2Cents Theatre Group presents RENT: The Bohemian Project Part II

2Cents Theatre Group presents the Tony Award Winning RENT by Jonathan Larson as their first Mainstage Production...Part II of "The Bohemian Project"

2Cents Theatre Group, in residence at the Hudson Theatres, is thrilled to be producing our first official Mainstage Production!


We are a new theater company in Los Angeles, and have decided to start off with a bang by doing RENT, by Jonathan Larson. This piece won a Tony Award for Best Musical in 1996, and was groundbreaking and "the first of its kind", when it hit the stage. We decided to make RENT our first official Mainstage Production, because it has had a massive and personal impact on so many people. The late Jonathan Larson wrote it to bring light to the AIDS epidemic that was so prominent in New York in the 80's, and to tell the stories of struggling yet passionate artists, many of whom were outcasts in one way or another. Most people who see this show, see a version of themselves in at least one of the very colorful characters in this ensemble piece. Everyone in our company and cast is passionate about this piece, and we hope you will be too!

We have also established partnerships with AIDS Project LA (APLA), Being Alive, and AIDS Research Alliance (ARA), which are all local organizations that provide AIDS research and support, and we are working on a few more local partnerships, and some proceeds from our ticket sales will go towards supporting these causes. RENT is a massive undertaking because it demands high quality in sound equipment, set design and construction, costumes and props, lighting design and equipment, music, etc., and we are determined to bring Jonathan Larson's story to life thoroughly and completely!

We are also putting up a second production that will run simultaneously, twice a week, during the run of RENT. That production is going to be Steven Dietz's PRIVATE EYES. This is a very intelligent, hilarious, dark comedy that will run on Thursday nights and Saturday matinees, every week that RENT is running, as a sister-production.

Therefore, we are doing a three-part indiegogo campaign, and there are special perks for donating to all three campaigns. WE EXCEEDED OUR GOAL OF $2000 DURING PART ONE!! This is the second leg, and we are looking to raise $5000 as we launch into rehearsals, and are hiring our whole technical/production team. But let's try and surpass that, and get our next campaign going before it even starts! Any and all contributions are much appreciated, and there will be perks like free tickets to the shows, and some to our opening night reception and gala, free refreshments at the theater, posters and programs signed by the cast, tickets to our fall show and sister production, and even getting your name spray painted on our set!

If we do not make our goal, a larger portion of what we do raise is witheld from us, so it's very important that we reach it! If it is not possible for you to contribute, you can still help us by spreading the word. Sharing this event on Facebook, twitter, and telling your community about us in whatever way you can, helps out too! 

Plese check out our website at www.kboulepictures.com to read reviews of our last show, The Last Five Years, and to find out more about our company. And help us bring these powerful pieces of theater to life.

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