4-A rack ends

Stainless steel rack ends for custom bicycle racks. Clean, easy to use and adaptable to all sorts of custom racks.


Short Summary

Hey Indiegogo! I'm Spencer, from Traffic Cycle Design - and this is the 4-A Rack End. This part is turned from 304 stainless steel, and can be welded or brazed into a high quality bike rack, like the one you'd carry your groceries or briefcase in. I designed these myself and handmade a small batch on my manual lathe & mill a few years ago, and have used them on the custom stainless steel racks that I build for commuter and touring bikes. 

I want to bring The 4-A Rack End to the next level, and get other framebuilders using them on their own custom racks. But I need a more efficient way of making them, which is why I'm coming to you. Help fund my campaign and I'll work with a US supplier to CNC machine these parts, so they can go on to be used on beautiful and functional bike racks - maybe on your next bike!

Thanks so much for being part of the campaign!

What We Need & What You Get

In order to cover tooling, setup, and our initial run, I'm pre-selling a small batch of parts. All the money collected will go directly into the actual parts that are being produced - all the design, engineering, and supplier vetting is already complete!

I'm working directly with a machine shop in Illinois, who I've built a relationship with for over two years. I've sourced many parts from this shop before, and we've been through the rigors of product delivery and have a shared understanding of the product's goals and delivery timetable. 

  • My goal for the project is just $500. That'll cover the cost of the initial run of parts.
  • Once the campaign is on its way to being funded, I'll place the order and my supplier will source material and begin production.
  • My supplier needs three to four weeks to produce the parts and ship them to me. 
  • When I receive the parts, I'll send them right out to the project backers within a week.

A note on pricing and "Perk Levels"

I spent a while looking at the price breaks that other suppliers offer, and tried to structure my perk levels so that they would make sense for builders. The rack ends are sold in multiples of two, and the pricing model tapers rapidly as your order increases (details are on my blog). If there's any confusion, just let me know and we'll work something out!

A note on Shipping

Just like with any piece of hardware, these parts will need to be shipped - and that costs money. In order to keep things simple (and to encourage people to buy in larger quantities) I'll be charging a FLAT $5 SHIPPING FEE on top of your pledge amount. I won't skimp on packing material and will be getting the parts out the door promptly, so the scale ultimately goes in your favor :)

Thanks for your support!

-Spencer Wright

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