6mm Scale Armies - Wave 2

Let's fund some more 6mm scale armies!


Who Are Troublemaker Games?

We are an established wargames company with our own range of plastic, metal and resin miniatures, whose sculptors also have experience doing freelance work for other companies such as Mantic Games (Plastic & resin kits), Steel Crown Productions (Plastic bases and metal models) and Dark Realm Miniatures (Metal miniatures), as well as several other companies.

We have previously run another Crowdfunding Campaign, to deliver the opening model range of our 6mm scale wargame, Defeat In Detail.

As we have now fully delivered the metal kits for our first crowdfunder, and with the 2nd (and final, for that crowdfunding campaign at least) plastic sprue tool in the final stages of production, we're now opening up "Wave 2" for pre-ordering.


 What We Need & What You Get

Our 6mm scale models in this funding campaign are intended to reinforce our Defeat In Detail range of models, by adding more models to our existing two armies, starting with a range of new aircraft.

As we cross stretch goals, we'll be unlocking more models, some of which can be seen in silhouette below...

We have many designs already sculpted, and without a crowdfunding campaign it would be a year or even two before we could afford to put them all into production, so your interest and support at this stage means we can put out more metal models at a much faster rate than would otherwise be possible.

 The Models

The Droghur Shuttle is used by Skinnerz armies to transport their infantry and light vehicles between spacecraft and planetary surfaces. Heavily armoured and festooned with weaponry, it is also often used as a combat dropship - transporting and deploying forces directly into the heart of enemy armies.

The Droghur Shuttle is a huge "super-heavy" class model kit, that comes complete with internal details. This is a metal model, each supplied with a clear plastic flying stand.

Length - 9.4cm

Wingspan - 7cm

The P-1216 Kakapo Transport VTOL Aircraft can transport fifteen Novan humans at an extremely rapid pace across the battlefield.

This is a metal model, each supplied with a clear plastic flying stand.

Length - 4cm

Wingspan - 3.4cm

The P-1214 Moa Gunship is a close air support aircraft, employed for tank hunting and anti-infantry duties. It is often seen on the battlefields employed in concert with Kakapo Transports, opening landing zones for troops to deploy into.

This is a metal model, each supplied with a clear plastic flying stand.

Length - 4.2cm

Wingspan - 3.4cm

The Spitefire Fighter is primarily used by the air force of Tusculum Nova to engage enemy aircraft. Whilst it can be used in a strafing role, this is not its optimum combat style.

This is a metal model, each supplied with a clear plastic flying stand.

Length - 4.6cm

Wingspan - 5.6cm

The brutal Skinnerz are able to deploy capable combat aircraft of their own - their Strike Fighters are not as capable in air-to-air engagements as their Novan opponents, but due to their over-abundance of weaponry they make for superior close air support platforms.

This is a metal model, each supplied with a clear plastic flying stand.

Length - 4.7cm

Wingspan - 4.5cm

The Tusculum Novan Stukhog Light Bomber is a powerful tank-hunting close air support aircraft, able to tear enemy armour apart with ease using its rotary chain cannon.

This is a metal model, each supplied with a clear plastic flying stand.

Length - 5.6cm

Wingspan - 6.6cm

Cybershadows Infantry are technologically augmented warriors, allowing them to be more accurate marksmen than the human forces of Tusculum Nova. Each squad of five "men" contains a medium electron beamer support weapon that supplies superior firepower to the mainstay infantry squads of the Cybershadows technocracy.

These infantry are metal models, and will be supplied with plastic bases.

The Cybershadows split up their military forces according to strict doctrines, going so far as to augment individual warriors with mechanical upgrades specifically designed to enhance their chosen battlefield roles. Heavy weapons troopers will be given superior bionic eyes, whilst labourers will sport powerful mechanical limbs. Even those of their ruling class who choose (most Cybershadows warriors are partially lobotomised and lack free will) to participate in armed combat will be adapted to specific battlefield roles.

These infantry are metal models, and will be supplied with plastic bases.

Some Cybershadows fighters are veterans of many campaigns, having been upgraded, repaired and improved-upon multiple times. Often, little will remain of their original forms other than their skulls, brains, and shreds of nervous system, the rest of their biological "components" having been destroyed in warfare or replaced with superior mechanical substitutes.

These large infantry are metal models, and will be supplied with plastic bases.

Amongst the most elite of the armies of Tusculum Nova, the Royal Marines are armed with the best laser beamers and plasmic dischargers, equipped with the best reactive armour, and expertly trained until they are an infantry force of almost unmatched lethality.

Based on an enlarged variant of the Churchillian tank hull, the Wellington Heavy Transport can transport twenty infantrymen within its cargo hold. A common sight in Novan armies, the Wellington is also capable of lending a significant weight of fire support to its transported infantry squads after they disembark.

The Wellington is 4.2cm long, and 2.7cm wide.

The Wellington Heavy Transport chassis has proven versatile enough that it has in turn spawned its own variant battlefield units. One of the most popular variants is the Steel Rain Heavy Artillery vehicle, which exchanges the rear cargo compartment for a massive long range missile launcher array.

Extremely popular with Novan armies, Steel Rain detachments have the range and power to reach out and disrupt distant enemy movements with repeated barrages of missiles, each filled with dozens of micro-bomblettes.

The Steel Rain is 4.2cm long and 2.5cm wide.

Where the Steel Rain Heavy unit is a wide-area effect weapon system, the Gladstonian Heavy Artillery unit is a medium range directed bombardment asset.

Slow to load and ponderous to maneuver and aim, the Gladstonian's drawbacks vanish if it is given a chance to open fire. Each of its three heavy mortars can be electronically programmed to direct their shots to fall within one metre of the preceding shell. In this manner, the thickest of armour or strongest of fortresses can be cracked open.

The Gladstonian is 4.2cm long and 2.5cm wide.

In the Skinnerz' society, the largest warriors naturally fall into a leadership role. In the case of the leaders of Biker Gangs, they will also take for themselves the best and biggest bikes that their army has available.

Cybershadows forces use War Stalker light mechs as part of their combat forces.

Each War Stalker can wield equivalent martial capability to a platoon of infantry or medium tanks, and when operating in hunting packs only Leviathan Stalkers can hope to oppose them for concentrated combat potential.

Cybershadows War Stalkers are 30mm tall to the cockpit window, and each set comes with the following components:

- 5x War Stalker Bodies & heads

- 4x Powered Claw Arms & 1x Electro-Sword Arm

- 5x Twin Snub Cannon Weapon Arms

- 1x Rotary Cannon, 1x Flame Thrower, 1x Rocket Launcher

- 5x 40mm dia. plastic bases

The brutal Skinnerz armies use light vehicles called Vectors to carry heavy weapons into battle. One of the most commonly seen variants of this light tractor chassis is the Flamer Vector, which mounts a powerful but short ranged flame-thrower.

A terror to hostile infantry, its weak armour must be exploited before the fast packs of Flamer Vectors are allowed to reach effective range.

Should warfare become bogged down in trench warfare or urban combat, Cybershadows armies have a way to break the deadlock - the Heavy Ordinance Conveyor.

Easily configurable according to the needs of the specific battlefield it is deployed to by means of modular weapon choices, the Heavy Ordinance Conveyor's armament can be tailored to the requirements of the battleforce it is employed to support.

The Rocket Launcher can decimate entire square kilometers with smart munitions, the 300mm Howitzer can breach the strongest walls, Plasmic Dischargers can slice through the heaviest armour, and Beam Lasers can knock down the thickest of energy shields.

Cybershadows Heavy Ordinance Conveyors are metal "super heavy" scale models, come with 4x different weapons, and are 5.5cm long.

Skinnerz armies are led by the largest and most intelligent of their troops. Carrying the very best weapons their army can provide, they are strong, intelligent, and determined.

The command echelons of Tusculum Novan armies require a vehicle that is part command centre, and part mobile battle fortress. Wrapped in multiple layers of reactive armour, equipped with advanced communications and jamming technology, protected by energy shields and armed with multiple defensive weapons, the Dictum Mobile Command Centre is the heart of a Novan army at war. Some Novan commanders have been known to request some of their command centre's spacious operations room be given over to the operation of a massive automatic petard cannon and seek out direct battle aboard their massive command vehicles, although this is not standard recommended practice at the orthodox Novan war academies.

The Dictat is a very large metal model kit, 5.8cm long, 3.6cm high, and 4cm wide.

There is some scope for refinement of the design after the campaign ends, to add additional details, especially in the currently relatively featureless interior.

Backers' Rewards:

If you spend £200 or more, you will receive a free Defeat In Detail Plastic Armies Box, worth £20.

Funding Pathway:

£3000 - Initial Six Aircraft Designs & Cybershadows Infantry Kits achieved

£3000 - 3x designs of Tusculum Novan Heavy Tanks unlocked for purchase

£4000 - Cybershadows War Stalkers unlocked for purchase

£4500 - Skinnerz Flamer vectors unlocked for purchase.

£5000 - Cybershadows Heavy Ordinance Conveyors unlocked for purchase

£5500 - Skinnerz Infantry Leaders

£6500 - Dictat Mobile Command Centre

Selecting Multiple Perks

If you wish to purchase a set of models more than once, please use the "perk button" in question multiple times so that it shows up on our dispatch system correctly, rather than clicking on it once and adding the extra money required for multiple copies - if you do that, we get the money, but it shows up on our dispatch system that you only pre-ordered one set, not multiple copies of that set.

Clear as mud!

International Postage

Please don't forget to add £3 for international postage for your first pledge, if you are ordering your models from a non-UK country.

Should you make subsequent pledges, £1 extra should suffice, rather than the full £3.

Potential Risks?

We anticipate there being no special risks to the products in this crowdfunding campaign. Troublemaker Games have a long experience of sculpting, casting and delivering metal models.

We have estimated a January or February delivery date for the products in this crowdfunding campaign, and anticipate no problems in meeting this deadline. 

The worst eventuality we envisage happening is a slight delay to our dispatches (perhaps caused by a greater than expected backing for our campaign, leading to a production bottleneck), leading to a Feburary delivery date rather than January.

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