I am raising money to follow my dreams. I will be joining the apprentice program at Pendulum Aerial Circus Arts in Portland Oregon.




Circus School Campaign



THE SHORT STORY: I have been a full time, professional circus performer for six years, and am taking my career to the next level. I have been selected to participate in an apprentice program at Pendulum Aerial Circus Arts in Portland Oregon.  As a self-taught yet already successful circus entrepreneur, this is life changing for me. Training and studying at Pendulum, an accredited circus arts school will catapult me to the highest levels of my profession. This dream of mine is now becoming a reality. With your support I will move across the country to embrace my future as a seasoned circus performer, instructor, and producer.


FULL STORY: To hear the full story, and why my project is so deserving of your help, please read below. To learn more about my company, MoonDrop Circus, and me as a solo artist, visit my website at www.lunabreezeperformance.com.


THE BUDGET: To learn about how I plan to apply these funds, and what funds I am raising independently of this campaign, read “The Budget” below.


To see my full multi-hoop act featured in the video above follow this link.

Incandescence (Multi-Hoop act): https://vimeo.com/44159360


ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Please read below.


ABOUT THE SCHOOL: Please read below to learn about what I will be doing at Pendulum. Visit this link to be taken to the company website. http://www.pendulumaerialarts.org/index2.htm







My name is Luna Breeze. My given name is Brie Blakeman, a name that I adore and wear with pride! But Luna Breeze has how I’ve become known to the circus world.


I’m a performer, a dancer and a professional circus artist of six years specializing in the art of hula-hoop performance and aerial fabrics! Yes, there is such a thing. This is my passion, the one thing I have always pursued. And although, this “job” is undoubtedly unique, I have been blessed with outstanding success. My success has shown up in ongoing opportunities to positively impact the world around me. Circus arts have been my medium to connect, inspire, motivate, teach, and advise those who come into my world.



Some might consider it a stretch that a circus performer could have a lasting impact, but I have seen it happen time and time again. The creative arts such as theater, music, poetry, dance and art have always played an important role in our need to express the deeper rhythms of the human soul. The performing arts are passages into our hearts, and circus is no different.

The acrobat defies the limits of the human body, through physicality, grace and endurance. They are examples of how artists pour their story onto the stage, inspiring and challenging our society-imposed pre-conceptions of what is possible in our own lives. The acrobat is a walking metaphor, epitomizing true harmony of mind, body and spirit in a way that removes us, even if just temporarily, from the wearisome exertion of day -to-day survival. They allow us space to connect to the soul or inner-self that often gets buried under the tyranny of the everyday.

A single circus performer can remind us of our childhood dreams, and awaken the part of us that never believed in the words “I can’t.” That’s what it has done for me, and my outlook on life has been continually transformed for the better as a result.

I plan to carry on this gift to people everywhere through performance, instruction and production. Going to circus school will allow me to be the best I can be, but it will also prolong and enhance my career and life’s mission to spread joy across the globe and be a transformative influence in the lives of others.



I have been leading and inspiring others for years, in several different ways.  I have started and run a production company, a booking agency and a performing arts company focused on unique movement and stylized performances, including but not limited to teaching hula hoop artists around the world, My booking agency and circus company allow new and fresh performers their own opportunities to shine and inspire. I also developed a community environmental circus and dance production inspired and performed by children.


For specifics on these projects please read “Accomplishments” below. Then, to learn about how I plan to apply these funds, and what funds I am raising independently of this campaign, read “The Budget.”





Who’s Who- https://vimeo.com/36371853

Incandescence- https://vimeo.com/44159360

Caterpillar- https://vimeo.com/36379442



MoonDrop Circus, “ZOOM!”- https://vimeo.com/53944349

Don’t Hide Your ‘Stache- https://vimeo.com/47536383


 EDUCATION: Bachelors of fine arts: Kansas City Art Institute 2006-2010




Samsung Mobile India Tour (Summer of 2008)- Hired twice by Samsung Mobile to perform in India in promotion of the 2008 Olympic games. Aiming to inspire Indian children in New Delhi, Bangalore, Calcutta, and Mumbai to participate in the Olympic games.

Hula Hoop Instructor of the year (2012)– Awarded on Hooping.org

MoonDrop Circus (2012-present)- co-founder, producer, director and performer- A Kansas City circus collaborative that does both community and corporate performances in the Kansas City and surrounding area.

Coyote’s Song (2010-2011)- Founder, Producer, Director- An environmental circus dance production inspired and performed by children. A free community theater production that taught children circus, theater, and dance skills to tell a story of environmental health and protection.

Luna Breeze Performance Art (2010-2012)- Founder, director, manager- a entertainment booking agency for Kansas City professional performers.

Electric Forest Hoop Troup (2011, 2012)- co-producer, director- A contest and performance platform for hula hoopers across America to be selected to perform as part of a group of 20 hula hoopers at the accredited Electric Forest Festival.

World Hoop Day (2008)- Organized the first Kansas City World Hoop Day event- a free community benefit to educate children on active living that provided 300+ hula-hoops to underprivileged children.

In-Depth (January 2013)- Co-Instructor- An advanced Hula-hoop retreat at Kalani resort in Hawaii.

Kaivalya Hoop Dancers (2006-2008)- Toured with the company to teach and perform with a highly established band known as “The String Cheese Incident” at music festivals across America.

Extensions of the Body  (2009)- A multi media dance collaboration using infer-red light projection mapping and hula hoop performance.





This required program includes two weeks of intensive aerial training (30 hours per week) taught by an acclaimed international coaching staff. Comprehensive foundation of skills will be taught in trapeze, hoop, rope, and silks, along with choreography and character work. Students will also participate in strength training and conditioning classes, stretch/ flexibility/contortion (depending on the student's ability), acrobatics and adagio. The intensive will culminate in a performance of works created at the end of the two weeks.




Duration: Two Years- two 19-week terms (Fall and Winter) running from September through June.

Skill Focus:

First year: Generalization: Working on all aerial apparatuses and developing character work, contortion, choreography and acrobatic skills.

Second year: Student will begin to specialize in one or two skill sets which they are strongest in.


Instruction: Student will train 20-30 hours a week from resident coaching staff as well as from a roster of internationally acclaimed guest artists in all specialties. Students will develop teacher training skills, and specialized direction in individual artistic creation and development over the two-year period.


Public Performances: The curriculum will also incorporate public performance opportunities (past students have had the opportunity to perform for clients such as Cirque du Soleil)


Program Description:

Pendulum’s Apprentice Program is a two-year course of study, designed for talented individuals interested in a professional career in the aerial/circus arts. This program, open to both adolescents and adults, allows the apprentice to focus on a specialization as well as receiving training in various aerial disciplines, dance styles and acrobatics. The curriculum also incorporates health and safety instruction and introduction to proper rigging technique. Apprentices are encouraged to create their own choreography.




TOTAL GOAL: $14,300



How much I plan to raise through this campaign: $3,500 (50% a years tuition)


The estimated 4% indiegogo fee of funds met: $140



What I plan to raise through personal work.

I’m working several jobs to raise the following on my own:


Pre-training: ($500)…$300 Ballet Classes, $200 Aerial “Open Gym and classes to stay in shape so I can maximize my learning rate in school.

50% of years tuition: ($3,500)

The required July Summer Intensive: ($1,200)

Gas for travel: low estimate of ($340)

Funds to put towards a years rent: ($5,160) at an estimated $430 a month


“Work Study” in the program- ($1,080 towards my tuition) I will be teaching hula-hoop arts within the company at an approximate 6 hours a month, $15 an hour, $90 a month towards tuition.


Additional Bills I am already paying: Student loans from College at a private art college (KCAI) and phone and car bills. (Not factored into the amount)

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