A Charmed Cause for Boston

This project campaign is designed to help raise additional funds for the survivors of the 2013 Boston Marathon for ongoing medical bills and financial support.
Jessica Chapman
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Chicago, Illinois
United States
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Concept and Funding Goal

  • My name is Jessica. Over the past year I have worked at establishing an online retail business for selling jewelry, specifically charm beads. Through a random twist of fate, I stumbled upon a company that offered to create my own branded line of sterling silver charms. I currently have my first three bridal themed charms completed, with four more for this collection in the production process.

  • This particular campaign stems from my desire to want to use this business concept to donate to a cause I care greatly about. Having been a long-distance runner, and having run marathons myself, the tragic events of last year's 2013 Boston Marathon affected me in a personal way due to the shared marathon connection. As most are aware, a number of the survivors suffered permanent injuries and disabilities, particularly those survivors that incurred single and double amputations. Many of these survivors will continue to have medical expenses throughout their lives due to the need to replace prosthetics and other medical devices, or for other ongoing medical needs. I believe it is important to keep funding going for the survivors and would like the opportunity to contribute to this cause.

  • This campaign is currently set up to meet the minimum (100 piece) order requirement to produce the charm per the production company. Once we reach or exceed 100 pre-orders in this 60 day campaign, we can move forward to the next step of producing the actual charm. The reason this project is pre-order/pre-sale based is because as a small business owner, I cannot solely take on the financial expense of the 100 piece minimum order to produce the charm and risk not actually selling them. Hence my goal is to create an awareness of the continued need for funding, and get people involved who enjoy charms or simply wish to help support the cause by doing the pre-orders, and then we can know exactly how many charms need to be produced at a given time. The production process is a little lengthy as it encompasses the next step of producing the charm mold, the mold approval process, mass production of the charm, and hand polishing and painting of any colors added to each piece. The total length of time, from mold production to finished product can range anywhere between 8 to 12 weeks.

  • Retail will be set at $85 for the charm dangle with $40 of every sale being donated to benefit the survivors, or $95 retail for the charm and a custom leather storage pouch with $45 of every sale being donated. The remaining funds from the retail sales will go to production costs, as well as order processing, packaging materials, shipping and marketing/promotion efforts.

  • This is a fixed funding campaign, meaning that if the goal is not met to reach $8,500 (100 pieces x $85) within the designated campaign time frame, then purchasers will receive a refund of monies paid.

Why the Indigogo Campaign

  • In short, about 39 out of 50 states have regulations put in place by the state's attorney general's office that govern the conduct of non-profit organizations and funds when it comes to working on funding projects with for-profit businesses. This is understandable, as the goal is to protect the integrity of the non-profit, and to ensure that the business actually donates what it says it is going to and not keep all the profits for the business. While the regulations are important and necessary, it often discourages small businesses from being able to help, because many times it requires what is known as a "Commercial Co-venture Agreement." Such agreements can mean costly attorney fees, not to mention that in a few states (particularly including Massachusetts) it may require the business to put up to $100k in bond fees. While this may be feasible for larger companies and corporations, it is not (at least at this time) feasible for small businesses like mine. Without the Co-venture Agreement in place, you technically cannot specify or advertise which particular fund or organization to which the proceeds will be donated.

  • So this campaign is an effort to establish a creative way to be able to sell a quality product that both commemorates the survivors, and provides financial support for their ongoing needs.

  • As a purchaser of this charm, you are getting a high quality silver charm piece that will help continue to fund the survivors, and the proceeds will in fact be donated to an official organization that benefits all of the 200 plus survivors and their families. Additionally, this charm dangle will be compatible with other popular European-Style charm bracelet systems. This particular charm will be comprised of .925 sterling silver and will be hand painted with quality enamel paint. The "MM925" hallmark will appear inscribed on the charm.

  • Transparency and accountability are important to this campaign and project. While we cannot specify here exactly which organization will receive the funds, we assure you the donations will go to benefit the survivors and we will be more than happy to post updates on this funding platform and on our business Facebook page, including photos of canceled checks made out to the organization once they clear the bank (with our account information redacted of course).

  • Once the Indigogo campaign ends, and assuming it's successful, any further pre-orders will be processed through our website at: www.muranomod.com

Design Concept Notes

The five-fold meaning of this charm design concept is as follows:

  • The shoe design represents the Boston Marathon, marathoners, runners and marathon spectators.

  • The color red signifies energy, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. Red is also a common color associated with Boston.

  • The red design across the side of the shoe resembles an "EKG" line. This part of the design represents the survivors' strength and courage, the compassion and assistance of the first responders and marathon volunteers and average citizen heroes that stepped up that day to assist and save the victims. It also serves as an emblem that stands for the victims we lost who are forever in our hearts.

  • The word "INSPIRE" will be inscribed on the dangle ring. The word "inspire" is the first word that comes to mind when reflecting on the events of April 15, 2013. We were inspired when citizens from all skill backgrounds stepped up to help. We were inspired when the survivors overcame emotional shock and defeat, and when they emerged as strengthened individuals who were determined to conquer hate, evil and the fear of an unknown future. We have further been inspired witnessing the survivors overcome the new found physical limitations that were incurred during the marathon. A city was inspired to come together in love and unity. A nation was once again inspired to stand together against the darkness, and to help support the survivors' and victims' families.

  • "BOSTON STRONG" signifies what we already know about a great city, and that even through such adversity, the soul of the city continues to grow strong and shine brightly.

    Overall, this design fully represents every important aspect of the survivors and heroes and reaffirms the overall message that we must continue to "Inspire Boston Strong."

Important Information

  • Caveat: The only funding options to receive the charm are $85 for the charm only, or $95 for the charm and leather presentation/storage pouch. If you contribute a lesser amount, you will not receive the charm, however a percentage of your contribution (50%) will be donated to benefit the survivors.

  • Copyright: Copyright 2014 Aspire 360, LLC DBA Murano Mod Fine Designs. 

    This design is the sole property and copyright of Aspire 360, LLC-DBA Murano Mod Fine Designs (Aspire 360, LLC). Use of this design for production/merchandise is reserved only for Aspire 360, LLC. Use of this design concept for other production purposes is strictly prohibited without express written permission from Aspire 360, LLC. Violations and misuse of this design, or use of the design without authorization may be subject to legal action and financial remedies sought for any monetary loss resulting from misuse. Aspire 360, LLC is governed by the laws of the State of Illinois.

  • Production: This charm design concept is the creative design work of Murano Mod Fine Designs and production will be completed by Far East Lines/Ohm Beads.

  • Processing and Shipping: If you contribute through this campaign to purchase the charm, we further encourage you to e-mail us at mod@muranomod.com and provide your complete shipping address for our records. Your charm will be processed and shipped in the order your contribution was received on this site once the charms are produced and supplied to us.

  • You may follow updates to this project and campaign on Indigogo.com, or on our business Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/muranomodfinedesigns

  • During this campaign, periodically visit our website at www.muranomod.com for sterling silver or leather bracelets that can be purchased at a special discounted rate if purchased in conjunction with this cause charm.

Other Ways You Can Help

Another (non-monetary) way you can help:

  • If you cannot contribute financially by purchasing the charm to help move it to production and donate to the survivors, then all we ask is that you share this campaign with your contacts and networks and on your social media pages.

  • Be sure use the Indiegogo share tools that are available to you.

  • Keep in mind that a merit based opportunity exists to get this campaign featured on Indigogo's homepage by increasing the "GoGoFactor" through sharing the campaign online. Use Indigogo's share tools for helping to increase the GoGoFactor for this campaign!
  • Click HERE to read more about the GoGoFactor!

    **Neither Aspire 360, LLC DBA Murano Mod Fine Designs nor Far East Lines/Ohm Beads are affiliated with the Boston Marathon, any official non-profit organization that delegates funds to, or represents the Boston Marathon survivors, or has any official affiliation with any of the survivors directly.
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  • $25USD
    50% Donation to Survivors

    Contributions ranging between $25 and $75 will have half of the contribution amount donated to an official fund to benefit the 2013 Boston Marathon survivors.

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  • $85USD
    Commemorative Boston Charm

    You will receive one of the commemorative Boston Marathon charms with $40 of your contribution to be donated to an official fund to benefit the 2013 Boston Marathon survivors.

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    Estimated delivery: April 2014
  • $95USD
    Commemorative Charm Plus Pouch

    You will receive one of the commemorative Boston Marathon charms plus a leather presentation/storage pouch with $45 of your contribution to be donated to an official fund to benefit the 2013 Boston Marathon survivors.

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    Estimated delivery: April 2014
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