A cuddle corner for kids in the new Godeke Library

Raising funds to create a cozy space that encourages kids and their caregivers to read together
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About Us

We are Cuddle Up and Read Lubbock (CURL), working in partnership with the Lubbock Friends of the Library. In memory of our sweet friend, Jacqueline Perry Anderson, we aim to create and support a cozy cuddle corner in the new Godeke Public Library for children and their caregivers to read together.

  • Godeke library is opening in a new location in the fall of 2014, which offers us the opportunity to improve the children's area. We would like to create an inviting, cheerful, and comfortable space that encourages people to interact with their children in the context of books, as well as to inspire a love and appreciation for reading in our community of families.
  • The space will include easily accessible books, available for picking up and reading in the library. Our goal is to collect new board books and place them in the children’s area, making it easy for little children to pick out attractive books and put them away themselves when they are done. We would like children to be able to borrow the books without library accounts. This is similar to a program in the Seattle Public Libraries.
  • As the generosity of the community allows, we aim to purchase cozy furniture for the children’s area that encourages reading books together. We would like this to include soft, inviting armchairs or rockers big enough to share, as well as cushions, throw pillows, rugs, bean bags, and backrests for cuddling up together on the floor.
  • Artwork is an important aspect of this children’s reading area. The atmosphere ought to be cheerful, playful, and bright, befitting the youthful enthusiasm of our audience. In an indoor space such as this, it would be nice to add a touch of the outdoors. We would like to recognize donors by letting them choose to add their name to a sunflower and daisy garden mural that will make up part of the artwork.
  • We are delighted to partner with the Lubbock Friends of the Library for this project!

Our inspiration

The inspiration for this idea is our sweet friend, daughter, and granddaughter, Jacqueline Anderson. In only twenty-two months, she taught us precious lessons about love and joy. Her family continues to share her spirit, reminding us to be purposefully present for our children, cuddle our little ones, and appreciate special moments with the people we cherish.

We would like to honor Jacqueline’s memory and her family’s generosity by creating a space in the new Godeke library for all the little ones with the same joy of spirit and love for life.

    Fundraising goals

    In order to make the cozy space we envision, we need new books, shelves, cozy seating, and cheerful art for the new Godeke children's area.

      We are setting our online fundraising goal at $8,000 because that will allow us to begin creating the space we envision. That amount can purchase books, shelves, and art for the space. Our ultimate goal is to raise $20,000. As the generosity of the community allows, we will add cozy, comfortable, and functional seating and storytime rugs. All of the money we raise will be used to improve the children's section of the new Godeke library.

      The Impact

      We've all heard about the benefits of reading with our children. This space is meant to encourage families to interact with each other and books. The cuddle corner project has the potential to positively impact thousands of people in and around Lubbock, especially children and families. Anybody can visit Godeke library and enjoy the new children's area.

        Other Ways You Can Help

        Whether or not you are able to contribute money at this time, you can help.

        • Please share our campaign with people who might be interested.
        • Visit our facebook page (www.facebook.com/cuddleupandread), and join Friends of the Library to find future opportunities for being involved.

        Thank you very much for your time and for being part of our campaign. Your support means a lot to us.

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