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1Hour Break® - Redefining how the world handles stress and anxiety. #BeatStress
Vu Nguyen
Email Verified
411 Facebook Friends
San Diego, California
United States
5 Team Members

Why a last chance campaign on Indiegogo?

Plainly speaking, we found that the original backers of the 1Hour Break® Indiegogo campaign were so fanatical (in a good way) about the campaign that they ended up becoming our most important group of brand ambassadors. Ultimately, when the campaign ended we had an overwhelming number of people expressing interest in 1Hour Break® and asking how they could still take advantage of the deeply discounted Indiegogo price. Until now, there was no other option for them, except to wait for 1Hour Break® to be available at retail.

With Indiegogo's Forever Funding Platform, InDemand, we're able to continue with the momentum of the campaign and offer continued discounted pricing on 1Hour Break® V2.0 to those who weren't able to hop in on the first wave.

For us it's more about the opportunity to help others redefine how the world handles stress and anxiety at a price point that won't break the bank.

Risks and Challenges

Since we're already shipping 1Hour Break® V2.0 to our original backers, we humbly submit to you that your risk is very LOW.

So go ahead and select the perk of your choice and we'll ship it out within 2-3 days! 

Thank you for your consideration.

We thank all of our supporters! Thanks to your contributions we have sold at least one bottle of 1Hour Break® V2.0 into every state in America and into 40 different countries worldwide!

We could not have done it without you!

Thank you,
The 1Hour Break® Family

Prototypes are here! 

Help us reach Whole Foods!

What is 1Hour Break®?

1Hour Break™ is the first all-natural, non-addictive, oral spray that eliminates stress and anxiety. It's designed for a modern lifestyle, as it is packaged in a convenient and purse-friendly bottle so you can have on-demand stress and anxiety relief--anytime, anywhere. It's really as easy as spraying in your mouth and swallowing.

It is safe enough to use for daily stress and occasional anxiety, but effective enough for those who suffer from chronic anxiety and panic attacks. 

All-Natural Ingredients

Formulated by the top herbalist in the United States, it is comprised of organic herbs—Kava, Lobelia, Passion Flower, Lemon Balm—which have been proven effective in relieving depression, stress, and anxiety for generations. 

How do I use 1Hour Break®?

1Hour Break® will change how the world handles stress

Our story

Meet the 1Hour Break™ Family! We are Andrew, Vu, Allison, Don... and Lola is our lovable pug and 1Hour Break mascot.

Our story starts while working in corporate America. We saw a destructive, downward spiral when people consumed and relied on dangerous products to deal with their stress-related issues: energy drinks, alcohol, cigarettes, processed food, medications. We were also victim to these same vices.

In life, we need to be free, to feel alive. Instead, we are addicted and sedated. We need an all-natural stress reliever that is safe, easily accessible, and effective. 

We went on a trip to Hawaii

During our trip, we came across Kava, an herb used for thousands of years in the South Pacific to calm nerves, relax muscles, and ease situations. Traditionally served as tea, Kava is highly respected and served as a peace offering between chiefs of rival tribes.

However, Kava is expensive and difficult to obtain, even more inconvenient to prepare and consume, and the taste isn't exactly yummy. So we wanted to introduce and present Kava as something sexy, something relevant, something that would fit seamlessly into our modern world.. 21st Century Kava.

In July 2013, under the guidance of the Kava Development Council and the top United States FDA recommended herbalist we produced a small batch run, tested our product concept, and launched our e-commerce site for 1Hour Break™ 1.0 (beta). 

The response was tremendous. We knew we had potential to help people, but never realized the extent of our impact until people started telling us 1Hour Break™ changed their lives. We want to continue to grow this movement; catch people when they need help, build relationships, and help people live more natural, healthy lifestyles. 

Why are we doing this?

We're not happy with the anxiety-relief options offered today. We believe that the last thing this world needs is another pill that come with a bunch of unpleasant side effects. Especially when there are natural options available!


Meet 1Hour Break™ 2.0

We took the feedback from our community, used it to perfect our formula, and we plan to deliver a new and improved 1Hour Break™ version 2.0.

How will your funding help us?

We're now raising $20,000, which will cover the cost of procuring our raw materials, bottling machinery, packaging and fund the manufacturing to allow us to produce 1Hour Break™ version 2.0 at enough scale to be able to offer it affordably to everyone. 

In return for your early support, you'll be one of the first to get 1Hour Break™ at an unheard of price, and support a community trying to redefine and improve the way the world handles stress and anxiety.

Please support and donate to our Indiegogo campaign. Spread the word to all your friends that you think could benefit from our product, share this Indiegogo campaign on Facebook and Twitter, so we can grow this family. And together, we can make this world a more healthy and holistic place. 

We have reach goals


Questions? Please read our FAQ

*We expect to fulfill our crowd funding orders by Oct 2014. Delays are unlikely, but possible and we promise to keep our backers aware of every step in the manufacturing and fulfillment process.

*For International Supporters

For supporters outside the United States, please add $10 to any order $200 and under, and we'll get it shipped to you just the same. For any order over $200, please add $30. If there are any customs charges, to keep it simple, you will be responsible for your own customs. Thank you!

*For questions or customer service please email support@1hourbreak.com
or call 877-500-6005 ext. 2

*Press inquires please email Heather Rose at media@1hourbreak.com

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