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Apparel and Art born from the Martial Arts.
Eric Kohm
Sherman Oaks, California
United States
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1.  Who Are We?

5 Souls is an apparel and art company born from the Martial Arts and based in Los Angeles, CA.  It is owned and operated by us, German Baltazar and Eric Kohm.  Like many of YOU, we're Martial Artists and fans of MMA who can't find apparel we aren't embarrassed to wear.  With our years of experience training in a variety of disciplines, competing, and watching the sport of MMA evolve, we wanted to create a brand that reflects our passion for all of the Martial Arts and honors their origins.  

We are committed to YOU having MMA apparel and Art that you will be proud to show off.  We pride ourselves on creating unique designs that show YOU are a real Martial Artist, not just some beer-drinking MMA fan who has never trained and acts tough in his shiny shirt full of those same old MMA gimmicks like skulls, vikings, spartans...you get the idea. 

We want YOU to become part of our community of like-minded individuals, not just by wearing our designs or displaying our art, but by becoming active participants on our blog where you can show off your soul.

Check out our website to learn more about us:  www.5souls.com.

2.  Our Intention.

Our sights are set and we're ready to reclaim the Martial Arts Apparel industry for Martial Artists of all disciplines.  

Some of you may or may not know this about us, but we do EVERYTHING ourselves - the logo design, the shirt designs, the print designs, the website design, marketing material, blog posting, packaging, and shipping.  We're tired of keeping this to ourselves and want YOU to be part of this journey.  

That's why we've worked day and night to create our new collection called The Greatest.  With The Greatest, we've created a series of t-shirts, each of which pays homage to one of the greatest Martial Artists of all time, as well as a couple of prints.  We are confident that you will be proud to wear and display our designs, which in turn will allow more people to see that MMA is much more than drunk guys booing over barroom brawls.  Basically, we are developing a brand that will stand out from the rest because YOU stand behind it.

3.  Your Contribution.

How will your money be spent?  Well, by participating in our indiegogo campaign, you'll get the chance to preorder all of our items from The Greatest collection before they're even available at our own online store.  And with your preorders, we will be able to cover the costs of producing our new screens for the shirts, purchasing shirts for screening, printing our prints, and packaging and shipping it all to you.  With anything leftover, we'll be able to continue our goal of giving back to the Martial Arts through our endeavors with The Boys & Girls Club, and our plan to host a free women's self-defense class at least once per month.  

4.  Here's How You Can Help.

We're not going to sugarcoat it.  GIVE US YOUR MONEY.  Give us $5, and we'll send you a sticker pack.  Or give us $10 and we'll add a custom post on 5souls.com to thank you and advertise your business/website to our thousands of website visitors.  Make it $20 and we'll let you choose one of our two prints to go with your stickers and custom website post.  If you'd rather a t-shirt of your choice from The Greatest instead of a print, just give us $25.  What's that?  You can't choose just one shirt?  Then make it $50 and we'll throw in two.  Wait, the designs are so good that you can't even settle on just two shirts?  Then give us $125, and you'll get all six shirts in the collection plus a seventh we've created specially for this indiegogo campaign.  Where are you getting seven shirts for only $125?  Here, that's where!  What did you say?  You want the shirts and both prints?  Okay, okay, make it $150, just $25 more and you will get The Greatest colletion in its entirety...prints and shirts.  You think we missed a Martial Artist?  Okay, give us $350 and not only will you get The Greatest collection in its entirety, but we'll also design a custom shirt or print inspired by the Artist of your choice.  

Equally, or perhaps more importantly, tell all your friends to give us their money.  Do so in a lawful manner, of course.  Seriously, spread the word even if you can't spare a dime to fund our campaign!  Like us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/5souls), follow us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/5_souls) and tweet out our indiegogo campaing, follow us on Tumblr (http://5-souls.tumblr.com) and reblog the campaign, and go to YouTube to "thumbs-up" our video and leave a nice comment.  We said nice!

Show us your soul.

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    Sticker Pack & Website Post

    Not only will you get the pack of 5 Souls logo stickers, but also we'll write a custom post on our site thanking you and advertising your own business/website.

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    One Print

    You'll get the stickers, the custom post on our site, and one of two prints from The Greatest collection.

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    One T-Shirt

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    Two T-Shirts

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    All Seven T-Shirts

    You'll get the stickers, the custom post on our site, and all of the shirts from The Greatest collection.

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    The Greatest Collection

    You'll get the stickers, the custom post on our site, and all the shirts and prints from The Greatest collection.

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  • $350USD
    The Collection & Custom Design

    You'll get the stickers, the custom post on our site, and all the shirts and prints from The Greatest collection. Plus, we'll design a shirt or print based on the Martial Artist of your choice.

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