40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade: Defend Abortion -- Defeat the War on Women!

Stand up for abortion by funding a Week of Action in DC & a March in San Fran for the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.


StopPatriarchy.org is a movement determined to bring forward millions of people to end all forms of degradation, enslavement, and oppression of women -- from the increasingly violent and cruel nature of pornography (even as it becomes more mainstream) to the Christian fascist assault on women's fundamental right to abortion and even birth control, and everything in between. Read our Call to Action here.


January 22, 2013 will mark the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision which legalized abortion.  Yet today, abortion is more stigmatized, more dangerous to provide, and more difficult to access than at any time in the last 40 years.  It is URGENT that this tremendous anniversary be marked by mass expressions of women and men taking to the streets to defend abortion and defeat the war on women.

From January 21 - 26 in DC we will mobilize young activists and others in a Week of Action to declare Abortion on Demand and Without Apology -- through protest confronting the March for "Life" (ie: the March for Forced Motherhood) and through our own protests, teach-ins, flash outreach, and an Emergency Summit.

In San Francisco, we will mobilize a March for Abortion Rights to confront the west coast March for "Life" on January 26th.

Fetuses are NOT babies.

Abortion is NOT murder.

Women are NOT incubators.


$7,000 is needed to cover the cost of thousands of leaflets and palm-cards promoting these protests, hundreds of signs on the ground, rental vehicles for activists from out of town in both cities, thousands of stickers, hundreds of t-shirts, and associated expenses.

There are many levels on which you can support and be part of this historic mobilization.

Our Unique Perks are designed not only thank you for putting your resources into this essential effort, but to enable you to amplify the impact of this mobilization through spreading the message in a variety of creative ways.

From the stickers and palm cards to the t-shirt and extraordinary fingernail art to the professional artwork and photos to display on your walls -- all of our perks enable you to celebrate and spread the liberation of women in compelling, lasting, and unexpected ways.


If women cannot decide for themselves when and whether to have children, they have no more freedom than slaves.  Forced motherhood IS female enslavement.

Despite popular misconception, the right to abortion is NOT safe under Obama.  In 2011, 92 restrictions were passed on abortion access throughout the country.  This is almost three times the previous record of 34 restrictions passed in 2005 -- and that was under Bush!  In rural areas of the U.S., 97% of counties do not have any abortion provider.

We must rely on ourselves!  This mobilization will plant a different pole, a new movement of women and men who are utterly uncompromising and refusing to stop until all women have access to abortion on demand and without apology. 

StopPatriarchy.org has a powerful track record of going right up against the most entrenched institutions and forces of patriarchy, and bringing forward powerful, transformative and contageous resistance.  This anniversary will take all that higher -- and lay a basis for going even further.


If you can, give money.  Give as much as you can, whether that be $2,500 or $25 or $2.  It really matters.

But there are other ways to strengthen this campaign.  Come to DC or to SF and join us in the streets!  Register today.

Share this effort with others you know -- through Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or other means. 

Call friends and talk to them about the importance of the right to abortion and ask them to join these protests and to donate whatever they can.

Send in a letter or message of support -- tell your story about abortion or how you came to understand how essential this right is.

Whatever you do, become a part of the community of resistance that not only refuses to let women's rights be stripped away any further, but is determined to bring about the full liberation of women in every form across the entire planet!


Whatever you do, THANK YOU for being part of a movement that can really make a huge difference for the future of women everywhere!

Team on This Campaign: