2011 Camera Campaign & Fundraiser

Getting cameras and raising funds to teach photography to at-risk children and youth in Puebla, Mexico.

Our Story

Hi! Aver School is a volunteer-run organization dedicated to teaching digital photo, video and audio skills to at-risk children around the world. Since 2006, we've been hosting an annual workshop at Esperanza Viva Youth Home in Puebla, Mexico.

The photos in the video above were taken by Aver School students. By donating, you will be giving them another opportunity to take more photos and continue to grow their skills.

The Impact

Too many children in the world (around 143 million of them according to 2005 UNICEF figures) find themselves facing life on their own, with little support from family. Kids that have no one to care for them experience great hardships, poverty, abuse, even death. Life really is a daily struggle for survival. 

The good news is that there is good newsAll over the world there are people that care that are making a positive difference in the lives of at-risk children and youth.

Aver School partners with organizations, orphanages and youth homes that give at-risk children a brighter future by providing food, shelter, health care, an education and most of all love. We believe that in today's world, all children should have the opportunity to learn digital media skills and to have an outlet for their creativity and their voice.

What We Need & What You Get

We're raising $3,000 to buy five digital SLR cameras and to cover the costs for the upcoming workshop in November. Here's a breakdown of our needs:

  • $100 - Gallery Exhibit Expenses (frames, photo printing, food)
  • $100 - Photo Calendar prizes for kids from 2010 photos.
  • $800 - Transportation (Two $350 RT tickets to Puebla via Mexico City and $100 for local transport).
  • $2,000 - To buy 5 digital SLR cameras.

This year, Aver School teacher, Valentina Vitols and I will be going to Mexico. Normally we cover all expenses ourselves but currently our finances do not permit this so we are asking for help to pay for our travel expenses and raising additional funds to get much needed cameras for the kids. We've been using digital point-n-shoots and the students are ready to learn and use more advanced photography concepts.

10/28/2011 Update: Unfortunately, due to a family emergency, Valentina will not be able to go to Mexico this year. The kids and I will miss her greatly! Since I will be the sole workshop facilitator, we are tailoring the content and format to best match my skill set with the kids' learning needs. Additionally, any funds raised to cover Valentina's travel expenses will now be applied towards buying more cameras.

Donations to Aver School are 100% tax deductible in the USA.

Other Ways You Can Help

While our goal is to buy 5 digital SLR cameras, our dream is to get an additional 5 cameras donated (10 total), enabling more students to further their skills. You can help us by hosting a Camera Campaign which will help us get camera donations. Of course, one of the main ways that you can help is by spreading the word of this campaign far and wide!

Thanking you in advance for your support!

Ruth Hartmann

Aver School Founder

Team on This Campaign: