99 Spirits

The Japanese myths of Tsukumogami come alive in a Puzzle RPG - winner of the Eclectic Indie Dev Grant.

UPDATE: $3.000 goal has been reached! $7500 goal reached as well! Free fan disc will be added to all game rewards once it is released (See more about stretch goals at the bottom).


Hello, I am Jakke Elonen, one of the founders and project lead of Fruitbat Factory. Together with my partners Ozhan Sen and Yoshifumi Ishii we are an independent localization company whose sole goal is to bring great Japanese PC games to English-speaking audiences worldwide.

We released our first game,Yakiniku Banzai’s critically acclaimed strategy game War of the Human Tanks for Windows PCs in September 2012. War of the Human Tanks was named for 4th place in IndieGames' Top 10 Indie Strategy Games of 2012.

Soon after we announced our second project, TORaIKI’s Puzzle RPG 99 Spirits to be released in early 2013. Only a couple of months after its announcement, the project won the election for the Eclectic Indie Dev Grant by a wide margin, showing us that there are many people that want to play this game.

This brings us to the present. We are seeking the support of everyone interested in playing more unique Japanese PC games in English to help fund our current project and ongoing work.

99 Spirits - full cover


30% of all the proceeds of a successful campaign will go to the original Japanese developer of the game, TORaIKI.

We are a completely independent company with no external financial backing. We are doing what we love and will continue to do so even if no funding is made available.

We have already committed to our entire development expenses through our personal resources and our IndieGogo fundraising is an appeal for you to support our work. Every cent donated here will support our small company, make 99 Spirits the best it can be and help ourselves and the developer release more interesting titles in the near future.


Released in Japan in August 2012, 99 Spirits is the first RPG produced by the indie game circle TORaIKI, and is currently being localized for English speaking audiences to be released on Windows PC in early 2013. The game features an original battle system where players will have to puzzle out the true identity of the enemy before defeating them. 99 Spirits revolves around the real Japanese legends of Tsukumogami, where everyday objects come alive on their 100th birthday.


- Over 10 hours of playtime in an RPG that mixes intense puzzles with fast paced action
- Work out the true identity of your enemies in a unique battle system
- Capture enemy spirits and turn them into allies
- Interact with over 40 unique characters that impact your journey
- Battle over 100 monsters and master a vast variety of skills
- Maintain your equipment and combat hunger as you traverse different regions
- Beautifully detailed art and an atmospheric original soundtrack bring feudal Japan alive

- Dual audio: Toggle between English and Japanese voice


Click to watch the 99 Spirits English Gameplay Preview video

The player guides Hanabusa on her travels across multiple regions, encountering events and enemies to battle.


The combat revolves around puzzling out the true identity of the Tsukumogami you are fighting - at the beginning of the battle, the enemy's presence is conceaeled and you cannot inflict lasting damage on them. Your actions give you hints towards the essence of the enemy. 


Once the enemy's identity has been correctly identified and revealed, the battle begins in earnest and Hanabusa is able to destroy the enemy - or claim them for her collection.


Keep track of all Tsukumogami you have fought. Capture and train them to use their skills in battle!


Encounter over 40 characters during Hanabusa's travels - some will help you, some will stand in your way. Visit various merchants to stay supplied and in fighting condition!


For a more detailed explanation of the battle mechanics, please see our blog post explaining them.


Hanabusa is a young headstrong girl living in the Heian capital within medieval Japan.  But when her mother is slain by evil spirits, her life turns into one of vengeance as she sets out to hunt and destroy the spirits. 

During Hanabusa’s travels, she meets a white fox who turns out to be a servant of the mountain god. Hanabusa receives a special sword passed down from her mother, which gives her the ability to see the true forms of spirits to help slay them. Shortly after, a spirit claiming to be Hanabusa’s long-lost father, Hidetada, breaks her sword and leaves Hanabusa powerless and confused.

Now to mend her broken sword and learn the truth about her father, Hanabusa embarks on a journey to annihilate every last one of the evil spirits.

Where will I get my digital copy?

You'll receive a copy from a retailer of your choice within our power to arrange, or alternatively a direct download - plus a Steam key if the game is Greenlit.


Simultaneously to the IndieGoGo campaign, we are also launching our efforts on Steam Greenlight to bring 99 Spirits into Steam.

Please vote for us at Steam Greenlight.

Towards that goal, everyone who receives a copy of 99 Spirits from this IndieGoGo project will receive a free Steam key for it once the game is greenlit!



Okuni - The original sound track for 99 Spirits + Special thanks in a collaborator section of our website, along with updates on the game's progress.


Kotetsu - All previous rewards + A digital copy of 99 Spirits upon release. Waka

Waka - All previous rewards + A deluxe edition copy of our previous release, War of the Human Tanks including both the game and soundtrack.


Soujun - All previous rewards + Sneak peek! Exclusive access to 99 Spirits Trial Version at least a week before its public release. + Access to a private forum on our website to discuss updates and help us improve the game.


Tomiko - All previous rewards + A special card in thanks for supporting 99 Spirits, specially designed with beautiful artwork on one side and team signatures on the other, mailed to your home.


Yoshihisa - All previous rewards + Exclusive access to all compiled alpha builds of 99 Spirits during the localization process. + Name in credits under special thanks. + An extra copy of 99 Spirits deluxe edition including both the game and soundtrack - gift a friend!


Katsumoto - All previous rewards + Two IndieGoGo-exclusive stick posters with beautiful 99 Spirits art, free shipping (restrictions apply).


Komiya - All previous rewards + A specially designed 99 Spirits t-shirt (white, all sizes) with free shipping (restrictions apply).


Tamagami - All previous rewards + A specially designed physical copy of 99 Spirits artbook featuring 48 pages of hand drawn art with free shipping (restrictions apply) + The eternal friendship of Fruitbat Factory: A free copy of all our future games upon their release.


Kagerou - All previous rewards + A specially designed 99 Spirits body pillow (white, double sided), three options, free shipping (restrictions apply).

Improve Your Tier: Pledge an extra $100 each to get more body pillow cases. Options: Hanabusa, Saki, Rouran.

Note: Body pillow case only, pillow not included.


Izumo - All previous rewards + A super collectable IndieGoGo exclusive 99 Spirits Limited Collectors Edition in a special box including a physical copy of 99 Spirits + original soundtrack and two beautiful bookmarks featuring Hanabusa in two different outfits and a crowd of Tsukumogami. Free shipping (restrictions apply).


Hisame - All previous rewards + IndieGoGo-exclusive chance to design your own Tsukumogami. The team will create an original Tsukumogami based just on your input and put it into the game. + Name in credits with a special mention alongside your creation.


99 Spirits Fandisc




First strech-goal is at $7.500. If we reach this amount, we will localize and release the 99 Spirits fan disc in English language. It is an side-story for 99 Spirits.




We will be revealing more goals in time. We have some nice surprises planned.

Japanese translation of pledges

For our friends in Japan.

Okuni JP

Okuni - 1 . 九十九神オリジナルサウンドトラック 2 . 弊社ウェブサイト Special Thanksコラボレーター欄への名前記載

Kotetsu JP

Kotetsu - 1 . この金額より前の全特典 2 . ダウンロード版『99 Spirits』を発売日に

Waka JP

Waka - 1 . この金額より前の全特典 2 . デラックス版『War of the Human Tanks』

Soujun JP

Soujun - 1 . この金額より前の全特典 2 . 体験版『99 Spirits』の一般公開1週間前獲得権 3 . 非公開の弊社フォーラムへのアクセス権(同ゲームについての意見交換やフィードバックが目的)

Tomiko JP

Tomiko - 1 . この金額より前の全特典 2 . 特別にデザインされた応援ありがとうカード(片面にキャラ画、もう片面に弊社メンバーのサイン)

Yoshihisa JP

Yoshihisa - 1 . この金額よりも前の全特典 2 . ローカライズ作業中に作成される全てのアルファー版ゲームのアクセス権 3 . エンドクレジットのSpecial Thanksセクションへの名前記載 4 . デラックス版『99 Spirits』(ゲーム+サウンドトラック)のもう1セット(お友達へのプレゼント用)

Katsumoto JP

Katsumoto - 1 . この金額よりも前の全特典 2 . IGG限定99Sキャラスティックポスター2種類 送料無料(例外あり)

Komiya JP

Komiya - 1 . この金額よりも前の全特典 2 . 限定Tシャツ(白、全サイズ用意) 送料無料(例外あり)

Tamagami JP

Tamagami - 1 . この金額よりも前の全特典 2 . 限定アートブック(48ページ) 送料無料(例外あり) 3 . 弊社が今後発売する全てのゲームを1本無料でプレゼント

Kagerou JP

Kagerou - 1 . この金額よりも前の全特典 2 . 特別にデザインされた『99 Spirits』の抱き枕(三種類あり)送料無料(例外あり)




Izumo JP

Izumo - 1 . この金額よりも前の全特典 2 . 限定『99 Spirits』限定コレクターズ・エディション スペシャルBOX ディスク版ゲーム+ディスク版サウンドトラック+ブックマーク×2種類 送料無料(例外あり)

Hisame JP

Hisame - 1 . この金額よりも前の全特典 2 . IGG限定 九十九神デザイン権(デザインされた九十九神はゲームに追加) エンドクレジットへのデザイナーとしての名前記載

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