2013 Laugh Sabbath Film Fest

We're organizing a comedy shorts festival. We need your help!

LAUGH SABBATH is setting out to organize a short film festival that will allow many comedians the chance to screen their work and get the attention they deserve! It is difficult to get funding to make a film. Currently there isn’t a festival in Toronto that accepts short films that are experimental and often made with low to no budget. We want to provide a platform for comedians in both Canada and the United States to be seen and heard.

Through the help of donations to our campaign, we will successfully be able to organize a festival that gives a home for comedic short films. A genre that we feel doesn’t receive enough attention.


Who is Laugh Sabbath?

Laugh Sabbath is a collective of some of Canada’s most original and exciting comedic voices, who have been producing critically acclaimed live comedy and comedy short films in the Toronto area for 8 years. Many of those involved have gone on to have their own TV shows, films and headlining tours. 

  • Levi MacDougall - Important Things with Demetri Martin, Canadian Comedy Award Winner, Just For Laughs
  • Katie Crown - LA Weekly top 10 comedians to watch, Funny As Hell, Canadian Comedy Award Winner, Bridgetown Comedy Fest, recently appeared on CONAN
  • Nathan Fielder - Comedy Central’s Nathan for You, Bob’s Burgers, Jon Benjamin Has a Van
  • Graham Wagner - Writer on The Office
  • Chris Locke - NOW Magazine’s voted #1 Stand Up, Bridgetown Comedy Fest, JFL 42 Alternative Show
  • Brian Barlow - Bridge's New Jacket, The Loner Show, recently appeared on CONAN.
  • Sara Hennessey - Video On Trial, Canadian Comedy Award Nominee, Boston Comedy Fest, San Francisco Sketchfest, JFL 42 Alt. Show
  • Tom Henry - Canadian Comedy Award Nominee/ best new comer, San Francisco Sketchfest, JFL 42 Alternative Show
  • Tim Polley -Odd Job Jack, The Distractions
  • Kathleen Phillips - Canadian Comedy Award Winner, CBC Radio's Day 6, LFL42 Alternative Show
  • Bob Kerr - This Hour Has 22 Minutes
  • Tim Gilbert - This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Moderation Town, LFL 42 Alternative Show
  • Adam Christie - Host ofYTV’s Zoink’d, Sexy Nerd Girl
  • James Hartnett - YTV’s That’s So Weird, JFL 42 Alternative Show
  • Nick Flanagan - LFL42 Alternative Show, Moderation Town, Toro Magazine
  • Aaron Eves - Scaretactics, Knock Knock Who's There Comedy!
  • David Dineen-Porter - L'Brondelle's Universe, San Francisco Sketchfest, JFL42 Alt. Show
  • Paul Schuck - The Distractions
  • Adam & Dave - Funny As Hell, Scaretactics, Knock Knock Who's There Comedy!
  • Micheal Balazo -Writer for CBC's 22 Minutes, columnist for Hazlitt Magazine.


Our weekly LIVE COMEDY show, aptly named Laugh Sabbath, happens every Thursday at Comedy Bar in Toronto, showcasing the best in stand up, sketch, character, & short films performed by our Laugh Sabbath regulars, and other wonderfully hilarious comedians!


What We Need for the LSFF & What You Get


We are looking to raise $2000 to cover the cost of awards for winning short films, venue fees, top quality audio/visual equipment rental fees, advertising and promotional materials. Be sure to scroll through the amazing list of perks on the side of the screen to see what you can receive for backing the LSFF!

If we don’t reach our goal, funds will go to awards for filmmakers only. We want to be able to give back to the filmmakers and make it a little easier for them to continue doing what they do best.


The Impact


Our project is valuable to the community in that it gives exposure to those who may not have the ability to get it on their own. Many film festivals in the Toronto area focus on bigger budget and often non-domestic films. The glitz and the glam. There are many talented artists and comedians in both Canada and the United States who are often overlooked. Our hope is to bring attention to them and eventually broaden the focus of who gets arts funding for projects.


Other Ways You Can Help


We understand not everyone is in a position to help, but if you can please help us get the word about the campaign we would love you forever! Tweet about it man!


Rebecca Raftus, Ashley Grey, & Sara Hennessey, (some of the) Laugh Sabbath Producers!


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