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Facebook Sustainability Manager joins moj.io team of advisors: offers new technology for old cars on an open platform for developers.
Jay Giraud
Vancouver, British Columbia
6 Team Members

Featured In:

Enprecis "...an innovative solution that could deal a major blow to the features that automakers have come to count on..." 

Congratulations Katie!

You've won an Early Bird Perk. Thank you all for participating in our survey and for your great feedback.

Here's a few exciting updates:

• We're heavily weighing the addition of either Bluetooth 4.0 or WiFi, and not just for internet hotspot capability in your car. So any car with moj.io installed would instantly recognize you by your phone and configure itself to your apps and preferences. Email us and let us know if you like this feature! 

• App testing is going great. Here's a few design mockups to give you a sense of the direction the design is taking. Imagine a newsfeed screen that gives you a historical list of all the 'events' to do with your car that you can scroll through. With a click on an event, the next related screen would load. Car's been towed? Find it on a map instantly!


Car, say hello to your future

mojio formula

Isn’t it strange that with all the apps and communications technology available today, our cars still aren't smart enough to connect with the other devices in our lives, to alert us when they need maintenance or repair, or tell us where they are?

moj.io is here to change that.

A smart device for smart drivers

moj.io is a new device that uses the cellular network to connect your car to the internet, apps on your phone and just about anything else you can think of. With moj.io plugged in, your car becomes a fully connected part of your life. Apps you download use information from moj.io and your car's computer to open all new possibilities for you and your car.  


The appstore just for your car

Imagine a world of apps that make every aspect of using your car a seamless, intelligent and automated experience. 

  • Wish your car could reserve a parking spot for you?
  • Do you think having to dig out change or a credit card to pay for parking is a huge inconvenience?
  • Don't you wish you could drive right through a toll booth without stopping and just get a monthly bill?
  • What about carpooling, wouldn't it be nice to instantly see where your co-workers and friends are so you could arrange a ride in real-time?
  • Ever thought about gamifying more efficient driving habits?

moj.io's SDK lets developers' imaginations for your car come to life.


We can't wait to see what people will do with this one.

moj.io has GPS, an accelerometer an always-on GSM cellular connection and an OnBoard Diagnostics port that talks to your car's computer. This makes moj.io the first device to connect your car to the internet. All on an open platform that anybody can write apps for.

Back a perk and get started with 8 free apps 

What You Get

1. FamilyConnect™ protects your teenage drivers.

Set a top speed and safe driving zone for the young drivers in your family, and be notified instantly when they exceed either. 


2. DriveSmart™ makes driving safer, smarter.

Turn on the DriveSmart feature and moj.io will disable texts and phone calls on yours or your teenage drivers' smart phone until the car is in park or the parking brake is engaged. You can also select up to three contacts that you want to receive calls from even when you're driving. 



3. Vehicle Locate. Instantly find your car with your phone

You can locate your car anytime with the moj.io app, in case you forgot where you parked it. If its stolen, you can track it in real-time and let the Police know so they can attempt to retrieve it before damage is done.


Vehicle Locate


4. With TowAlert, find out when your car is being broken into, stolen or towed

moj.io knows when your car is being towed, stolen or broken into and will notify you on your phone the moment it happens – even when you’re too far away to hear your car alarm go off.


5. Easily track and expense all the miles you drive

Mileage Tracker automatically tracks your car's usage so you can easily differentiate between work and personal trips. No more manually recording all your mileage for expense reports.


Mileage Tracker  

6. AutoText sends time-sensitive text messages for you

AutoText saves you from having to text while driving. When you start your car, the AutoText app checks your phone's calendar to determine if you're less than an hour away to your next appointment or destination so it can send a message notifying them of how far away you are.

7. Virtual Mechanic stays in tune with your car

moj.io notifies you when your car needs care so you can stay on top of simple, preventative maintenance. This avoids unnecessary repair costs and helps keep your mechanic honest. 


Virtual Mechanic

8. Collect Good Driver Points, get bragging rights and cool stuff

moj.io's Driver Points rewards safe driving. Earn points and get cool stuff for doing what you already do, drive safely! 

moj.io works in real-time

You can easily install moj.io into the OnBoard Diagnostics (OBD) port under the dashboard of your car yourself. The OBD port is found on all cars after 1995. It pairs with your car's onboard computer. It then syncs your car's information to our free apps that you download to your smart phone.


Security & Privacy

When you receive the moj.io, you will have to pair it to your moj.io account. You do this with the serial number of the device and a secret PIN. No one has access to your data unless you explicitly give them access (e.g. service garage, insurance company, family member etc.)

If you grant a trusted party access to moj.io, they will show up in your moj.io newsfeed (in our app, not Facebook) each time they access your account. This is so you are reminded that you have granted them access and can remember to turn it off when they no longer need it. You will have some predefined access levels to choose from - for instance, you could give a mechanic access to diagnose your vehicle but not see the location of the vehicle.

Lastly, you can remove all historical data in your moj.io account at any time.

Here's how it works

  • Plug moj.io into your car's OBD port, typically located right under your steering column.
  • Download our free apps from the Windows, Apple or Google Play App Store.
  • Create your moj.io wireless account from inside the moj.io app.
  • Pair the app to your moj.io device by entering the serial number on the device into the app. For security, you'll also create your own PIN number that only you'll know.


You'll be able to get moj.io compatible apps on your favorite app stores.

 Supported OS's


Coverage Area

Coverage Map

moj.io works on T-Mobile's nationwide machine-2-machine (M2M) network in the US, and Rogers in Canada. And since it's for your car, there are no roaming fees and no contract required for moj.io subscribers.

Cross the border often? Contact us to enable international roaming. 


Do you want more color options? Tell us what you want to see. Then help us get beyond 5,000 unit pledges and we'll let you vote on what the next best colour option should be. Wood grain finish? Leather wrapping? Liquid metal finish? We've got a few ideas, but we want to hear yours.


Imagine what you can create with real-time data on engine performance, temperature, road surface, speed, pitch, tire pressure, G force, GPS location, a driver's social connections and an internet connection right into the car's onboard computer.


We want you to join in the excitement.

If you think you can build great user experiences and improve the daily lives of drivers by connecting your software to their vehicles; then we're here to help you do just that. Come to think of it, if you are a gadget freak like us and just want to tinker and create something cool, well, there's nothing wrong with that either and you'll fit right in.


Back a Developer Perk and get access to our SDK

You'll have our ear as our engineers define and test our API's prior to release to the general developer community. 




Indiegogo, we need your help!

Give us a chance to get to know you, tell us what you'd like moj.io to do for you and what you like about it. Thanks to Indiegogo is we can do just that. Work with us to deliver the best of what the internet has to offer, so we can make the connected car a reality and transform driving together.

There's still a few things for us to do, and this is where you come in. Back a Perk to help us with the last few milestones that will get this project completed and moj.io into your cars.

  • Convert our prototypes to production units
  • Complete our apps. These 8 are only the beginning. The more orders we get, the more features we'll build in at the outset!
  • Get the SDK and developer kits out as soon as possible so that moj.io features and apps can grow - woohoo!
  • Get the final regulatory approvals 



moj.io is made up of world class people with decades of experience with hardware, software and telematics experience from Adobe, Microsoft, Cisco, Facebook, Google, and Honda. Our team has worked together developing telematics for the US Army and making complex hardware/software enterprise systems, so we know just how to bring this product to market. Check out our profiles below and our company page on LinkedIn


FAQ - For Drivers

How exactly does moj.io work exactly?

moj.io uses machine-to-machine (M2M) cellular data exchange to send and receive data to and from your car. Unlike email, web browsing, etc, M2M data exchange is very small and requires only a very small data account. 


What is the status of the moj.io device?

We have architected the moj.io device for functionality and cost, and have selected the main state-of-the-art chip sets and components. We have working prototypes of the complete device sending information from vehicles to the moj.io cloud server and on to a suite of moj.io applications currently in development.


Why do you need Indiegogo backers?

This campaign is about completing the hardware development of the moj.io device – the in-car component of the moj.io platform. Your support will help us complete development and scale up our production volume. This includes the electro-mechanical design of the components into the moj.io device, prototyping, testing, certification, and tooling. We are also introducing moj.io on Indiegogo to build a moj.io driver community and engage app developers early to create more apps for when yours arrives in the mail.


How do I start using moj.io once I receive it?

Plug moj.io into the OnBoard Diagnostic (OBD) port of your car.
Download the moj.io app either from the Apple AppStore, Google Play, or Windows app store. 
Enter your device's serial number and the secret PIN that you'll receive into the app, and the two will pair automatically. You're ready to start using moj.io!


Can I use moj.io in any car, anywhere?


Presently, moj.io will work with any car built after 1995 and has cellular coverage in Canada and US cities. 
moj.io is supported by different wireless carriers in the US and Canada. When travelling from network to network, because it is on an M2M connection, there are no roaming fees.
Your moj.io's default international roaming setting is set to Off. Contact us for details on international roaming rates between Canada and the US to enable this setting.



How secure is moj.io?


moj.io communicates over a private cellular Virtual Private Network, thereby, preventing any third party from eavesdropping or injecting unauthorized messages into the communication channels. The moj.io platform and apps use the same 128-bit encryption and physical security that banks use to protect their transactions. Lastly, moj.io increases your security through email and text and push alerts that notify you about any third party access to your account, intentional or otherwise, so you can take immediate action.



What information can moj.io read from a vehicle?


moj.io can read generic Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) common to all vehicles from a vehicle's computer. The moj.io platform makes these available to apps through the moj.io SDK. You do not have to have any knowledge of vehicle DTC codes to build simple moj.io apps.



FAQ - For Developers


What do I need to build apps for moj.io?

You build apps for moj.io just like you would build any regular Web, iPhone, Android or Windows Phone app. moj.io provides a language independent RESTful api through a cloud platform. If you are familiar with Comet programming (e.g. pusher.compubnub.com and SignalR), then you already know how to receive moj.io events.


What do I get with the moj.io SDK?

You get access to the developer forums, developer wikis, sample source code as well as a moj.io hardware simulator. The level of support and number of moj.io devices you get depends on which Perk you purchase.


Does the moj.io SDK cover the cost of the Apple, Android or Windows app store?

No. The moj.io SDK only covers all the developer resources made available to you by moj.io Inc. You are still responsible for fees and have to go through the same deployment steps to get your moj.io apps on Apple, Android and Windows devices as you would any other app.


What is the difference between the pre-release and release moj.io SDK?

The pre-release SDK allows you to get access to the moj.io SDK many months prior to general public release. This allows our Indiegogo backers to get a jump start on moj.io app development. By being part of the pre-release SDK, you also get to influence the features and direction of the SDK.


Will you continue to sell the pre-release moj.io SDK after the Indeigogo campaign?

After Indeigogo, the pre-release moj.io SDK is subject to availability. We would like to get as many people building moj.io apps as possible. However, depending on support requirement and demands on our pre-launch servers, we may curtail SDK access or change pricing after the Indeigogo campaign.


Special Thanks!

Form3 for the excellent hardware design


Noravera Visuals for making our great video


Questions, Comments, Concerns?

Email us at info@moj.io

We'd love to hear from you!

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  • $10USD

    Let's change driving forever! Reserve your moj.io username before the public can and get on our priority order list when we launch. You'll also get to stay up to date through our mailing list.

    17 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2012
  • $10USD

    Contribute just $10 now and we'll ship a moj.io device to you on a 12 month term for just $7.99/mth, pre-loaded with our 8 free apps. That's a $90 savings from our launch rates! We'll list your username as an early founder of moj.io, and after the 12 month term, you pay only $4.99/mth (US subscribers) for wireless service with no contract. Please add $15 for shipping to Canada and the US. Other countries? Support our Community Perk to get notified of international availability!

    42 out of 100 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • $89USD

    Get your very own moj.io device, all 8 apps and 3 months of wireless data service. That's up to $60 off the retail price of the moj.io device! After the free 3 months, Indiegogo backers pay only $7.99/mth or $79/year (US subscribers) for wireless service. Includes FOUNDER listing with your username everywhere in the moj.io community. Please add $15 for shipping to Canada and the US. Other countries? Support our Community Perk to get notified of international availability!

    114 out of 500 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • $99USD

    Grab this Perk and get your moj.io device, all 8 apps and 3 months wireless data service included. That's up to $50 off the retail price of the moj.io device! Once your free 3 months are up, Indiegogo backers pay only $7.99/mth or $79/year (US subscribers) for wireless service. Please add $15 for shipping to Canada and the US. Other countries? Support our Community Perk to get notified of international availability!

    13 out of 1000 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • $99USD

    Support open platforms! As our thanks, we'll include your moj.io device, all 8 apps and 12 months wireless service. That's a $100 savings from our launch rates! We'll list your username as an early founder of moj.io, and after the first 12 months, you pay only $4.99/mth (US subscribers) for wireless service with no contract. Please add $15 for shipping to Canada and the US. Other countries? Support our Community Perk to get notified of international availability!

    82 out of 100 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • $199USD

    Hackers, get early access to the moj.io SDK and the moj.io hardware simulator so you can start building your own apps on the moj.io platform. Join fellow hackers and developers on the moj.io developer forum. You'll also get a first production certified moj.io device next summer. Please add $15 for shipping to Canada and the US.

    20 claimed
    Estimated delivery: March 2013
  • $395USD

    Grab this Perk and get 4 moj.io devices, all 8 apps and 3 months wireless data service. That's up to $50 off the retail price of each moj.io device! Once your free 3 months are up, Indiegogo backers pay only $7.99/mth or $79/year (US subscribers) per device for wireless service. Please add $30 for shipping to Canada and the US. Other countries? Support our Community Perk to get notified of international availability!

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • $899USD

    Build your applications for the first moj.io deliveries. You'll get the moj.io SDK and moj.io hardware simulator for developing and testing your own moj.io based applications, and telephone support from the moj.io development team (5x8; PST). Next summer, we'll deliver you 4 first production certified moj.io devices.

    1 out of 500 claimed
    Estimated delivery: March 2013
  • $1,299USD

    Influence the priority and features of the moj.io API with direct contact with our CTO. Your first app will be featured front and center on our website for 30 days. Includes our SDK and moj.io hardware simulator for developing and testing, with direct support from the moj.io team. Next summer we'll deliver you 4 first production certified moj.io devices.

    3 out of 10 claimed
    Estimated delivery: March 2013
  • $5,000USD

    We put you up in Vancouver for a night to host you and a guest at our private pre-launch dinner party with the mojio founders and team the night before the launch event. PLUS get the exclusive invite and recognition at the launch party event. (you + a guest) This of course includes 4 mojio's, with FOUNDER listing for you and your family!

    0 out of 5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
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