50 for 50 for WriteGirl!

Help an old broad help some amazing girls.

What the heck is this "50 for 50" thing all about?

The short of it? To celebrate my 50th birthday (on September 13, 2011), I'm raising $50,000 in 50 days for WriteGirl, an outstanding L.A.-based nonprofit that benefits teen girls, and I need your help to make it happen!


Why girls? Why writing? Why $50,000?

Because if you want to change the world, you help girls. (And women, but we're focusing on girls right now.)


Because mastering the ability to write opens doors, builds self-confidence and self-esteem, and increases a girl's chances of earning a living for herself and changing the world for present and future generations.


Because despite the unbelievable accomplishments WriteGirl has made already in 10 years—including a 100% success rate in college placement, with WriteGirl mentees often the first of their families to attend—the organization is in danger of having to cut back on programming to stay afloat. That makes me cry even more than attending one of their monthly meetings, which are a Kleenex-laden boohoo wonder-fest of awesomeness.


And because I honestly cannot think of a better way to celebrate turning 50 than to raise $50,000 for an insanely great organization that empowers girls to change themselves and the world.


What you'll get by giving to The 50-for-50 Project

How about about warm, fuzzy feelings, for starters? Not enough? Okay, try this on for size:


Every dime raised goes straight to WriteGirl at the conclusion of this project, because every one of the rewards for contributing has been 100% donated—every single physical, digital, and service "goodie" you see to the right. If there are expenses involved in getting a prize to you, I'm personally covering it. That operation Grandma needs will have to wait. (Kidding. My grandmothers have both passed on. But if they were here, they'd tell you to give whatever you can. Especially Grandma Sexton. She was a bossy one, that Grandma Sexton.)


And I'm not kidding about the bald thing, btw. If we raise all $50K, I'm shaving that sucka down to the scalp. Which will likely be as entertaining to watch happen as it is ghastly to behold once done. I mean, how can you not be a part of that? Seriously.


Here's how you can help

First, GIVE US YOUR MONEY. (Duh.) Were you going to send me a birthday card? Of course you were—you'd be a jerk to blow off my 50th birthday. Well, give five bucks instead. We'll save some trees and you'll get a super-fun pack of MP3s, available ONLY through this campaign. Or give $10 and get a stunning new cross-stitch pattern by the talented (and spicy!) Bee Franck. Or $25, and get all three, plus A Very Special Poetry Deconstruction. It's almost as good as a pony!


Equally, or perhaps more importantly, tell all your friends to give us their money. Seriously: spread the word! "Like" us on Facebook! Tweet something hilarious and/or heartfelt (bonus points for doing both in 140 characters). Go to YouTube and "thumbs-up" the video. Leave a nice comment. 


You can share right from the Facebook/Twitter/Google+ buttons below the video, but are some pre-rolled tweets crafted lovingly from Functional Muse @DyanaValentine you can also use:







Or HEY, roll yer own! You're creative—do it up, you-style. But basically, for the 50 days of this campaign, do anything and everything to GET THE WORD OUT THERE. Oh, and I'm not kidding about the nice-comment thing. I really do love a nice comment. 


Thank you, and LET'S DO THIS THING.




P.S. This kind of thing does not happen without LOADS of help! They deserve much lauding, and of a highly public nature. But for now, I would to thank...


Lisa Casoni & Heather Stobo: Amazing people and terrific videographers. They bring out the hilarious in me, both because they are smart and know how and because they are so delightful to be around.


Gabriel Cubbage of 67 Robots: A great friend and a great designer—one of that rare breed who also really gets marketing. And can pinch-hit with copywriting. In fact, he's writing this right now! (Not really—it would be much more succinct and persuasive.)


Mike Monteiro & Mule Design: Oh, BOY, wait until you see what they have coming for you. I can't tell you just yet, but it rhymes with "HAWESOME."


Jim Coudal & Coudal Partners: Because nothing happens without Field Notes. Not in my life, anyway.


Jennifer & John Lehr: Again, I can't spill the beans yet on this one, but OY, you just wish you had friends like this. TALENTED friends. Who are NICE.


Bee Franck: Who, when I asked her for help, said, "No—I need to give you MORE help." I cannot wait to show you how. CANNOT WAIT.


Pace & Kyeli: So many beans to spill. So many days before we get to do it!


and of course, the fabulous Ms. Dyana Valentine: This would not be happening were it not for her. She supports my audacious ambitions, and not just with words. 


More soon!






Team on This Campaign: