2013 Taizhou International Shuai Chiao Tournament

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  • $1USD
    The Whole Movie

    You receive a digitally delivered, digital copy of the film (DRM FREE) in 480p. Digital. Thank you!

    Estimated delivery: May 2013

    4 claimed

  • $1USD
    Blog and Twitter Feed!

    You receive access to this exclusive blog and twitter that will fill in the gaps when the camera isn't rolling and satiate your need for info before the film is out. Thank you!

    Estimated delivery: February 2013

    0 claimed

  • $10USD
    Special Thanks in the Credits!

    You are thanked in the credits along with a genuine compliment in regards to how awesome and lovely you are! Thank you!

    Estimated delivery: May 2013

    10 claimed

  • $15USD
    The Whole Film in HD!

    You get a digitally delivered, digital copy of the film (DRM free of course) in glorious 1080p HD resolution! Oh the pixels!! Thank you!

    Estimated delivery: May 2013

    8 claimed

  • $25USD
    HD Early Release

    You get all those glorious pixels two weeks before the regularly scheduled release! (DRM free) Thank you!

    Estimated delivery: April 2013

    1 claimed


    You are My Photo Companion!

    I'll carry a photo of you with me on my trip and take pictures of "us" in China! Be sure to send me a picture of yourself! Or you can send me a picture of anyone else you want. Your dog, Bruce Willis, Ronal Reagan. Whomever you wish! Thank you!

    Estimated delivery: March 2013

    1 out of 1 claimed

  • $50USD
    Fitness Extravaganza

    For every dollar you contribute equal to or exceeding $50, I will do that many reps of whatever exercise you wish. I will produce of video for each backer recording the whole process. In regards to excises that don't have marked reps (static holds, running, climbing, juggling, etc) we can decide on a metric to use for dollar-to-repetition conversion. Thank you!

    3 out of 15 claimed

  • $75USD
    Souvenir from China!

    You will receive a special gift from my journey abroad! Please be sure to include a personal message about yourself so your gift will be relevant and meaningful! Thank you!

    0 out of 10 claimed

  • $100USD
    Video Special Thanks

    I'll record a personalized "Thank you" message from a gorgeous vista in China. Your message will play in the credits of the documentary and you'll receive a stand alone version to show to your friends! Yes! You are cool, and they will recognize! Thank you!

    Estimated delivery: May 2013

    3 out of 7 claimed

  • $500USD
    Quarter Pounder

    You just filled 25% of my goal. You're 25% percent responsible for this movie. You get a producer credit, a spirited high five, AND a copy of Jackie Chan's First Strike on DVD! Whoa! So cool! Thank you!

    Estimated delivery: April 2013

    0 out of 1 claimed

  • $1,000USD
    Half Pound Burger

    You're quite the big kahuna! An Executive Producer credit to you, a very spirited hug, and a copy of The Raid: Redemption of DVD! What! SO SUPER DOUBLE COOL!

    0 out of 1 claimed

  • $2,000USD
    A Pound of Beef

    ......I'm speechless. You're so generous! Your reward shall be great. You get an Executive Producer credit, creative input on the final edit and graphics, AND I will send you flowers, chocolate, and a handwritten card five times in the next year. Thank you!

    0 out of 1 claimed

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