25 Days

Celebrating Cities by Celebrating the People who Love them.

What exactly is 25 Days?

25 Days is a project born out of a desire to make a difference. Listening is the key to unlocking the doorway to compassion. Spike discovered this during her first project, 20 Dates in 20 Weekends, A Craigslist Social Experiment

Over the course of a year (the project is already underway!), Spike will travel to 15 cities and spend 25 Days in each city. While in each city, Spike will meet with people at the place they love the most in their city, have them explain why they love it, and why it is meaningful to them. Spike will write the stories on the project blog and, at the end of the project, she will compile the images and stories into a special limited edition book. 

Our stories unite us. When we can share them and feel the impact of understanding certain universal truths, compassion replaces fear, and love replaces hate. 

This project operates on the premise that we are all connected and that each one of us has an inspiring story to tell.

Why Should I get off of this Comfortable Couch I am Sitting on to Help?

We have many ways to express ourselves: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, instant messaging...but how many vehicles are being used to listen? How many are being used to celebrate people for the human and courageous stories they have to tell? The stories that have already come out of the 25 Days project have brought hope and inspiration to thousands of people. Ordinary people, given the chance, often show themselves to be quite extraordinary. As Spike told an acquaintance not long ago, you might have many people in your life who listen to you, but how many people celebrate you? That is what this project aims to do.

What You'll Get by Supporting 25 Days

Besides Spike's undying love and devotion?

All donations will be used to get Spike where she needs to be, and get her the food she needs to keep going. The project is being run according to The Joy Metric; all travel will occur by train and bicycle. In the case that train service is not available, a bus will be substituted. Spike is couch surfing in order to stay in the cities she visits, and produces as little waste as possible along the journey. In fact, most of the paper waste will go into creating one-of-a-kind postcards and bookmarks she will mail to you if you support this project. 

Every dollar donated will not only get you things like post cards, books, bookmarks, meetings and the ability to choose a city, it will also go toward creating a living project which documents the stories of people who love their cities.

Other Ways You Can Help

Post this on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, yourspace, a blog, a friend's blog, or--if you have the means--tattoo it on an incredibly visible part of your body like your forehead.  I know this works because I am always asked about all of my forehead tattoos. 

Follow The Project and show it to your friends, acquaintances, co-workers, and the people you are facebook stalking:http://25daysus.blogspot.com/

You can also start listening. Be warned, it is challenging. Don't just wait for your turn to talk once someone has finished telling you something; instead, ask them another question. Figure out how you might be able to translate that into compassion. This is a very difficult thing to do. Do not expect perfection your first time out. In fact, expect exhaustion. 

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