100 M.P.G. Full Size Sedan

We are building a full-sized four door sedan that gets 100 M.P.G. at 70 M.P.H. 'We' includes you and me.
Jack Talbert
Renton, Washington
United States
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Project Summary

Energy independence is a dream we all share, it could be a reality. We are building a 100 mile per gallon full size sedan; what this car will do is something that no other has attained yet – 100 MPG at 70 MPH with a full sized car. ‘We’ includes you and me - we can do this together. I need funding; you need a better and cleaner vehicle. Once the power plant and drive train for this car are complete a door will be opened up to site-generated clean energy for all:


Gas sign


What We Need & What You Get

This first step is to raise twenty thousand dollars for the construction of the power plant and to buy the 'just perfect' vehicle for our application. This passenger vehicle system must carry at least five passengers comfortably and meet the entire department of transportation highway requirements. The most recent car we used to create the fueling system was an Oldsmobile Delta 88. The more money we raise in this round the faster we can meet our goal. Twenty thousand dollars is our starting off point, the more we raise the better for all:

  • We have an immediate need for at least twenty thousand dollars.
  • We will combine the existing fueling system we have built with a new type of engine.
  • The new engine and fueling system type – combined – will allow us to achieve 100 MPG.

1914 Detroit Electric Car

Come what may

A myriad of inventors outside of the automobile industry have already invented and constructed 100 MPG vehicles. Even the auto industry itself admits to types of hybrid vehicles that attain 100 MPG equivalent. The problem with all attempts (to date) is the dependence on a combination of the internal combustion engine, batteries, lighter vehicle types, range and speed restrictions, smaller (less mass) overall size, a lack of concern for the sticker price to the consumer and the availability of the commercial power grid. We addressed (and eliminated) all of these restrictions and have designed a full size four door sedan that simply gets 100 MPG – no restrictions; the first true ‘fill up and hit the road’ 100 MPG family sedan.


The Impact

With this funding we will open the door. Once a ‘thing’ is proven as possible many very creative people latch onto a good idea and find applications for that new ‘thing’. A great example of that philosophy is the Wright Brothers’ first airplane (that flew successfully); for two millennia the people of Earth would joke about ‘when man can fly’ like when we jest today with the colloquialism ‘when pigs fly’. Well, one day man flew: Within one decade of mans first flight we were building aircraft carriers; within five decades we were flying faster than sound energy travels, within seven decades we had landed on the moon and within one century we had landed spacecraft on Mars and sent space probes outside of our solar system. Imagine what will happen once we show the best and brightest minds the first step in the right direction towards energy independence:

  • We use an external combustion engine – 83 percent efficient with no moving parts.
  • We use our existing fueling system which works with all liquid hydrocarbons.
  • High efficiency wheel hub motors serve as the drive train – 80 percent efficient drive train.

Earth from space

Other Ways You Can Help

If you personally want to see a true-to-life 100 MPG vehicle available for sale within the next five years but you cannot contribute financially, please pick up your phone and call, text or IM everyone you know about this project. If you have media contacts please use them to help us reach our goal. You have a facebook account (or another social media site) so please spread the word. We can do this, and ‘we’ includes you and me.


Feel free to contact me with any questions. The most solid question I can pose is, "Why hasn't such a thing been done yet; shouldn't the automotive industry have this all under control and why aren't the brightest most rational minds already pursuing this actively?" The answer I found came from looking backwards as well as forwards: Throughout history the ‘sane and rational’ mind has been a stalwart to the creative process. A few examples are:

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  • $1USD
    Thank you for your help

    Any amount helps reach our goal. We need your help to improve the power plant of American made cars. This cannot happen without you.

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    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • $25USD
    Contributor recognition

    You will receive a thank you card either via email or snail mail. You will have contributed to the first small step towards energy independence.

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  • $50USD
    A lousy Tee Shirt

    You will get contributor recognition, and a thank you card wrapped up in a Tee Shirt memorializing your support for the 100 M.P.G. project

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    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • $100USD
    Priority registration

    Your name will be added to a database for first pick of a 100 M.P.G. conversion or production vehicle. You can be the first on your block to own one.

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    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • $1,000USD
    Priority registration fee paid

    As the 100 M.P.G. vehicle becomes a solid production vehicle you will have priority registration attached to any potential vehicle order request, plus all previous perks.

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    Estimated delivery: July 2013
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