100 Yen: The Japanese Arcade Experience

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IMAGINE a world where video games reign supreme. Five story buildings filled with arcade cabinets, old and new, inundate the streets of downtown Tokyo.


Welcome to Japan. A place where the arcades of the 80s and 90s not only still exist, but thrive and have evolved into an elaborate, unmatched gaming experience.


100 Yen is a historical documentary about the evolution of arcades and the culture surrounding it - from the birth of arcades to the game centers that still thrive today. With a predominant focus on the three major arcade genres, Shooting games, Fighting games and Rhythm games, 100 Yen explores the culture and evolution of arcades through the past and present. All filmed on location in Japan, Canada, and the USA featuring interviews with industry professionals, game programmers and designers, casual gamers and gaming icons.


Featuring: Daigo Umehara, Brian Ashcraft, Taito, Clover-TAC, Justin Wong, Aaron In Japan, Gootecks & Mike Ross, Christopher Laporte, Hiro Kawaguchi, Tez Okano and many more...


Languages available: English, Japanese, French and Spanish.
(note: English and Japanese with initial release, ensure you specify if you would like to wait for additional languages)





Filming is complete, the hard part is done, we braved Radioactive Neo-Tokyo to capture hundreds of hours of footage and interviews with amazing individuals all over Japan. We've edited this down to 75 minutes of video game action and education. 


The rough cut is staring back, just begging to be finished and released. We know it is going to blow everyone away. It is so close to being finished and we cannot wait to finally release it to everyone in the world. 


To finish with the absolute best possible film - we need some additional services. We've done everything 100% ourselves up to this point but we need to hire some outside help for post production. Our final funding goes directly towards 3D motion graphics, audio, mastering and everything to bring 100 YEN into a completed feature film. 


Check out our trailer and if you like what you see, consider pre-ordering a HD digital copy of the film, a dvd or a blu-ray. We've got lots of other cool perks too, so check them out!


Plesae note: if you've previously contributed via IndieGoGo.com/100yen or ordered a DVD via 100yenfilm.com your order stands and all you need to do is wait just a little longer. We wouldn't be where we are without all of your support and we are very excited to have come this far!






By pledging for this final funding drive, you are directly contributing to make 100 YEN the best documentary about Japanese arcades, ever. Purchasing a copy of the film or other 100 YEN related products will enable us to share the world of Japanese arcades with a whole new audience and help give strength to this re-emerging demographic. 


Additionally, with every physical and digital purchase we will add your name to the credits of the film as a special thank you for your support.

Anyone who contributes gets a chance to recieve: a ONE OF A KIND signed Madcatz TE arcade stick. It is signed by 30 top Fighting game players including Tokido, Justin Wong, Momochi, Mago, RF, Kazunoko, Luffy, Ryan Hart, AIR, Kindevu, Mike Ross, Bas, MOV and more!

 Behind the scenes photos of our trip to Japan. Photos by Ryo Hata.

Meet the Team:


Brad is the director and editor of the film. Born and raised in Winnipeg, Canada, Brad moved to Osaka, Japan from 2005 - 2008 and personally experienced the Arcade scene himself which inspired him to create this film. Brad speaks English and Japanese and has a love of all things Video games.


Bryan is the director of photography for 100 Yen. Bryan studied Film Production at the University of Winnipeg and together Brad and Bryan founded Strata Studios a production company that specializes in Documentary and Promotional videos. When not filming movies, Bryan finds himself enjoying MMA events and playing with his dog "Bean".


Keith is the VFX Supervisor for 100 Yen. Keith studied Graphic Design at Red River College in Winnipeg, Canada and went on to work for Frantic Films. Keith has been working in 3D motion graphics for the past 5 years. In his spare time Keith enjoys playing guitar solos behind his head and drinking beer. 


Andrew is the owner of Precursor Productions, a recording studio & audio post facility in Winnipeg, Canada. Established in 2000, Precursor Productions has been producing, mixing & mastering Canadian content for 12 years. Andrew's musical expertise is eclipsed only by his love for fine wines and ping pong.


Christopher is the president of Analogue Interactive, a company specializing in a world of retro gaming based in the USA. Christopher is an enormous arcade fan, particularly bullet hell shmups. Aside from STGs, Christopher lives for philosophy, film and has quite a penchant for scotch.

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