1932 Racing

Finally, draw a fully 3D race track with one finger. DOWNLOAD the demo now.
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  • $5USD
    Up-front credit, in the game

    We truly appreciate your support. Backer credits are actually ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THE GAME, in rotation. Be sure to download the demo (look left) to get the idea. So whenever anyone launches 1932 Racing, on any platform, for all time, your name is on the opening screen, in rotation. In fact, if you purchase this perk now, in a couple hours your credit will actually appear in the free tech preview app!!

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  • $10USD
    Trick credit on YOUR copy!

    On your personal copy of 1932 (all platforms), your name will ALWAYS appear up front as a special credit. Buy a perk to support the game! And remember, you PAY NOTHING unless the campaign reaches the goal. Please tell your friends! This is a great perk for your kids - amaze them with their name on the opening screen. Plus above perks.

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  • $15USD
    Amazing IN-GAME name...

    Niclas has made a nice 30s billboard you'll drive by. Johnnie has figured out how to render YOUR NAME on to that sign. So on YOUR copy of the game, you'll actually see your name rendered in to the "advertising poster" on the roadside as you race by. It is only possible to buy this feature now, during the IGG campaign. Plus above perks. Thanks!

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  • $20USD
    Bugatti "Tank" EARLY BIRD

    Please read the next perk - get it right now for 20 dollars only! Don't forget, you get all above perks, too.

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  • $25USD
    Bugatti "Tank" unlock YES

    What an unusual vehicle. It's a type 55 with a different body... no wonder someone is making a casual race game about this era. The only way to drive the Bugatti "Tank" is with this perk! And you do get all the above perks. And please, support 1932 racing by telling a friend - it means the world to us if you spread the word. All above perks.

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  • $30USD
    Amazing early access, only $30

    Get early builds of the game (desktop) - starting in a few weeks! You will love seeing all the early builds. GREAT price for this AND the rest above. Since this is a tech-heavy game you'll see all the tech first. Great for your kids, who are interested in the video game business. All above perks.

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  • $32USD
    Yes, yes, yes the Delage...

    The Delage 15S8 is yours. You have taste. Of all the crowdfunding campaigns in the world, you found us. Nobody else can drive the Delage. It is yours. Remember, we have to reach that goal, so your decision to unlock the 15S8 is truly important. And we profoundly thank you. With all above perks!

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  • $40USD
    "Family" credit, with city

    A fantastic way to support the project, and show-off. Instead of just "John Smith", you'll see "SMITH FAMILY, CANBERRA". And there's more... tell us your children's names, and we'll put "Sally Smith", "Jane Smith" and so on on YOUR own copy of the game. Younger children will be, err, enchanted by this. The only way to achieve this is to purchase this perk during the IGG campaign. It will never be possible once the game is in production. Thank you! AND all the stuff above.

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  • $50USD

    ONLY $50 - ONLY TEN PEOPLE!! For vintage open-wheeler buffs. The ten of you great folks will literally choose a car you want built. We'll get together on email and phone and have a big argument and decide. Ultra-special "Car Team" credit on the credits screen of the app. Prestige! And you get all the above perks of course. Please buy and then email us your ideas to get started.

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  • $70USD

    Please read the "in-game sign" perk above: on YOUR copy, you'll see your name roadside. But with this $70 perk: EVERYONE who plays 1932 will see your name, roadside in the game. If 1932 has 100,000 users, those 100,000 users will see these "backer signs" from time to time as they drive around. Only for the first ten people who respond, thanks! Of course you get all the sub-$50 stuff. Enjoy!

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  • $101USD
    TRUE tetflightapp BETA TESTER

    We'll directly register your iPad or Android on testflightapp.com and you will see the game as it comes out of the factory. Major credits, with a small photo of your face by your backer credit on the credits page. If you love car games, if you love open wheelers, buy this and be happy. Of course you get all sub-$50 stuff.

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  • $150USD
    FaceTime with us

    Love car games? FaceTime Fat Johnnie and Niclas every couple weeks during production! Success is a team sport - every idea is valuable and if you love 30s cars, you're inside. Of course you get ALL THE sub-$50 STUFF - so it's good value. If you want to feel part of a game, but can't be bothered with all the crap running a project (it's a lot of work!), here you go...

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  • $250USD
    Suspension test driver

    Other than the developers, be the only three people in the world to give an opinion on the feel of the suspension engineering in the game, as we build it. The trinity.

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  • $1,000USD
    You choose a vehicle.

    Are you rich? Noblesse oblige! IGG campaigns usually have a couple special items at a high price, so that true patrons can support NEW technology and art. Quite simply, you choose a car you like from the era, and it will be one of the works we build. AND - of course ONLY YOU can drive it for the first six months. Massive credits and PR everywhere. To the victor the spoils...

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  • $1,932USD
    Niclas models YOUR classic.

    See the previous comments about rich patrons of the arts. Do you own or have you restored a 30s open-wheel race vehicle? Is she beautiful, yes? It would normally cost far more to have top 3D artists create it for you digitally, so go for it. And sure ... only you can drive it for the first six months. And then? .............. She's the star of the show. Your car has likely been in magazines, which is great publicity. So now, a whole other thing......why not.

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