A Change of Heart

The story of a young man trying to redeem himself, after losing his reputation with his gang, by robbing the house of a young wealthy couple.

Short Summary

This film is very close and dear to my heart, because it's more along the way I am.  The story itself lives on a border between dark comedy and awkward drama.

The film is about a young Robber/Thief who just can't do anything right.  After a hilarious mishap with his gang, he is mocked and ridiculed.  In order to try to earn his reputation back, he breaks into the house of a young wealthy couple.  What he didn't expect, though, is for the wife of the house to be as hard and crazy as the gang he just came from.

What We Need & What You Get

You're help is greatly, greatly needed.  The money that is donated for the making of this film will help go to things like:

  • Equipment Rental
  • Locking down locations
  • Props
  • Food for the cast and crew
  • Actors
  • Film Festivals

If you'll see the list, there are many perks for contributing.  Everything from Producing credits, DVDs with behind the scenes, and even a few extra roles.  I can't thank you enough ahead of time for your help, this all really means a lot to me.


The Impact

The final cut of this film will basically be my calling card for future employers and projects, to showcase the work that I've done.  It will be something I can put on a resume, but hopefully (and in my opinion most importantly) it will entertain people.  One thing that really got me into film is the way they made me feel when I was a kid.  Although this film isn't a "kid's movie" per say, I would still like to try and achieve that same sense of wonder and excitement for audiences.


Please donate to help make my dreams come true!  Thank you!!!

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