1650's rulebook

This will enable us to print 1650's rulebook, in English and Spanish.

This campaign is to help us print the 1650s rulebook in English and Spanish.



We launched our miniatures skirmich game, 1650, A Capa y Espada ("1650, Cloak and Dagger") a year ago. It’s set in an alternative history version of 17th Spanish century. In this game, you play a supporter of either the Old Regime or the New Order faction, and control a band of pawns who work for you and your faction. Your aim is to get enough power to choose the new king of Iberia and start the reconquest of the north from the Gauls who control the whole country, except for the Extremo Douro and El Purgatorio regions.


The first thing you do in a game on 1650 is choose your faction.

Either the Old Regime: Nobles who support the last illegitimate son of the old king and who want to maintain the status quo.

Or the New Order: Followers of the Duke of Alba, who aim to give power to the ordinary people.


After this, you select your band. Currently, there are two playable bands:

The Guard of Ysiblia (of the Old Regime faction), who protect the village.


And the Old Purples (of the New Order faction), veterans of the tercios, who recently returned from Europe.


Then you select your fighters (we call them pawns), and can hire mercenaries if you have the money. As well as the pawns, there are special characters with their own rules and extraordinary stories. Characters such as Irene Vioque, the last scion of an old merchant family who’s trying to protect her inheritance from the New Order.


And El Embajador ("The Ambassador"), a former galley slave who scaped only for helping the man who saved his life: Duke of Alba.


Finally, you can place some Antagonist on tabletop. These represent people who live in the village where take place the conflict, and disturb both bands. As Desharrapado ("Ragged") or Desertor ("Deserter") which are released in Extramuros 05:

Extramuros 05



Tercio Creativo is a small company. It’s a partnership of two sculptors. For the last year we have been releasing single 35 mm. resin miniatures, but we want to do much more. Now the first two bands for 1650 are nearly complete we want to print a 120 page full colour rulebook in both, English and Spanish. 


That’s not all. We have lots more ideas and by using crowd funding, we aim to create things that would be impossible for us to release in the usual way (as those starter-packs), but firstly we need this first goal for printing the rulebook.

To thank our funders, there are 6 perks.

With our starter-packs you can choose the miniatures you get, as we want you to get exactly what you need. So, for example, you could go for the option B perk and take:

Rulebook + Alguacil + Verdugo + Guardia + Recluta + Padre Calixto.

Or you could opt for:

Rulebook + Oficial + Recio + Zurriago + Mochilero + El Embajador.

Any mixture is possible.

In addition, all the backers who help us reach our goal will also get Extramuros 05 for free.



Here we’ll show you some of the things that you will be able to get from our perks as well as other gifts and special models.

First of all, here are two of the five different models of Luminaries (or "Lamps", as they appear in perks):

Lamp A

Lamp B

Here you are some examples of Contract Cards, where you have all characteristics, habilities and cost of each pawn.

Contract Cards

Here you are some of the 10 different models of Panoply Cards, which represent different equipment used by pawns.

Panoply Cards

And here you are some examples of Dexterity Cards, which are used for some pawns during clashes, for aplying special efects.

Dexterity Cards

Pawns in a roof

When we get the first $4000, apart from the Extramuros 05 for FREE, all the backers who helped us to get there will also receive an EXCLUSIVE Antagonist: The Vecino ( "Neighbour" ).

Someone your pawns could try to convince for helping them during the conflict.

When we get the first $6000, apart from the Extramuros 05 and Vecino for FREE, all the backers who helped us to get there will also receive another EXCLUSIVE Antagonist: The Gentilhombre ( "Gentleman" ).

This pawn, and all his Maravedies, will go for a walk just in the moment your bands begin the conflict... Who could blame your guys if they'd try to get a bonus?

Finally, when we get the $8000 goal, apart from Extramuros 05, Vecino and Gentilhombre for FREE, all the backers who helped us to get there will also receive an EXCLUSIVE Mercenary: The Volatinero ("Acrobat").

Where does this guy come from, or how is he able to do what he does, are usual question, but the most important one is: How much will cost to contract him?


AS FINAL GOAL, if we get $10000 in this last days of the campaign, apart from getting all of this fro FREE:

- Extramuros 05
- Vecino
- Gentilhombre
- Volatinero

All the backers who help us to get there, and choose perks D, E, F or G, will also receive this bust of a Guard:


And an EXCLUSIVE Mercenary Personality: Rodrigo of Silva, court painter of the old king.

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