2012 International Naturally Autistic People Awards Convention & Festival

A global campaign to demonstrate the diverse abilities of autistic people. Motivating new generations of autistic individuals to achieve their goals and dreams.

Our Story - Our History

Naturally Autistic ANCA has been actively providing support for the autistic community for the past 17 years.  It was founded and is run by autistic people. We have always believed in the spirit of autistic people to achieve their goals and dreams. Developing a sense of community with families who believe in the ability of their children to succeed. The video entitled Year in Review provides a one year snapshot into our history and mandate. 

The Awards Convention and Festival

In 2010 we created the International Naturally Autistic People Awards. Our goal was to reach out to other communities of autistic individuals, their families and supporters who share our beliefs and vision - that autistic people have gifts and talents and are indeed fully contributing members of our societies.

Our inaugural event featured nominations from 4 different countries with participants coming from as far away as Australia to celebrate with us. It was a resounding success.

We have to admit it was also a pleasant surprise to us, we did not expect so many people willing to travel half way round the world to attend our first event.

2011 Opening Night Excerpts

For 2012 the city of Maple Ridge B.C. plays host to our 3rd annual Int'l Naturally Autistic People Awards Convention & Festival. Our event has grown to include participants from 10 countries. Celebrating the accomplishments of autistic people in performing, visual and literary arts; community achievement, leadership and mentoring; excellence in sport, technology and entrepreneurship. Our Convention features a mix of autistic and non-autistic speakers and presenters.  

The Impact

  • With increased acceptance and appreciation come greater opportunities for community accessibility, education and employment for autistic people. 
  • Successful role models inspire new generations of autistic individuals to reach their goals and dreams.
  • All societies benefit when we acknowledge and celebrate the diversity that exists among all people.
  • The autistic community is coming together to demonstrate their abilities and support each other like never before. As one 9 year old award recipient states, "never give up on your dreams". 
  • Your contribution creates direct positive change in the lives of autistic people. 

The Need

While our reach is extending out to the global community, we are a grass roots organization. The amount of money we raise affects the quality of our production and the ability of many autistic people to participate. 

We have always believed in setting a high bar when in it comes to showcasing the abilities of autistic people and providing opportunity for the community to come together to share ideas, and celebrate success.

What we need and how is it used?

  • We are seeking to raise $15,000 
  • 50% of any money raised will be used for production costs - theatre, equipment, venue rental, videography, music...
  • 50% of any money raised goes directly to support austistic individuals and their families requiring financial assistance to participate and attend our event.

Why Help ?

The goal of our event is to change how autistic people are

  • understood
  • accepted
  • appreciated as valued members of our communities

We showcase leaders who inspire new generations of autistic people to pursue their goals and dreams. 17 year old animation artist and speaker Dani Bowman states, I am surprised and excited about the award. It helps me change the worlds perception of autism and show how wonderful autistic artists like me could be. Joel Anderson, 2010 Recipient for Community Achievement and Ambassador for our 2012 event is an artist and public speaker who works with elementary and highschool kids, demonstrating first hand the abilities of autistic people in our communities.

What do I get?

We have many great incentives to be involved.

  • Event Posters
  • copies Naturally Autistic magazine
  • digital download of Samantha E from Scotland (2011 Performing Arts Recipient)
  • CD of Scott Siegel, of Arrest My Sister (2010 Performing Arts Recipient)
  • Event mugs, hats, t-shirts.....

What if I can't?

Even if you can't contribute money, you can still be a part of this Event!

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