30x30 Project

Help near-suicide survivor, Amy Clover, show the struggling that hope is real. A tour of bootcamps across North America to benefit charity.
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Ce projet est terminé depuis le 8 février 2013
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  • $5USD
    Sing out your love

    For $5, I will sing your name in a youtube video. I'll make a video thanking every one of the $5 perk donors by name in song. Now, I can't promise you I'll be the prettiest song bird, but I can promise you some feeling behind it. :)

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  • $25USD
    Sticky, Sweaty & Grateful

    ✵SMARTPHONE/TABLET-FRIENDLY PRINTABLE OF THE 30x30 WORKOUT ✵STRONG INSIDE OUT VINYL STICKER mailed to you with a personalized, hand-written letter from Amy expressing her gratitude.

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  • $50USD
    Healthy Group Hug (w/video)!

    ✵STRONG INSIDE OUT WORKOUT VIDEO SERIES NOW AVAILABLE TO THIS PERK LEVEL! (see $100 perk) ✵THE 30x30 PRINTABLE ✵AMY'S EBOOK, Make This Your Moment: A Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Your Life... For Good ✵ONE MONTH OF EXCLUSIVE ACCESS TO A SPECIAL STRONG INSIDE OUT FACEBOOK GROUP that will teach you the ins and outs of getting strong inside and out. Facts, tips, inspiration and motivation combine with group support for DIY life-changers!

    Livraison prévue en : mars 2013

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  • $100USD
    Sweaty & Empowered

    ✵THE 30x30 PRINTABLE ✵AMY'S EBOOK ✵DOWNLOADS OF THE STRONG INSIDE OUT WORKOUT VIDEO SERIES! Pick from five professionally-shot 5-10-minute workouts taught by Amy, or do them all on the same day for a 45-minute full-body workout. The kicker: 30x30 DONORS GET TO VOTE ON THE LAST 10-MINUTE WORKOUT! Exclusively for 30x30 donors, Amy will film one extra workout to be voted on by $100+ perk donors! ✵ONE YEAR OF DAILY EMPOWERMENT EMAIL REMINDERS to keep you empowered to live an inspirational life.

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  • $250USD
    Let Me Be Your Guide

    ✵THE 30x30 PRINTABLE ✵AMY'S EBOOK ✵THE STRONG INSIDE OUT WORKOUT VIDEO SERIES AND A VOTE FOR THE FINAL WORKOUT ✵A 1-MONTH GUIDED FITNESS TRAINING PROGRAM of progressive training built for improved strength and endurance. Weekly progressive programs emailed to you with beginner and advanced versions of weight and cardio training. Includes a detailed schedule and online access to all programs (beginner/advanced).

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  • $1,000USD
    Let Me Change YOUR Life

    ✵EVERYTHING from the $100 perk ✵A 1-HR PERSONAL TRAINING SESSION OR a 1-HR COFFEE SESH in the city closest to you along Amy’s tour route! ✵A 1-MONTH FITNESS PROGRAM for your specific goals and personality. You will then work together for a month’s worth of online fitness and sports nutrition coaching through Strong Inside Out including four 30-minute Skype sessions, a 6-week fitness program tailored specifically to you, online food journal monitoring, and priority email access to Amy.

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