A breakthrough device that enables the world's first app store for your car

Facebook Sustainability Manager joins moj.io team of advisors: offers new technology for old cars on an open platform for developers.

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Jay Giraud posted an announcement 2 months ago

Hi early backers!

Being that our Indiegogo campaign ended more than a year ago now, we have retired communicating to early backers in this space.  We do have regular updates going backers directly on email, so for more information or to subscribe to those updates, please contact us at info@moj.io.  For more general information or updates visit us on Facebook, Twitter or www.moj.io

For non backers, watch for Mojio to be available in market soon!

Jay Giraud posted an announcement 5 months ago

Hello Mojio community,

We're working to provide shorter, more frequent, updates.  For the latest on Mojio, read on!

Mojio Secures $2.3 Million in Financing

We're excited to announce that our Seed round of funding is complete.  Led by Relay Ventures, 500 Startups, BDC and several private investors, the round was oversubscribed and ultimately closed at $2.3 Million. We couldn't be more thrilled.  For the full press release, click here.  

Beyond securing Mojio's runway to market, the calibre of investors and their rigorous decision making processes have validated the Mojio business model, team, device and plan of attack.  John Occhipinti, Partner at Relay Ventures, gave us a solid endorsement when he said: "Mojio has the right approach to becoming the breakaway leader of the connected car space and has the right team to execute on the company’s vision.” 

As an early investor, you have played a direct role in helping us to get the ball rolling, so again, thank you!

Where's my Mojio?

In short, Mojio is on its way.  Within the next four weeks at Mojio we will be launching our beta program.  Indiegogo backers will get a special opportunity to opt in that we think might satisfy those who are eager to start using Mojio as soon as possible.

Watch for the details in your inbox soon!

New Brand Look and Hardware Design Concept

As promised, above is our new brand logo and wordmark, which you may have seen on Facebook already (if you haven't, check out and "like" our Facebook page!).  Below is the first rendering of the Mojio device.  It may change slightly in final factory tooling, but we like it and hope you do too.  Let us know what you think.

Please, keep the feedback coming

Send us your feedback! If you have any questions at any point, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@moj.io We always like to hear from people and welcome any and all feedback. 
Thanks again,

The Mojio team

Jay Giraud posted an announcement 7 months ago


Ok, we never really loved the Mojio logo and hardware design you've seen in our video.  It was just OK but didn't reflect the confidence customers will need to have around this new product category. In the next update we'll be able to show you the new brand, new website and new hardware design direction that we've taken built around the brand pillars of authenticity, friendliness and devotion to making Mojio the best connected car experience possible. We think you'll like it.

Want to get an early glimpse? Check out this video of Mojio's CEO speaking about his vision for at Grow 2013 last month.


We're currently lining up the details for a beta tester program, and we'll be sending out an invite for early backers exclusively to provide a first-come, first-served opportunity to participate in the program.  Spaces will be limited however it means you'll be able to get a rough-around-the-edges device and app sooner and be a part of helping us put some of the final touches on Mojio. Otherwise, we're expecting to be clear of device certification and ready for mass production and shipments in the very early new year. 

It's been a longer than expected wait, but we know it'll be well worth it.


Send us your feedbackIf you have any questions at any point, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@moj.io We always like to hear from people and welcome any and all feedback. 

Thanks again,

The Mojio team
Jay Giraud posted an announcement 7 months ago

Hello Mojio community,

You've all been waiting patiently to get your Mojio device. As mentioned last month, we've been working through a few difficult decisions that are affecting our timelines, decisions that will ultimately make your connected car experience exponentially better and so could not be taken lightly. We are finally able to share those with you.


That's right! We have made the decision to integrate Bluetooth LE 4.0 into the device. This will allow your car to identify who is entering it. This means ANY Mojio enabled car can run your apps just as though you're in your own car - creating a seamless connected driving experience. If you often trade cars with your significant other, this will be an especially useful feature, as well as numerous future potential applications. For developers, we think we'll see lots of great apps built on the bluetooth connection as well. 


Mojio will now support write capabilities to your car. This means that with future app updates and 3rd party apps, you'll be able to use your smartphone to do things such as lock and unlock your doors, roll up windows, flash your lights and even remotely start your car. (*Newer model cars only) This has been a major engineering effort that has caused additional delays, but will allow Mojio to support all the future capabilities you will expect from your connected car.


A great deal of the entire team's energy has been focused on delivering an agreement with a major cellular distribution company who is ramping up to take us to market with a big 2014 launch.  We are dotting the i's and crossing the t's currently and expect to announce the partnership within the next few weeks. These guys have the horsepower of a billion dollar company with thousands of cellular and other retailers under the hood. It's going to make for a very exciting launch year, helping us quickly create an ecosystem of people, places and things to make your commute smarter, safer and more fun.

Thanks, The Mojio team

Jay Giraud posted an announcement 11 months ago

Thanks to all your patience as we work to create the coolest open platform for cars! We can’t do it without your creativity and support.

Our SDK has finally gone live and can be viewed at http://sandbox.developer.moj.io.

Here’s an introduction to mojio Developer Center:

Developer Center is our online resource for app developers to build innovative web and mobile apps for just about any car through a well defined and supported interface.

The Developer Center has four elements:

API Documentation
A centralized and constantly updated reference for developing and testing your applications with the mojio API and monitoring tools.

Vehicle Simulator
Save time and effort by developing your applications using real recorded vehicle data and dynamically simulated events and track this in real time on a moving map display.

Sample Source Code
See sample code using the mojio API that allows developers to jumpstart their own connected-car application development.

Forums and Community Support
Ask questions, exchange tips, and promote new features with a growing community of developers in a forum monitored and supported directly by the mojio development team.

The Developer Center is available at:


This is a development environment that is sandboxed (an exact copy of our production environment): safe for developers to use for testing and training without having to deal with live users. Once your apps have been developed and tested here, they can be quickly and easily re-targeted to the mojio Production Environment where they are linked with actual user accounts.

With mojio, you can access all the real time vehicle data points you need to build the applications you are considering.

More goodies to come so stay tuned and start coding!

mojio team