A short film written, produced and directed by Julie Gould. Directed and edited by Daniel Laabs. Shot by Bret Curry AND is SXSW 2011 accepted!

We got into two more festivals and more could be coming, so all I can say is WOW! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone who has donated and still wants to donate.  W

We met our goal in EIGHT hours on the very first day. I didn't realize it could happen so fast!!!  The fundraising ends on March 7. We are going to keep the site up til then...because this is a blessing in disguise! ;) More festivals equals more expenses.  I assure you the money raised today through March 7th will still help with our current and possible future festival fees and. Just know that you are helping tell stories and possibly opening doors for Texas independent film makers.  Thank you so much!


Hello, My name is Julie Gould and I am the writer, producer and co-director of an experimental documentary titled "8".  The film is about a daughter spending the anniversary of her father's death with her mother and a glimpse of their life without him.  AND it has been accepted and will premiere at The 2011 SXSW Film Festival.

I am currently trying to raise funds via INDIE GOGO to pay for travel and marketing needs that arise when you "fest" to promote your name and film. The impact you can make by donating to our short film, "8", can separate us from other first timers in a positive way. This is my first time to attend SXSW. And I get to attend as a Filmmaker! This is a huge deal to me, my co-director, my cinematographer and my crew.  With your donations you can help us do this right.

As with any film fest, you want to promote your film. Right after I received acceptance emails from SXSW, I received a check list of things to do. The most important one is to provide a press kit. This press kit contains at least 500 postcards, business cards, posters, etc. I will definitely search for the cheapest price but I also want quality printing...which is expensive.

In order to travel to this fest and possible future fests, we also need travel, lodging and submission expenses.

Daniel and I have paid for production, entry fees and technical costs on our own. But after adding the numbers for this press kit, etc., I need help with the costs.

If you can help us reach our modest goal of $1500 by March 7 (15 days away) that would help us enjoy the premiere of our little film even more! ;)

And please help us by emailing this to your friends, family and acquaintances. I think this goal is definitely do-able with your help. Help us make some noise and get the word out!!!! ;) And through that we also spread the word about the film and receive moral support.

Any donation is AWESOME, small or large.

Thank you so much,

Julie Gould

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