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A short film where everything is not what it appears to be.
Gregory Brown
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Austin, Texas
United States
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The Premise

How far will you go to save the love that you've lost? What would you do to save that lost love? Would you still do its even if its all in your mind?

This is the driven passion of a Patient receiving experimental therapy to re stage, in his mind, the events that lead to the loss of his love changing the outcome with him saving her life. However, the therapist has crueler intentions with the therapy.

This is what the short film A Conversation From Within will achieve to create. The non linear story line will have twists and turns revealing the fate of our characters as they experience love, loss, and manipulation.

If you love mind bending films such as Memento, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and La Jetée then don't look no further! This production is aims to strive for creating a visual and original story through suspense, romance, deception, and how psychological alterations are affecting the Patient protagonist.

Where Your Donation Will Go 

A film set Gregory Brown worked on. Photo by Gregory Brown

Every donation to this project will go towards to the production. The short film will be shot in Austin, TX. Austin is recognized as one of the top independent film friendly cities in the country and is becoming a hot bed for the filming of studio feature length films and television. Resources such as equipment rental, experienced crew, and the Austin and Texas Film Commissions are already in place to help create a smooth production process.

The breakdown of what will be need with the raised donations are:

  • Grip and Electric equipment/truck rental
  • Camera, lenses, and camera accessories rentals
  • Location fees
  • Props and wardrobe
  • Post Production additional dialogue recording, editing, and colorist touches

    The production is aiming to hire local professionals in the film industry which will create the best quality product in the desired 3 to 4 days of shooting. One of the first hires will be a co-producer to help with budgeting and running the phases of the production.

    Your donations will go towards true independent film making and help boost careers of many local crew and talent by gaining more experience and exposure.

    After completion the production will seek to showcase the short film at film festivals across the country.

    In addition, every single level of donation gets a benefit to the donor!

    Meet The Director/Writer/Producer

    Gregory Brown as 1st Assistant Camera working on set.

    My name is Gregory Brown born and raised in Austin, Texas. I've always wanted to become a film director and its a not just a job for me but a passion. After graduating high school I went to the University of Colorado at Boulder graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies. After graduation I've move backed to my hometown to pursue a career in the film industry.

    I've started working as a Set PA and Key Set PA for many feature length films which have gone on to win awards and be screened at festivals such as South By Southwest and Sundance. My progression in the industry was me moving into the Camera Department where I have become 1st/2nd Assistant Camera and Camera Operator for a feature length film, short films, music videos, commercials, web series, television, and live event filming. In addition I still pursue working as a Assistant Director concurrently having working  on a feature length film, a short film, and web series.

    I am grateful for all of the help to help achieve this dream of mine and to make a great short film that is original and entertaining. In the current climate of the film industry any aspiring director needs to be recognized through works that are created independently. Your donations will not just come to create a great short film but allow for myself to grow and assist as the springboard for a future career as a film director.

    Other Ways You Can Help

    If you cannot help financially then don't worry. You can still help!

    • Spread the word about this Indiegogo campaign by sending a email to your friends, family, and co-workers (with the web link of course!).
    • Post this on social media such as your Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

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    This campaign ended on September 14, 2014
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    Select a Perk
    • $1USD
      Shout Out

      You will get a shout out on Facebook by the Production saying thanks for your donation

      18 claimed
      Estimated delivery: July 2014
    • $5USD
      Digital Script

      Receive a digital copy of the shooting script

      1 claimed
      Estimated delivery: October 2014
    • $10USD
      HD Digital Film

      Download the short film with a private link and everything under $10

      2 claimed
      Estimated delivery: October 2014
    • $15USD

      You receive a DVD of the short film and everything under $15

      0 claimed
      Estimated delivery: November 2014
    • $20USD
      Printed Shooting Script

      You get a printed shooting script of the film and everything under $20

      0 claimed
      Estimated delivery: November 2014
    • $25USD
      Blu Ray Disc

      A Blu Ray disc of the film and everything under $25

      1 claimed
      Estimated delivery: November 2014
    • $50USD
      Autographed Shooting Script

      An autographed shooting script by the Director, Cast, and Crew and everything under $50

      0 out of 50 claimed
    • $100USD
      Special Thanks Credit

      You get screen Special Thanks Credit in the end credits of the short film and everything under $100

      2 out of 50 claimed
      Estimated delivery: November 2014
    • $150USD
      Special Thanks Credit+

      Everything in the Special Thanks Credit perk plus a invitation to the set for one of the shooting days (in Austin, TX)

      0 out of 25 claimed
      Estimated delivery: October 2014
    • $1,000USD
      Associate Producer

      Associate Producer credit in the end credits, IMDB credits, a private screening of the short film, a free dinner with the director (in Austin, TX), and everything under $1000

      0 out of 5 claimed
      Estimated delivery: December 2014
    • $5,000USD
      Executive Producer

      Executive Producer credit in the intro and outro credits of the film, IMDB credit, a private screening of the short film, dinner with the director (In Austin, TX), invitations to the screenings of the film at Film Festivals as Executive Producer (locations vary) and everything under $5000 (except Associate Producer credit)

      0 out of 3 claimed
      Estimated delivery: January 2015
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