artist Thibault Fischer

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2013
  • $50USD
    Supreme Squirrel

    - All of the Above - Producer Credit. For those who could benefit from such a reference. (Replaces previous credit)

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2013
  • $100USD
    Elvis Squirrel

    - All of the Above - Executive Producer Credit (Replaces previous credit) - Hard Copies of Artwork - …A Toy Squirrel modified by yours truely…

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2013
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