A Concert Grand Harp For Sherry Konkus

Help me get a concert grand harp for my very own.

Update as of 3/22/14

I didn't like the other platform where I set up my campaign at anymore. So I ditched it and went back to Indiegogo to relaunch my campaign. And that's what I did. I relaunched my Concert Grand Harp campaign and changed the format of it so that it will be an All-or-Nothing type of a campaign. That means the goal must be reached by April 23rd or else I'll never be able to purchase a concert grand harp.

Thanks so much for your loyalty and patronage. Please by all means continue to back up my project and follow me at my new relaunched page as I post updates to my campaign and let you know when I'm 20%, 50%, or 80% to the goal.

Here's the Link to my relaunched campaign.

A Concert Harp of My Very Own

Let's make my dream of owning a concert grand harp happen and reach the goal by April 23rd. :)   

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