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We will be creating an annual directory of US based companies that will hire individuals with a criminal record. We believe in 2nd chances we hope you do too.
Scott McIlvaine
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States
1 Team Member

The Problem:There are over 7 1/2 million individuals in the US who suffer from a very specific type of prejudice and persecution. They can't get a job because of mistakes they've made in their lives that have led to a criminal record. All these individuals want once they've paid their debt to society is to have a second chance. To "go straight" and become productive citizens. Why does America make it so hard?This situation is hurting us all...

Fact:The recidivism rate for ex-offenders is extremely high. 67% of those incarcerated end up back in prison within 3 years. That number drops to 6% among the ex-offender population that is employed.

Here's how it hurts us all:There are 7 1/2 million individuals in the US who are incarcerated, on parole or on probation. Reducing the number who go back to jail down to 6% means there will be 3.3 million people who don't go back to our very expensive prison system. 3.3 million people who become productive, tax-paying citizens, and at least 3.3 million fewer crimes committed in the US.

It costs the American taxpayer $46,000/yr to incarcerate one individual. $46,000 X 3.3 Million = $151.8 Billion per year! (That's about $1,100 per taxpayer, per year)

NO ONE can sit idly by and think it isn't their problem!

How we fix it:We will reach out to every employer in the US that employs more than 50 people via email at least twice. And we will reach out to every employer in the US who employs more than 500 people at least 3 times via email and telephone. The total number of employers on our list is nearly 60,000. If just 5% sign up for their free directory listing, that will be 3,000 employers in the database! We plan on being very convincing... Providing the employers with information on how they can obtain tax benefit from hiring ex-offenders in their state.

 Please send us at least one dollar if you can, and share this message far and wide.

Risks and challenges


The main challenges around developing the directory is overcoming some common objections employers would have to being "ex-Offender" friendly in their hiring practices.

Point: Many people think that if someone committed a heinous crime then they deserve what they get...including prejudice and persecution.

Counterpoint: Those hard, violent criminals are in the minority. Many of them have mental conditions that can be treated. But the fact of the matter is that those violent criminals are released into society early because our prison system is over-crowded. By giving those who have been released from prison a second chance and honest employment, there will be fewer of them going back, less overcrowding and therefore less of a reason to release the really dangerous criminals early...or at all.

Point: As an employer, how can I trust an ex-criminal to work for me.
1. How can you really trust anyone?
2. Every ex-criminal know exactly how hard it is to overcome the obstacles to get a job. These obstacles are 10 times more challenging than a normal job search. Therefore when an ex-criminal lands a job, he or she treasures that job and has a respect for it that the average employee won't. What the employer gives the ex criminal is precious... a second chance. To risk losing something so precious would be unthinkable for a person who has been through so much.

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