In this Turn-based RPG Strategy, it will be you and 6 others of your choosing to battle your way through 7 kingdoms who fight back.
Brandon Mott
La Crosse, Wisconsin
United States
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  My name is Brandon Mott, I am the creator and game development lead on this project. I have always loved games, which has lead me to learn programming and marketing. I know digital art was never one of my strengths, so I strengthened my other abilities.

Currently I am the only one working on this project full time outside of my everyday job. I am in desperate need of an artist and funds, so me and a team can work can this game full time which is the main reason for the campaign.

Every day I check the art forums and my email for any artist's response but sadly this is a daily disappointment. The story is halfway done, the coding is close to finish, the only thing I need is to find an artist for the game. I cannot count the hours of missed sleep coding or creating the characters, enemies, Easter eggs, cities, or the world.

This game is nothing more than a flagship game for a company called Right Idea Gaming, whose core mission is to provide full games to people without micro transactions nor paid dlcs. But without your help, this grand idea will never be realized.

All of it would be put forth for wages, license fees, and production cost for the a development team to help me get this game and company off the ground.To develop for Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, or PlayStation 3 requires an SDK license fee of between US$2,000 and $10,000, in addition to yearly developer fees and profit cuts, although development for Xbox Live Indie Games only requires a $99/year Creators Club membership and Microsoft takes 30% of sales. Microsoft does provide a free membership to the Creators Club to students via the DreamSpark program. Indie game developers can also use homebrew development libraries, which are free of charge, and usually open source.(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Independent...velopment) 

If we don't reach the needed funds then this game will most likely never happen, because I can not support the cost of an art team on my current earnings

A Summary of the game details.

Genre: RPG, Strategy, Turn-based, old school 16 bit graphics

Multiplayer: 2+ player coop and VS Challenger ladder system

Amount of playable Characters: 7

Number of class: 29; Novice, 1st tier: 7, 2nd tier 21( plus dual classing 2nd tier)

Does my Characters Sprite have to be any certain class or build: No, 7 is built around personal freedom when it comes to classes, skills, stats, equipment. If you want 7 Pillager Priest then go for it.

Classes: look at the pictures uploaded.

Is the game linear: No, free roam and the choice in doing any quest.

What will my Character look like: That depends solely on your equipment, your class selection does not determine what you look like.

Will there be a way to modify my equipment look: Yes, there will be multiple colors schemes for each armor piece as well as having the ability to upload your own sprites later on.

How many hours in gameplay is there: 86+ hours of just combat, that is not counting questing, crafting, travel, misc time. The hours calculated were done by a (random number between the highest and lowest amount of randomly generated battles+ triggered battles) *5 mins per battle. considering 30% will be 2-3 min battles+50 % 4-6 min battles+20% 6+ mins battles.Now the world size in relation to your characters, 1 region will take roughly 4-5 mins to walk across with no enemy encounters or stopping, and there are 49 different regions. The map of the world has been drawn up since day 1 and I will include it in the post following this one.

Crafting: Yes, you will be able to craft equipment from smelting down other equipment, broken and not broken, as well as potions, foods, bombs, and etc through certain classes and npcs.  With over 21 weapons and 9 different armors over 3 different styles( with possible more styles), crafting and customization of each characters gear will be roughly limitless. 

*Pendent, Chest, Boots, Shoulder, Leggings, Helm, Gloves, Arm Guard, and Belt can have these perks and their values: Character points(Strength, Agility, Dexterity, vitality, Intelligence, and Luck), Defense ,Magic Defense, Health and Mana.

Rings: Hit rate, Magic attack, Physical attack, Defense, Magic Defense, Health and Mana.

Shield: Defense or Magic Defense

1 handed: sword, mace, hammer, katar, pistol, dagger, orb, wand, and baton ; and 2 handed: sword, mace, hammer, spear, bow, crossbow, steam rifle, tome, staff, power bow--Perks are: Attack, Magic attack, Defense, Magic defense, Element(Fire, Water ,Earth, Wind, Aether, Light, or Dark), Range increase, life leech, Mana leech, Crit damage, Def bypass, Mdef bypass, Health, Mana, Crit rate, Break Weapon, Break Armor, or Crit Protection

What if I do not like an item's perks: There are npcs and classes that can modify items to make them "reroll" their perks.

So why worry about the time it takes to liberate a region in 7: The way the region system works is that the occupied forces will take back liberated regions if you take too long.

What's the overall cost look out going to be: $20 at the end, you can pick it up cheaper if you help the kickstarter.

The Game "7" takes place in the world of Simaril, where magic is used daily with the very beginnings of steam machines coming into play. The realm is made up of 7 kingdoms, each with 7 regions that need to be liberated from the religious usurpers of the throne.

The player is giving 7 characters to take a realm back from the leaders of a religious coup. Each character is a blank slate that the user gets to micro manage the character's 6 different stats, the 21(possible up to 42) different classes with dual classing available, skills and equipment. There is only 1 restriction on equipment, which is weight.

As the player is battling their way through the kingdoms, they must pay attention to the amount of time it takes. If the user takes too long to take the regions, the regions will start to reoccupy the liberated regions. To clear a kingdom, one must take the castle but beware not to push straight towards it as the castle will be guarded by additional forces equal to the occupied regions in the kingdom.

The player will also face forces of the 7 elements; Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Aether, Light, and Dark. And battle 200 completely different enemies and 20 Bosses.

This game will be 16 bit and is a turn based game, the sprite you see is an example of what we are looking to have for the game(with a head included of course). There is a planned co-op mode for up to 7 people, vs-mode, map editor, and a end user sprite importer.

The sprite importer system gives the end user the ability to change the sprite look of character armor and weapons, with the possibility for enemy forces as well. We will also be offering up a sprite service for folks that are not very good at making sprites.

When all said and done this title will be up on steam for PC, Mac and Linux as well as be available for Xbox, PS3/4, Wii-u, iPhone, and Android. So you can pull your game and play anywhere with anyone. 

Lastly, If the project is fully funded, the perks will be delivered when the game is complete.

If you have any questions email me at right.idea.gaming@gmail.com for an answer to your questions. Thanks for reading and I hope for your support!

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