A Certain Kind of Monster - The Series

Part horror, part drama, "A Certain Kind of Monster" is a web-series about a young woman's descent into darkness and the struggle to reclaim her tortured soul.

The Project

"A Certain Kind of Monster" is a no-budget short horror film about two strangers who meet on a stormy night and share an evening together, commiserating and struggling with their individual demons. When one of these strangers gives in to their darkest impulses, however, a night of innocent flirtation quickly transforms into a bloody night of surreal horror.

This original short film premiered to acclaim at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival and will soon continue its festival run as an Official Selection of the illustrious Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal.

And while it was purposely crafted to be enjoyed as a standalone film, it was also conceived as part of a much larger story. Our goal is to produce a web-series that expands upon the story and mythology suggested by the original short, delving deeper into the history of our main character and further exploring many of the themes and questions introduced in the pilot short, all the while honouring its characteristic ambiguity.

The proposed mini-series advances our understanding of the character's motivation and allows us to glimpse into significant moments of her development and transformation. Along the way, we also meet a number of intriguing characters, each with a unique and unpredictable story to tell.

With this story -- one of much greater breadth than our modest original -- we aim to create a gripping and suspenseful series that ups the ante in numerous ways, simultaneously enhancing both the horror elements and dramatic elements to create a final product at once frightening and moving.

Help Us Continue Our Twisted Tale

The part of the story selected for our pilot short was chosen because we felt it was something we could achieve with the most meager of shoestring budgets. And we were right. Through resourcefulness, creativity and self-sacrifice (not a single person involved made a cent for their contributions, despite the harrowing experiences depicted on screen), we managed to create, with a budget of only $700, a horror short that we feel stands proudly alongside bigger-budgeted peers. (It may interest you to know that $400 of that amount was needed to purchase a single prop.)

And though we shall continue exercising our resourcefulness and frugality (our cast and crew are still willing to volunteer their time and effort to bring this story to life), we've reached an impass: The story we want to tell is too large to pull off with just the change in our pockets.

This is where we hope you will come in to save the day. In order to cover the cost of expenses (costume, props, equipment aquisition and rentals) we will need a much higher budget. The figure we have arrived at -- one that we feel would allow us to tell our story without compromise, even if it still may not be enough for us to pay our talent (or ourselves) -- is $10,000. This is the amount we feel will be necessary to pull off this mammoth undertaking convincingly. 

Just look at it like this: If 1,000 people show their support by each donating only $10 (that's less than a Sub of the Day combo at Subway after tax!), we will have enough to finance a dream/nightmare come true. And anything more would allow us even greater creative freedom -- heck, maybe we could even make enough to pay the actors for all their suffering!

To reward you for your generosity, we have carefully compiled a list of wonderful and creative perks. We're prepared to get creative about our perks, too. For example: If you add an extra $10 to ANY contribution, not only will you get the perk you've selected, but you'll also get a unique mystery item. Everybody will get something different. It could be anything related to the production. Perhaps a screen-used prop? Or maybe a source of inspiration? Whatever it is, your mystery item will be delivered with a personal note from a member of the cast or crew detailing why this particular item was selected and how it is significant to either the production or the creative process. This is just one example of how we plan to make this a fun, insightful and creative experience for everybody who supports our goal.

In the event that we don't reach our goal (though I have the utmost faith that we can reach this goal together!), we will use the funds raised to continue the story of "A Certain Kind of Monster" in one way or another. Depending on how close we come to our goal, perhaps we can still shoot all our episodes, albeit with some creative compromises. Or perhaps the mini-series will have to be reconfigured in a whole new way. In any event, if you contribute to our goal, rest assured that you will see this story continue in some way.

Praise for the original "A Certain Kind of Monster" short film/pilot episode:

"Four Stars...Superb...Mike Moring handles his tale deftly, so that suspense is always high and unwavering...As of this moment, I can say with the utmost certainty, that we’ll be hearing much more from this filmmaker in the very near future." - Amy R. Handler (Film Threat)

"Outstanding! ...A moody, beautifully performed slice of a nightmare..." - Mitch Davis (Co-Director, Fantasia International Film Festival)

"The pay-off is worth the wait. The build up works because of the chemistry between the two leads, and – particularly – Yarrow’s brave performance." - Douglas Tilley (DailyGrindhouse.com)

"Moody, creepy... well made!" - Chris Alexander (Editor, Fangoria Magazine)


Other Ways You Can Help

Don't have any money to contribute? We know exactly how you feel. Heck, if we couldn't relate to the plight of the broke, we wouldn't be here begging you for your contributions in the first place. But fear not. There are other ways you can help us out -- not the least of which is taking a moment to share this campaign and urging your friends and family to contribute and/or share as well. Even if you can't part with your hard-earned cash, every time you share our campaign, we feel as though you're wrapping your arms around us and gifting us with a great, big, loving embrace.


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