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A documentary archiving the making of a Yugoslavian folk dress in hopes that ‘Brotherhood and Unity’ could be more than just a motto.
Nina Platiša
Toronto, Ontario
4 Team Members

                               A Dress for Yugoslavia


WHO can help?

You. We would love you to be part of this exploration of unity. By supporting our documentary you join us in a dialogue for harmony amongst cultures.


WHY would you help?

This notion of unity goes beyond the former Yugoslavia; it’s an idea we are all engaged with every day.


                                       YOUR PERKS

  $5 :                    Thank you so much for supporting us!

$10 :               You will receive Thank You in our film.

$25 :               You will receive a personalized E-Thank You card from our crew & the above.

$50 :               You will receive a digital download of an original song from our film soundtrack & all the above.

$100 :             You will receive a digital download of our film & all the above.

$250 :             You will receive a souvenir created from materials from the Yugoslavian folk costume & all the above.

$500 :             You will receive a digital download of bonus features from our film & all the above.

$750 :             You will receive an Associate Producer credit, Special Thanks & all the above.

$1000 :          You will receive Producer credit, Special Thanks & all the above.


HOW can you help?

By supporting our film and sharing our idea with others. By donating whatever you can, you push this project a step towards its realization.


WHAT’S the plan?

We will be travelling to Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia & Serbia. After that, the production will follow the garment back to Toronto, where it will be completed.  The trip itself represents our main budgetary challenge and so it’s crucial we have our backing in place as soon as possible as we finalize our travel plans.


                              A Yugoslavian Folk Costume

Driving this documentary is the hope to create a Yugoslavian folk costume, one that has never before existed but which will now bring together the traditions of the nations that once comprised Yugoslavia.

Six mentors will guide me in the design and creation of a garment that combines distinct traits from the national folk dresses of each former republic of Yugoslavia.  We will visit the mentors, one from each of the former republics, and learn how to apply the unique costuming techniques that they practice in the creation of their traditional national folk dresses. By weaving these diverse skills and symbols into the fabric of our garment’s production, together we hope to create a piece that represents what the country of Yugoslavia, and her people, stood for. As artisans from each country bring their traditions together to create a single garment, we aspire to open a dialogue about unity in a fractured part of the world.


                                       Preserving Tradition

As our film documents the process of making a traditional Balkan folk dress, it creates a video archive of traditional techniques that are in danger of being lost along with the history that has made them unique. By travelling to all the former republics of Yugoslavia and learning from each mentor, our documentary will forever preserve the practice of these traditions.

In celebrating the art of costume making, our documentary will also provide context of the countries and peoples from which these unique costumes emerged. The film seeks to provide an insight into the experience of generations who lived through the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and of a generation born into its aftermath, all the while exploring notions of…


                                       Unity and Brotherhood

In January of 1946 a new constitution established a state that included six socialist republics and two autonomous provinces. This multi-ethnic and multi-national state was to be guided by a national motto of Brotherhood and Unity, in the hope that these principles could calm ethnic tensions and prevent the dominance of any single group.

As a means of nurturing a shared identity amongst diverse nationalities, cultural grants were allocated to each republic. These funds encouraged the practice of local cultural traditions, including folk dance & national costume. Instead of creating a shared Yugoslavian sense of identity, however, what emerged was cultural competition and nationalistic rivalry.

Our goal is to examine whether ‘Brotherhood and Unity’ could be more than just a motto.



Director: Nina Platiša

Nina Platiša is in her final year studying Performance Production & Philosophy at Ryerson University in Toronto. In her final semester, she will be an intern at the Canadian Film Centre.

Nina has composed music for the film Man Up In A Balloon that won Best Sound at Max Exodus Film Festival, written & directed by Danielle Sahota. She has worked as a set dresser on Danielle Sahota’s film We Blinded the Sun & Kyle Sanderson’s film Lie Down and Die, both of which were a part of the Short Cuts Canada Program on Air Canada Flights, Sanderson’s also having been a part of TIFF’s 2011 film program. In addition, Nina has worked on Egerton Falls, a 2011 Nuit Blanche production where she was composer, co-writer and co-director on a multidisciplinary piece. In 2012 she assistant director and translator to director Ivica Boban on Ryerson Theatre School’s interpretation of June Havoc’s Marathon ’33.

Nina has also received Royal Conservatory Rudimentary and Classical Piano training. She recorded and presented her original music on CBC’s 2010 “Show Off!” hosted by Jian Ghomeshi (host of Q, CBC Radio One), as well as Winnipeg’s Culture Days Event. Her work was also featured on Entertainment Tonight Canada, Radio Canada, and CBC's Definitely Not the Opera, hosted by Sook-Yin Lee.

Tamara Platiša

Tamara Platiša is an artist living and working in London, UK. She is currently studying at Central Saint Martins for her MA in Fine Art and holds a BFA in Sculpture & Installation and Drawing & Painting from OCAD University in Toronto, Canada. In her art practice she works in collaboration with artist Saša Rajšić who currently resides in Helsinki, Finland.  Tamara & Saša have showcased their work at Toronto’s Nuit Blanche, the Stockholm Fringe Festival, the Performance Art Institute in San FranciscoPSi#18, at the University of Leeds, UK. Her series of painting have been exhibited in Italy, Serbia & Canada and were reviewed by the Globe and Mail.


Cinematographer: Vedran Lešić

Vedran Lešić is a cameraman and editor whose work has been broadcast internationally. After receiving Television Production diploma in Ottawa, he was recruited at 19 by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) in Toronto.

Since then, he has covered multiple events such as the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), Canada's Federal Elections, Ontario's Provincial Elections, Toronto's Municipal Elections, the Rogers Cup and has shot interviews with various notable personalities including Adele, Oliver Assayas, Jean Chrétien, Novak Djoković, Roger Federer, Elton John, Jack Layton and Robert Lepage. 

Other than news, Vedran has worked on short films, music videos, documentaries and lifestyle television. He is now working in entertainment as a video producer for CBC's show Steven & Chris, which reaches an audience in both Canada and the United States.


Camera/Production Assistant: Pierre-Olivier Bernatchez

Pierre-Olivier Bernatchez was born and raised in Quebec. He grew up volunteering with local television and soon knew that working in television would be a way of living. He studied at La Cite Collegiale in Ottawa, Ontario where he has worked with CBC for a couple years. He has worked on many sports event such as Hockey Night in Canada on CBC Sports. A couple months ago, he moved in Toronto to work with CBC/Radio-Canada as a news videographer and technical assistant.


Public Relations: Abdi Omer

Abdi Omer is completing his final year of Performance Production at Ryerson University. He is a freelance publicist who has had the opportunity to work in dance, theatre, music and fashion. He is currently the publicist for the Lower Ossington Theatre and the associate publicity manager for the Ryerson Theatre School. Through his work in publicity, Abdi has secured editorial coverage in NOW Magazine, The GridTO, Rogers TV, CBC Radio-Canada, Metro Toronto, BlogTO, Flow 93.5, 103.9 Proud FM, FAB Magazine & XTRA, to name a few. As well, Abdi is the editorial assistant for the online fashion/lifestyle magazine, Perfecto Mag. Recently, Abdi dabbled in the contemporary art world, doing a brief communications internship with ArtSync, on Rogers Television. Past publicity credits include: Toronto Urban Dance Symposium (TUDS), Coffeehouse Theatre, L.I.V.E. Hip Hop Festival feat. DJ Ali Shaheed Muhammed (A Tribe Called Quest), “Love Hip Hop & the Spoken Word” feat. Shihan, Docket Theatre and Toronto Youth Theatre.


Social Media Marketing: Allie Renzetti

Allie Renzetti is currently in her final year at Ryerson University studying Performance Production. She has worked for Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), the Banff Centre for the Arts, Canada's National Ballet School and is currently the PR rep for Toronto fashion photographer Livi Shaw. Her work has been published in Zeum Magazine and Ovation Magazine and commissioned by Orange Model Management. She holds production credits along side: Red Sky Performance, Black Grace, Eda Holmes, Kelly Robinson, Sean McCann and Cameron Porteous.

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