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We're sending a rep to the White House next week to represent our community and attend a briefing on the Affordable Care Act and the LGBT community!
Jackson Jantzen
La Crosse, Wisconsin
United States
1 Team Member

9/28/13 -- Hi everyone, this is Jackson.  I made it back from the White House trip safe and sound.  It was a phenomenal experience and we learned a great deal about the barriers the LGBT community has experienced in relationship to the health care industry.   We are hoping this will help us support the community and get the message out about the new protections and support mechanisms in place.  

While there, I had an amazing opportunity to meet leaders from midwest organizations doing phenomenal work.  We discuss the potential for partnering in future events and efforts to strengthen not only our center, but the LGBT non-profit presence in the midwest. 

You're emails, note and well wishes carried me on a cloud to the event and renewed our energy for this work we are trying to do. As stated before, donations will support our continued work on this project as well as future outreach opportunities.   Thank you for your support!


I’d like to make a special announcement. I think it’s fair to say we all have that 1 amazing teacher who stands out in our memory from our k-12 academic career. For some of us LGBT kids, that person made the difference in helping us get through one more day of school (Not a small feat on some of the days); for me that happened my senior year of high school. Luckily, technology has allowed me to reconnect with her through the years and continue to say thank you as I get older and realize the how the rippling effect of her understanding, compassion, acceptance and belief in me when I had none in myself continued to impact me positively today... 

Once more I must say thank you, but this time I’d like to do it more publicly. My now retired, favorite teacher stepped forward and purchased a plane ticket for this journey next week. I’m still a bit speechless and teary when I share the news with you. She’s made it possible so that now any money we raise going forward will go directly to the center, thus our community!!! 

I hope you will continue promoting and contributing to this campaign.  Your dollars will now help us facilitate programing, deliver the information we gain while in DC to our community and any hopefully with funding in place, we can begin many of the outreach projects we are working to see realized but lack funding for... Thank you! -Jackson

Who we are...

We are a small LGBT Resource Center for the 7 Rivers Region of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa.   By definition, we serve 13 counties in those states, but in reality, we're here to help anyone we can.  We have a center that functions as a safe space for youth, and all members of our LGBTQQAAIP community.  We do this with this help of an AMAZING and dedicated number of volunteers, board members and 1 Executive Director who juggles the part time appointment around a full time job.  

Our doors have stayed open for 9 years by the shear dedication of a countless number of people coming together every month, quarter, and year determining this space is worth fighting for and somehow we've found the funds to keep it going.    

Why an Indiegogo Campaign?

We had a very special problem arise when we learned our Executive Director had been vetted, approved and invited to attend a briefing at the White House regarding Obamacare and the LGBT Community Thursday, September 12.  During this meeting he’ll learn more about key provisions of importance to the LGBT community and the enrollment effort.  We’ll be provided tools, information and resources to help our local community get access to quality, affordable health care as well as connect with local leaders and resources related to this issue. 

Unfortunately we learned about this opportunity less than a week before the meeting takes place.  We are now scrambling to fund this opportunity for the 7 Rivers LGBT Resource Center to send Jackson to Washington on our behalf. 

Although last minute travel is incredibly expensive, as you know, it’s not going to cost us $2500 or more!!  We’re hoping to stretch the travel dollars so we have as much money as possible to roll into any outreach or programming at the center.  If we reach our goal, we’ll keep this campaign open in hopes of bringing a layer of financial security and support to the organization for a little bit longer. 

Why will this trip benefit the community?

One of the things we focus on at the center is community education and outreach.  If we can gain any additional information, access to networks or resources that will help our area and community members, it'll be worth the trip. 

Other Ways You Can Help

PLEASE help us spread the word!!!  Just helping us spread this message far and wide is a tremendous service.  


We love volunteers!  We have even been able to find projects and gain assistance from folks who don't even live in our area.  If you want more information on other ways you can be part of the solution, please email us at info@7riverslgbt.org.  

Thank you and we appreciate your continued support of our efforts.  We can't do this without you!  Any donation size puts us closer to our goal!

Have an AMAZING day!

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$2,500 USD goal
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This campaign ended on October 5, 2013
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  • $1,000USD
    Center Angel

    This donations helps us keep our doors open another month. If you are ok with us doing so, we'll thank you on our Facebook page! You'll also be invited to join us for a private gathering at the center. (Transportation to the center not included.)

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