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Based off of the anime Sword Art Online, you are trapped inside a game fighting for your life. Literally. This is 1LifeONLINE
Dylan Murray
194 Facebook Friends
Kanata, Ontario
2 Team Members

Our Project:

Once my team and I finished the Sword Art Online Anime series, we almost immediately knew we wanted to create a game inspired by that. The combat, storyline, skills, and characters all were amazing. Once we got set up, we starting thinking of ways we could go about this. We started modeling, writing, and getting together almost 15 hours every night for a week. Once we got the basic ideas of what we wanted our game to be and how we could make it different and break the normal RPG genre, we went into action. We have recently merge with ShiniGamiCHOP Productions to increase our quality of the game as well as bringing the wait time down for release and new content. As of right now, we are only in the pre-pre alpha stage. Modeling the world and getting together the basic basic story lines. We have run out of a budget, and unless we get enough money to even begin to start this, our dreams will be crushed. My team and I are so emotionally and mentally set on this, that we have already shed tears on some of the things we have worked on. We aren't asking for much, just enough to get us by.

Sword Art Online is an anime based off a Virtual MMORPG, Sword Art Online. There is an action combat system that is simply outstanding.


Why do we need only $5000?

The $5,000 is for the licenses to use the dedicated hosting software and pay for permanent hardware for use to store the project files and use test fields for the MMO section. It will also be used to pay for the Development Kit version of the Oculus Rift and MindWave tool kit to try and make the game as close to the show as possible. These are stretch goals the main amount is for hardware to run it in all. Before you ask if we need the servers now, I would like to point out that we will indeed need it at the time the funding is complete.

Oculus Rift


Our Team(Working at least 15 hours):


Jordan Ireland/ art director - project manager

Dylan Murray/ founder and creative director

Nero/ model creator and HR manager

Dylan Rivers/ content creator

Zack benidict/ content creator

Francis Briggs/ art manager

Lukas Mack/ content creator

Pierre/ content creator

Dylanemesis/ PR - modeler

Filfal/ content creator

Michael Murray/ creative writer

Michael landriault/ story writer

Cameron zubricky/ story - voice acting

Mortiflux(3 band members unknown names) sound editing and music talent

Jonathan Ireland/ sound editor

Eula/ art creator and concept director



our sound track is being made by a team of talented and educated specialists with a theme and soundtrack by the talented drum band MortiFlux

Click Here For Mortiflux Youtube Channel


What Our game will consist of:

Combat: 1LifeONLINE will have a very exciting action combat system with new skills added with every patch of our game. We took a vote from our community, and they said they wanted to stay true to the Sword Art Online series, and have no magic. Just melee. Don't worry though! The melee combat system will have so much more than just swinging a sword back and forth! You will be able to pick up a piece of bread and throw it at your opponent if you wanted to!(Not very effective though!) You will be able to use most objects in the world to attack with, not just swords!


Comabt in 1LifeONLINE will be something you have never seen before. You will have full control over what your character can do. The skills will be animated, but you can move throughout that animation, with changing looks depending on how you move. 

Bosses will be a whole different story. Do you want to run up his leg in real time, dodging his hands trying to grab you? You can! The combat in boss rooms will be a whole new experience. Instead of having to stay in the same place, you will always need to move around. You will have to have a plan before going into the boss room. Everyone has to be in the best mindset, and hopefully you all will return!


Self Controlled Blocking to give full depth


NPCs: Most, if not alll, NPCs will have a backstory. How they got in the game, what their life was like before the game, and very emotional stories to tell. We want to give this game as much emotion and life as we possibly can. The stories will be voiced out, so you can hear the emotion in their voices. The NPCs will act like players will. Some will be chasing others down the street trying to kill another. If an NPC is ordered to work for a plate he broke, he will pick up a broom and start sweeping.(Most likely mumbling under his breath as well!) NPCs will be able to go anywhere (within reason), they'll be able to fight by your side(with the same playstyle as a human). 

As we have said, we want to give as much life to this game as possible. We want to feel like players are protecting, not only the players, but also the NPCs.


NPC Concept Art




Unlike most MMORPGs today, 1LifeONLINE will feature a perma-death system. The first 10-15 levels you will be safe and free to die however many times you wanted, but after that you will be fighting for your life! No magic? No Problem! We will have different potions, pets, and items that will be able to heal while you are battling even the toughest opponents! As well as an automatic battle regeneration rate which you can advance, so you can focus more on killing! The towns, inns, and safe places in the game will feature automatic regeneration as well. While you are in a safe place, your HP will not be able to drop below 10, so you can make sure you won't die!


Dying in 1LifeONLINE will be a very sad thing



I don't like the idea of losing all of my character data, just for dying. No worries! We will ensure to have resurrection items, and certain 'special skills and items' to make sure you won't have to go through that! If a problem occurs on our side(ie. lag or malfunction), we will ensure your character data will be saved and returned to you promptly. (We can't return your character information if it is a computer or internet issue on the client side.)


This is a community Project. Everything we create is accepted by the community.

Professions: 1LifeONLINE will have no set professions, instead there will be 200+ skills that you can choose from to create your own class. You will be able to switch between to primary weapons (ie. Greatsword and in the middle of combat you need to block. You click a certain button and you put away the greatsword, and pull out a lance and spear.) We will also have a 'talent tree' (if you can call it that) with over 400 different talents that you can customize even further. No one will have the same character as you! That is how diverse the game will be.


Housing: Like most games, there will be a housing system. Once you clear a floor, you can purchase any house (that's not occupied), on that floor. The higher up, the neighborhood you're in, and the view will be taken into perspective to determine the cost. Later on in the game, in a later patch, we will hope to incorporate a House builder, where you can build a house exactly how you want it. Of course, you will be limited by the neighborhood and placement of the lot. You can own a maximum of two houses at any given time, and it will be like selling and buying a house in real life. Except less annoying!


Marriage: We will have a marriage system in our game as well. Marriage will be that of sacred oaths. When you get married in the game, you will have a shared storage space with about 50 slots, where you and your spouse can share items. If you two have more than 2 houses combined, you will have to decided which two houses you want to move into. (If you get divorced, you will get your house back at a discounted cost.) When you are in a party with your spouse and close enough to them, you will get special bonuses (example: HP Boosts, EXP Boosts, SP Boosts, etc.) 


Guilds/Legions: We haven't taken much thought into the guilding system, but we can assure you that it will be WAY different than anything you've ever seen before. We will have HUGE guild battles. We won't just have guilds we will have legions as well. Instead of members joining together to create a guild, a legion will be a group of guilds that come together to battle other legions! 

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$5,000 CAD goal
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This campaign ended on June 11, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $10CAD
    The Cub

    You get + early release copy (digital) + a link to the alpha of our other project jailbreak + exclusive in-game items to this perk

    2 claimed
  • $15CAD
    The Pup

    -all of the cub + Access to the beta + A wallpaper made and signed by our team(digital) + Exclusive in-game items to this perk

    3 claimed
  • $20CAD
    The Wolf

    -all of pup + Exclusive in-game items + Exclusive in-game items to this perk

    1 claimed
  • $30CAD
    The Tribal

    -All of Wolf + you get alpha access + exclusive in-game items to this perk

    2 claimed
  • $50CAD
    The Tribe Leader

    -All of Tribal + you get pre-alpha access + exclusive in-game items to this perk

    0 claimed
  • $75CAD
    The Settlement Ruler

    - The Tribe Leader + full game on release + two free character revivals when available

    1 claimed
  • $100CAD
    Above and Beyond

    you get it all and an exclusive in game prize exclusive to you

    1 claimed
  • $150CAD
    The king

    you are one of our benefactors you get you name in credits as a producer + all above

    0 claimed
  • $200CAD
    The God

    you get all above +name on intro +npc modeled after your real self

    0 claimed
  • $300CAD
    The REAL God

    you get all of the above and a physical gifts as they become available +a signed physical copy of the game + and become a Floor Guild Boss (modeled and named after your real self)

    2 claimed
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