$349 Ubuntu Linux Desktop

A low-cost Ubuntu Linux desktop that fits in the palm of your hand. With an Intel CPU, integrated graphics card, 4 GB RAM & SSD drive.

"I don't see US doing a notebook this way, but if we prove the mechanism of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing ideas and priorities for innovation, I bet someone else will." - Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth in a Reddit AMA

While Linux and open-source have made forays into the smartphone and tablet world, the desktop/laptop paradigm is still ruled by commercial software. In the spirit of Canonical's recent Ubuntu Edge program, we are launching a modest version to kickstart Ubuntu on the desktop through a nano-PC / HTPC: the Shan PC. (Note that Shan PC is not linked to or endorsed by Canonical or Ubuntu Edge in any way.)

The Shan PC is meant to be THE affordable, small and portable desktop with Ubuntu pre-installed that you would ever want or use. Small enough to fit in your hand, yet powerful enough to run Ubuntu for consumer use, this unit is meant for anyone who wants to use the full power of pre-installed Ubuntu on an affordable HTPC/desktop.

While open-source rules in the smartphone and tablet world, there is no PC vendor today who is truly able to give us choice at the low-end of the desktop/laptop market. Even though demand for low-cost desktops and laptops pre-installed with Ubuntu or other Linux distributions is on the rise, there is no visible vendor or offering in the market that can provide a fully-featured, basic desktop for the price point that the Shan PC offers.

  • Intel Atom/Celeron processor
  • Integrated graphics card
  • 4 GB RAM
  • SSD hard drive

Shan PC is driven by a small group of IT geeks and web designers/developers with full-time jobs who believe that there really isn't an open-source choice in the world of desktops/laptops today - and we want to change that! If Shan PC is successful, we hope that larger PC vendors will take notice and provide us with awesome-quality desktops and laptops with Ubuntu pre-installed!

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