$7USD for 7years of Thai Freedom House

Thai Freedom House has provided language and arts education to refugees from Burma for over 7 years. Please help us get back on our feet.

Thai Freedom House is in need of your help.  We (Thai Freedom House) provide more services and education than many well funded projects and we do it all with barely any operating costs. For seven years now, seven nights a week we provide free classes in three languages, arts and music education and provide a healthy snack for 30+ students in addition to outreach programs, vocational workshops, field trips and more.  We have a community center open everyday for childrena and adults to come and learn how to use computers, read books in several languages, practice their language skills or just relax in a clean, safe environment. We provide a community, a safe place and a chance to make your life better for people who have been disregarded by society.

We also have a clothing donation center where we collect household items, used clothing, shoes, mosquito nets and more to distribute to refugee and Internally Displaced Peoples camps at the Thai/Burma border.  These people are in desperate need of this support and we send out truckloads of goods every month directly to needy people through this center.

We are trying to help ourselves too, three years ago we opened a charity cafe called Free Bird Cafe and up until a recent more than triple rent hike, we were sustainable.  We were able to hire 2-3 individuals to help run the learning center, community center, outreach education project and the cafe and donation center.  We created our own revenue and got a lot done.  Our cafe is well known not only for its cause but for it's delicious and unique menu of Thai, Shan, Burmese and International foods.

But, because of our recent forced move and need to move again (we couldn't find a place that was affordable after our triple rent increase) we stumbled, more accurately fell flat on our face.  We are having a hard time getting back up. We need your help. If you believe in fair access to education by all people, children and adults, regardless of background, ethnicity, religion or gender, you believe in us. If you believe that people who are eager to learn and make their lives better and protect their children should be given a chance to do so, you believe in us. If you believe that there is any hope left for people who have been forced from their homes at gun point, all of their possessions taken from them, denied access to education, health care or even a safe place to sleep at night deserve a chance to rebuild their lives, you believe in us. If you believe in community development, partnership and collectivity, you believe in us.  But most of all, if you believe that each and every one of us can make a positive  difference in this world, in our own way, then you believe in us.

Please help us keep our dreams alive and allow us to keep providing access to education in languages and the arts, community space, hope, opportunity and a place to express themselves to refugees and indigenous peoples.

We have proven in the past, for 7 years with the learning center; Thai Freedom House and 3 years with our charity cafe; Free Bird Cafe, that we have a succesful model for recruiting and training volunteers, meeting the needs of our students and the larger community and running business' that can support us.  We have just hit a hard spot because of a forced move.

Please make a donation today, right now.  In honor of our 7th year operating, we are trying to raise 7USD from 700 people for a total of 4,900USD that will help us get back on our feet again and relocated to a new location housing our learning center, office, charity cafe and charity shop all in one fabulous spot in a great part of town that is easily accessible to our students and customers for our charity business and donation center so we can continue doing our work.  We have found the dream location; we just don’t have the deposit and seed money to continue.

If you can't help out financially by donating at least 7USD right now then please share this post, add a personal note if you know Lisa; our director, or have had an experience with Thai Freedom House as a volunteer or visitor.

Ask your friends, co-workers, church, club, group, sports team or your children's classroom if they would like to sponsor us, hold a fundraiser in your community, or approach a local charitable organization or philanthropist on our behalf.  Please help.

You are greatly appreciated if only for taking the time to read this long post and consider what you can do to help.

 Thank you in advance,

Thai Freedom House family and Lisa Nesser; founder

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