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A cause driven children's clothing line dedicated to the empowerment of women and global change. Help us help Haiti!
Martha Montiel-Lewis
Nashville, Tennessee
United States
3 Team Members

Meet Martha

HOLA, soy Martha! Like a lot of you, I have had this strong desire in my heart to make a difference and change someone’s life. Growing up with a father in the Army, and as a 1st generation Latin-American, I’ve had the incredible experience to see more of the world than most people whom I’ve met. As a young person traveling the globe, I was struck at how some children had so little while others were blessed with an abundance – and based purely on the family and community where they were born. It’s one of those fundamental concepts of fairness and justice that always tore at my conscience.

In 2008, these feelings were rejuvenated when we had our first little girl, Emery Xumara. Having the privilege to be a mother, I knew I wanted to teach my children to truly follow their true heart’s desires. 

DAR, simply put, is to give. In today’s connected world, we are all part of a global network, moving forward into a more unified and prosperous future. DAR has been organized to educate and empower the women living and working in countries of extreme need. Our mission is to incorporate micro-economic teaching efforts with selected charity organizations. Installing the tools necessary to strengthen communities, as well as enhance the integrity of the women working within them. We are all part of the same system. We can all change lives. We Are all DAR.

Introducing aDARable:

Clothing that Tells a New Story

Martha realized the stories that clothing lines were telling had little regard for the wellbeing of the global community. Inspired by her beautiful daughters, she took it upon herself to take action. In the fall of 2012, aDARable was born. 

Designed by fashion students at O’More College of Design and sold under fair-trade regulations by women living in extreme poverty in Ti-Bouk, Haiti, aDARable is 'clothing that tells a new story'. Inspired by sustainability and design, we are paving a new way in the world of fashion. Because Nashville fashion students design our line, we have placed a significant amount of importance on the elements of design. Extensive trend research, studying the market, and innovative designs are among our areas of focus. Even if our motive is admirable, it means nothing without a desired product. On the complete opposite side of the coin, we believe in sustainability. Haiti is a country that has received a lot of handouts and not many hands up. It is among our highest priority that we are able to provide lasting jobs for our seamstresses. They deserve the opportunity to be able to give their families what they need: education, healthcare, and nutrition. We are completely humbled by their beauty, their laughter and their joy. Their spirit inspires us and is why we strive to be one of the best children’s lines in Nashville.

We are not the only fair-trade children’s clothing company that exists. However, WeAreDAR is the first to incorporate O’More design students into the process. Led by noted professor, Annette Medcalf, the students get a unique look into how the fashion industry truly works. We cannot stress the significance of this partnership. Not only does it benefit WeAreDAR as a nonprofit, but it is also a tremendous experience for the students. This is a unique class at O’More that offers a look into life after graduation. The students experience the ebb and flow of designing in a team, learning the children’s market, and presenting to industry professionals.

What We Need

We have been blessed to have the support of donors to get started but we now need your support in getting our first year’s collection and our women working towards economic stability. 

Below is a breakdown of funds allocated for our first year of production.  We all currently work full time in other industries, therefore 100% goes back into our mission of empowering communities in extreme need by creating jobs, which with time is the true solution to ending poverty.  As you can see, we have a significant financial need to keep the aDARable line in production. Locally, the funds will directly affect design students at O’More College of Design who have offered this incomparable class through its partnership with WeAreDAR. Globally, the funds will affect women in Haiti who not only have the opportunity to have a job, but will also reap the benefits of a fair paycheck, perhaps for the first time in their lives. Hopefully, this will cause a ripple effect that has the power to change the lives of their families as well as their community.  

Allocation of Funds

1 Seamstress x $7/day x 5 days x 4 weeks $140.00/x 10 Women $1400.00

Project Manager Edourd Jovenel - Oversees Seamstresses $420.00

Funds Manager Marc-Endy Santil - Oversees Finances $100.00

Production Consultant Crista Hooven - Oversees Production of Line $2,700.00

Generator Fuel x $60/day x 5 days x$300/week $1,200.00

Security $20/weeksx4weeks $80.00

Misc: Clean Culligan Water for Workers, Fans, Importing and Transporting all Materials, Fabrics, Taxes, Sheet Metal to Repair Holes in Roofing, Maintenance of Machinery in Haiti. $500

Total Monthly: $6,400.00 x 2 = 12,800


Meet Some of Our Seamstresses

WITH YOUR HELP, I can DAR to my family and others.

At first, I hope this project starts and everything will be ok for me. I think that is so important for me because I find a job and with it I get a formation about sewing machine skills. 2nd, I can take care my family and help other people in difficult situation, after my power work giving I can get money, saving it in a bank. With my saved money I hope to create a business to serve my region. This opportunity would mean so much for me. For each women and my community.

Martha, thanks for your mercy for Haiti. I love you so.


                                                     PIERRE JULIENNE
                                                          Age: 40 Kid: 1

WITH YOUR HELP, my family can finally have a home.

In this project, i am feeling so good. I think that is a grace for me and also a way to get a knowledge about sewing machine skill. That can be wonder for the women of my community. This opportunity would mean so much to me because I get a knowledge to work, save my money to build a house to live with my family. my saving money can also help me to take care my little batty baby. Then, this project in my region is waiting so for me the others women.

Thanks for Martha and our team to think about women of ti-bouk port-margot. We pray the lord for you, for your team and for your sponsors to change our life in Haiti. God bless you....


                                                  DESAMOURS SULTANE
                                                         Age: 41 Kids: 4

WITH YOUR HELP, you are giving me a new LIFE.

At first, I feel this project is a new life for me, with it I have a job, a liberty and a way to take care me and my family. I am so happy this project will be waiting for a longtime. Then, today it’s a reality. This opportunity means so much for me. As Wife in Haiti I can get a better life. My community changing in developement an also Haiti. Me, I say thanks to Martha to think about Port-Margot women.

One heart, one love to our team and sponsors.


                                                   SEMEXANT JOSANNA
                                                        Age: 36 Kids: 3

WITH YOUR HELP, for the first time I can save money.

Thanks to Jesus to give Martha the Haiti direction with this project. It’s great because my life Hope changing. With the project, I save money, ameliorate my child life and help so much my family and my region. Then, I am so happy today to say thank to Martha and her family and sponsors in this project. My everlasting love for you…


                                                      DURENA MERANISE
                                                          Age: 40 Kid: 1

The Impact

This all sounds super cool, right? But it gets better! Empowering women in countries in extreme need has a strong ripple effect, impacting communities and, well, the world.  When you contribute, not only do you get tons of love from us, you take a small step to catalyze change, and that my friends, is MASSIVE!  Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts for joining us on this journey! 

*WeAreDAR is incorporated in the state of Tennessee and a registered 501c3.  Our EIN is 45-3758031. 

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$12,800 USD goal
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This campaign ended on December 25, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $10USD
    A Warm Fuzzy Feeling!

    Your donation provides one day salary for one of our Haitian seamstresses!

    0 out of 500 claimed
    Estimated delivery: March 2014
  • $50USD
    Semaxant's Gift to You!

    Your donation provides a little over a week's salary for Semaxant, one of our lovely Haitian seamstresses. PLUS a handwritten note from one of our lovely seamstresses!

    1 out of 80 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2014
  • $100USD
    Durena's Gift to You!

    Your donation will provide two weeks of employment for Durena. PLUS a handmade Haitian handbag, made by one of our Haitian team members.

    2 out of 50 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2014
  • $150USD
    Pierre's Gift to You!

    Your donation provides one month's salary for lovely Pierre, one of our Haitian seamstresses. PLUS you get a 'WeAreDAR To Give. Globally.' T-Shirt in your size of choice!

    0 out of 30 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2014
  • $300USD
    Providing for Two!

    Your donation provides a months salary for both Luciana and Talis, two of our Haitian seamstresses. PLUS a 'WeAreDAR To Give. Globally.' hoodie in the size of your choice!

    0 out of 40 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2014
  • $500USD
    Desamours' Gift to You!

    Your donation will provide access to clean water for our women while working with us in Ti-Bouk, Haiti. PLUS one of our seamstresses in Haiti will make an aDARable outfit for a sweet little girl in your life, along with a handwritten thank you note!

    0 out of 15 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2014
  • $1,000USD
    Video of "Merci"!

    Your donation will provide a stable job and fresh water while empowering our team of Haitian men and women during the manufacturing of our first collection. PLUS you will receive a personalized video from our lovely seamstresses in Haiti saying thank you + all of the above perks!

    0 out of 13 claimed
    Estimated delivery: March 2014
  • $6,000USD
    A Trip to Haiti!

    Your donation will provide a stable job and fresh water while empowering our team of Haitian women and men through the completion of our first aDARable collection. PLUS you will get to meet our team in Haiti and see aDARable in action! And you will receive all of the above perks! (*Date TBD)

    0 out of 5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: March 2014
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