7 Days of Multiball - A Tutorial

7 Days. Only Multiball. Film everything, then cut it together into one massive Multiball Contact tutorial video for download.
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"7 Days of Multiball" - Support the IndieGoGo Campaign! Pre-order a copy now for only $15

One week, only multiball.

Here is the idea: I will wake up, eat, sleep and breathe multiball contact juggling, diving deep into the subtlety and magic of this amazing discipline for 7 days. With a camera following me everywhere, every little lesson and concept will be captured as I teach and discuss. Cut it all together for an epic 2 hour + tutorial video series covering the fundamentals of 1-6 ball palmspinning and beyond.

UPDATE! The workshop has Started!!!! I'll be teaching from Monday December 16th until Sunday, check the facebook group for updates


A comprehensive and detailed Multiball tutorial:

Each morning starts with lessons, breaking down the basics of 2 and 3 ball spinning and introducing concepts like flat plane vs wall plane, isolation and antispin patterns, working with lines and more. The week will be a progressive workshop, moving on to 4 to 6 balls later in the week, with each day building on skills and techniques learned the previous day.

The afternoons are for exploring these concepts in more detail, discussing key ideas, skype'ing with other multiballers and a bit of traveling around the city shooting in funky locations. Imagine a 7 day multiball intensive workshop, digested nicely into video form and presented in a nice digital package so you can watch in your room whenever you want.

What does Ryan know about multiball?:

  • I have been exploring multiball contact for over 10 years. During that time I have hunted down nearly all of the 'legends of multiball', Tony Duncan, Moon, Drew, Pich, Mr. Om, Kelvin, Okotanpe, Yorgos, Jago, Ed and others.. to learn from and build friendships that have lasted years... I am putting the word out to the masters of the discipline, expect a few guest appearances during the week!
  • Multiball contact is a style of juggling which is rare and still unexplored. I help run www.contactjuggling.org, and I was involved in the editing of Drews 'Multiball Contact' book, but i still feel the community needs a strong video comprehensive tutorial focusing on techniques for spinning.
  • I love teaching for video. My short hoop iso tutorial has made an immediate impact on the students who have worked through it, and my recent advanced multiball tutorial (flowers and 3 layer pyramids) has helped advanced multiballers unlock a whole new world of technique.

What can you do to help?:

I need your support! Pre-order a copy of the tutorial series now for only $15, or go the extra mile and pick up some cool perks :)  I'm hoping to reach a $500 goal in pre-sales/funding before I start shooting, and anything beyond that helps the studio and everyone involved in the production process. Lets make it happen!

Don't want to donate? You can still help by spreading this IndieGoGo project on forums and other groups to let people know about what I am trying to do. Do you have other creative skills? Let me know if you want to help with graphics or music! Do you have some secret ninja piece of multiball technique that I don't know about yet? Get in touch and make a guest appearance during the week!

The real goal:

Multiball contact, one of the cornerstones of contact juggling technique, still has no comprehensive video tutorial. I hope to re-inspire some new creative energy into the discipline, and to make something which serves as a foundational tool for the next generation of contact jugglers.

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    "7 Days of Multiball" Tutorial

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    Two Tutorials!

    Both tutorials! I will include a copy of my last project, "The 4 Basic Hoop Isolations" along with the new tutorial. So much to learn!

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    Producer Credit

    50 bucks is awesome! I'll totally write your name in the credits and send you a copy of the finished product.

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    1-on-1 skype workshop

    Ok. I have to thank you face-to-face. Let me help you with some of those tricky multiball ideas. We will chat more once i send you the tutorial ;)

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